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Is Decision Survey Legit [Oct] Read to Know the Story!


Is Decision Survey Legit [Oct] Read to Know the Story! >>Looking for an extra earning in which you can earn $20 for completing a short survey? Read our post to know more!

Are you looking for a part-time earning while living in the United States in which you can earn $20 for completing a short survey?   Is decision survey legit or a scam? You’ll get a complete insight about the company in our post.

So, stay tuned with us until the end to know if this is for you or not.

Who’s behind the idea of this survey?

This survey is organized by Engine International, a subsidiary of the Engine Group Inc. Engine is a renowned global organization that uses research and data and offer various solutions to their clients such as- data, and technology, insights in multiple industries:

  • Insurance
  • Technology 
  • Automotive
  • Health care 
  • Finance 
  • Consumer packaged goods.

What’s this survey all about?

The company is keen to find out about some activities that people are taking part in. Their main aim is to get hundreds of survey forms filled so that various people across the United States are represented.

Was I selected?

The company randomly selects the address of the applicant from home addresses in the United States. When all the surveys are compiled, they represent a snapshot of people living in the United States.

Who is eligible to take part in this survey, and how much time will it take to complete?

An adult of 18 years or above who lives at the address to enter the Access Code can answer some questions about themselves and their household are eligible to apply. From them, one or two people are selected randomly to take part in the survey.

Depending upon the applicant’s answers, the survey should last anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes.

What’s in it for the applicant who is completing the survey?

As soon as the eligible applicant completes the survey, the company provides a $20 electronic gift card of either or Target. Additionally, a person is a part of scientific research!

Is decision survey legit?

To check the company’s legitimacy, enormous articles have been read and what we found is quite surprising.

Even after eleven months of online presence, the company has no social media engagement. We do not find any customer reviews either on the site or any media that claim its authenticity.

Thus, to answer  is  decision survey legit, we are not 100% sure about this site. Neither have we found any negative reviews that claim it is a scam

Whether to try or not, we leave the final decision to you.

Our Final Verdict

We can say that this site is eleven months old and seems to be legit in a nutshell. There is no harm in trying as you don’t have to pay any single. And if you’re are selected to take part in the survey, you’ll earn $20.

Have you ever participated in the survey by this company?  If yes, please feel free to share your views in the comment section below. 

Thanks for reading ours is decision survey legit post. We are waiting for you to respond. 


  1. I just participated in their survey and it asked a bunch of questions about tobacco products and whether or not i was familiar with them/had used them. After competing it it gave me a code to enter to claim my $20, but it didn’t work. An error message popped up and told me to call their number for help, which led to an automatic message saying that there is no one available to take my call.

  2. Just took the survey as well, talked about tobacco products, same thing happened as above. The $20 is just to get people to take the survey. The reward code doesn’t work.

  3. We received the offer in the mail. We opted for the amazon gift code. They sent it in an email almost immediately with links to redeem, which I did not do, but they also send the code at the bottom of the email. I went to our amazon account on a different device, entered the code, and I now have $20! It asked for our family dynamics and wanted to have our 19-year-old answer the questions – which were also about tobacco. Very fast survey!

  4. After reading the above responses, I decided to take the survey. I filled in the second page, listing that there are just two in the household and that we are both 55+ years old. I got this message: I’m sorry, but your household is not eligible to participate in this survey. Thank you anyway for your interest. So….

    1. Thanks for your response regarding your experience, but as per our research, we are not 100% sure about the legitimacy we have mentioned in the given blog. Therefore, we recommend being alert to such activities.

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