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Is Legit {Jan 2021} Is This Trusted Store? Reviews 2020.

Is Legit {Jan 2021} Is This Trusted Store? >> Want to know regarding the genuineness of the store? Read here & check out the essential details.

Is Legit is essential to see whether the store is faithful to shop products or not. To know about this, the users should read the blog entirely and not shop until they are pretty sure about authenticity.

Are you aware of the online store? Well, you’ll get all the details regarding it through this blog.

The store works actively in the United States and claims to provide users with a vast collection of products and important accessories. The store ships internationally and with top-notch products easily and offer huge discounts to the buyers.

Important points regarding Is Legit:

  • The customers can quickly contact the experts’ team if they want any help or have any queries.
  • There are various discounts and free products available; the users need to stay active to avail of these.
  • To resolve issues, the customers can reach out to Unit 301, Hailin Garden, Shinan district, Shandong province, and can drop an email at
  • The products which the customers wish to returns should be returned within three days of delivery. 

What is the store about?

The store is an ecommerce website with its own set of production facilities and helps in acquainting the users with its high quality and trusted partners.

Before one shops from this site, they should be aware of Reviews.

It is also essential that an e-commerce store provides customers with almost all sorts of custom products.

The customers will find all range of products from hobby, sports, passion, profession or anything else they are fond of. The products like tents, mystery boxes, camping bags, kitchen utensils; Christmas mystery boxes, and much more. This could be catchy for many buyers.

The customers need to be aware that wherever they are or their interests, they will find everything easily.

To know about the store clearly, the readers should read the complete article.

Views of people on Is Legit:

According to the research and the reports, we see that the store’s authenticity is in question. Several customers are looking forward to knowing if the store is legitimate or not.

Also, there are no reviews to prove the authentic nature of the site. The store is connected with several personal web pages that cannot be located.

Another thing is that there is a lack of content on the page; the site claims to provide many products, which we do not see happening.

There is no presence on social media as well, which leaves a wrong impression on the customers.

The bottom line:

The answer to Reviews is no. We find the store to e a fake online store, and it is active for significantly less time, which is not even a year.

Thus, we would recommend users of United States not to shop products from sites that do not have complete details and reviews.

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  1. this store is a scam. the outdoor equipment mystery item was a janky “survival bracelet” with a compass that didn’t even work. Waste of money.

  2. I could give you a couple pictures of the boxes that I got. I ordered (2) tent boxes for 11.99 ea. What I received a month later in one package was 2 emergency tents that you can buy from the store for $8.00. When I contact them about receiving the same thing for both boxes that just said that is the luck of the draw. Ok, so I tested them again and bought (2) Electronics boxes, these were 19.99 ea plus 12.50 shipping. This shipped the same night and was received the next day. I got 2 very cheap corded ear buds. Not even sure what I would hook them too. I once again messaged them again and complained and they basically said the same thing. You get what you get. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS SITE. Let me know if you would like the pictures to help your decision.

  3. It is absolutely a scam. They claim there is a chance to get 1 of 9 separate tents in each “box”. I ordered 2 boxes. It came as one package, an envelope. Containing two $6 dollar emergency blankets. If 1 in 9 is the chance on each “box” and both of my tents were the exact same blanket tent. That puts it at 1.2% chance of happening. Astronomically unlikely. So unlikely that this has to be a scam. Do not waste your time or money on this.

  4. I fell for this scam of a mystery tent. They showed real tents for camping $60 or more. Not once was there anything shown as a a emergency shelter. That is what I received.
    Then emailing them they said if you’d like to return it I pay for the the return send only get money back once they got the product. So I know it’s a scam

  5. Received their tent mystery package. Contents appear to a large sheet of “survival blanket” type material and twine. Nothing of the value that was advertised.

  6. If you ordered a mystery tent box and paid with Paypal, email the seller for full refund because the item you received is NOT a tent as described on their website. Google the definition of tent and send them a screenshot of the definition. Go to their site and take a screenshot of the list of tents you can receive and underline every time the word TENT is used. The seller will offer you a partial return and claim that returning the item will cost more than the package is worth. Ignore the urge to accept this option. Refuse to pay out of pocket for what is clearly a scam and open a dispute then escalate it to a claim. Submit the two screenshots and photos of the item you received stating that the item is clearly NOT a tent. Include any email conversations between yourself and Fiona offering you the partial refund and their claim that shipping the item back is going to cost more than just getting a partial refund. Submit that this tactic is one used commonly by scammers to discourage marks from fighting to get their money back. Send links to websites that have labeled them as a scam and any other relevant information to show that they clearly scammed you intentionally. When the seller responds to your claim, they will send you a Chinese return address. Send a message to Paypal stating that the post office will not accept their Chinese address and that you won’t pay for what is clearly a scam. Ask their representative to review your case and the submitted information. Someone will end up reviewing your case and they will most likely rule in your favor. Call in and speak to a representative if necessary. I was on hold with Paypal when I received a message saying they ruled in my favor and closed the case. I received a full refund and did not have to ship the garbage space blanket back. Hope this helps.

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