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Is Cured by Julep Legit {Sep} Should I Buy – Read Review

Is Cured by Julep Legit

Is Cured by Julep Legit {Sep} Should I Buy – Read Review >> The review will help establish the legitimacy of a nail treatment kit which claims to give salon-like finish at home.

Are you looking for a salon-like nail treatment at home? Cured by Julep’s collection brings you nail care right from the comfort of your home. Read through our review to know about this amazing product where we will also determine – Is Cured by Julep Legit?

Cured by Julep collection is available for delivery across the United States. It is available at a very cheap price and as a 4 piece set.

We will consider several factors to determine the quality and legitimacy of the product, including Cured by Julep Reviewswhich will give you a better insight into the customer experience of the product.

Is Cured by Julep Legit?

The parent website of this product is a very old website that has multiple categories of products available with exclusive deals for users across the United States. The website has mixed reviews when it comes to the quality and delivery of the products. Cured by Julep is one such product being marketed and promises you nail treatment without having to go to a salon.

A 4 piece nail treatment bag is available at a very reasonable price of $43. Each of these products if bought separately costs over $200. The deal seems to be too good and raises the question – Is Cured by Julep Legit?

Reading through the customers reviews on the social media handles and on its official website, this seems like a legit product.

What is Cured by Julep?

Cured by Julep lets you enjoy your manicure and pedicure at home all by yourself. The four-piece nail treatment comes with a Kit bag and provides you with salon-like nails. The product claims to have been made of ingredients that are good for the nails.

The collection comes at a very cheap price as compared to buying the four separately. You can also buy the kit in 3 small instalments. 

The Sheer Pink and Sheer Pearl, provide you with Take a breather Oxygen Nail treatment. This gives you a classic look with subtle color. Brighter provides you with Better Oxygen Nail treatment and is mainly for women who want to mask staining or any imperfections of nails. Finally, the fourth one is a natural strengthener. 

Cured by Julep Reviews on the website and social media are a mixed set of reviews. But overall, the product is rated relatively high.

So, Is Cured by Julep Legit? Yes, it is. Infact, the product is sold on other E-commerce websites as well.

Cured by Julep Specifications

  • Cured by Julep is a four-piece nail treatment kit with a bag. 
  • The nail treatment includes – Take a breather Oxygen Nail treatment, Better Oxygen Nail treatment, and a natural strengthener. 
  • The nail treatment features Oxygen technology and also provides your nails with vitamins B5, C and E. 
  • This treatment is “five-free”, which means that it does not include harmful DBP, camphor, toluene, formaldehyde, and formaldehyde resin. 

Cured by Julep Pros

  • It is simple to use. 
  • The product ratings on the website, ecommerce platforms and social media are good.
  • It is not made from any harmful materials. 
  • The four-piece kit is affordable and is available at a significant discount offer.

Cured by Julep Cons

  • The parent website has mixed reviews. 
  • Customers find the product expensive. 

Cured by Julep Customer and User Reviews

Cured by Julep Reviews from customers on the website rate the product relatively high. Even on other ecommerce websites and on social media, users have mostly said good things about the product. Customers are happy with the quality of the nail treatment. 

Some other users, however, have complained of the price and also of the low product quality. They did not find the product value for money.

So, to answer- Is Cured by Julep Legit? We think it is. 

Final Verdict

Cured by Julep offers nail treatment products for pedicure and manicure. These products can be brought separately or as a four-piece kit. The kit is much more reasonable and is available for less than one-fourth of the value. 

We have answered the question, Is Cured by Julep Legit? We feel that this is a genuine product and especially worth if you buy the kit.

Dear Readers, you can check the sources and the user reviews before you order any particular product. If you’d like to share your experience, please write in the comments.

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