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Is Erkanaydin Legit {Dec 2021} Read Customer Reviews!

This legitimacy check, namely, Is Erkanaydin Legit, is about to give you all key points about the site so that you’re purchasing safely.

 Does your kitchen and dining ware look outdated? Are you searching for some better replacement but have not found any yet? If my guess is right, then relax. Your arduous surfing is now about to end with this article where you will get the answer of “Is Erkanaydin Legit?” Here, Erkanaydin is the store that may satisfy your kitchen designing needs. However, as per Erkanaydin, its exclusive shipping is limited to the United States.

You must be curious to know the shipping status out of the US, apart from the legit points.    

Is Erkanaydin a trustable site?

After walking through the site, we found it difficult to give an overall judgment. That’s why we thought of assessing the site on some key parameters. So, please go through the below list to check the site.

  • Website Trust Score: Our search for Erkanaydin Reviews found that the site has a 4.5/100 domain rating, a very low trust score.
  • Alexa Ranking: Globally, the Alexa Traffic Rank of the site is 601643, which is very high and signifies the low customer reach. 
  • Brand’s Customer Reviews: we have not found any customer reviews on the site though the site has options for product reviews. And also, no customer review sites have said anything positive about it.  
  • Social Media Links: The site has given no social media links, and neither has it had any, as per our searches.
  • Missing Product Description: While finding the answer of Is Erkanaydin Legit, we checked the product description listed on its site, country of origin, and some other details are missings.
  • Website Age: the site has a domain name around two years old, founded on 1st September 2019.
  • Genuineness of Contact Address: No contact address is given except a general email ID.
  • Content Originality: Details are repeated in some pages, like on the return policy page, which connotes copy-paste.
  • Missing Policies: Customers’ addresses and contact numbers are missing, and delivery time is not mentioned clearly.

The above parameters sound more negative because the site could be fake and a scam.  

About Erkanaydin to check Is Erkanaydin Legit?

Erkanaydin is a digital shopping store dealing in glass, metal, and durable plastics kitchen wares. As per our count, its site has 79 products listed as of now. In broad categories, it has dividend products as:

  • Kitchen Storage (includes Fliplock Canister, Food Storage Box, etc.).
  • Drinkware (includes Copper hammered mule mug, different design mugs, etc.).
  • Dinnerware (includes, Dinner set, Arches bowl, dinner plates, etc.). 

The design products look to have an appealing effect on the kitchen setting and are convincing enough to give your dining table a modern look.  

To the point facts for Erkanaydin Reviews:

  • Domain age: Around two years old, created on 1st September 2019.
  • URL: – https://erkanaydin.com/.
  • Category: Online Retail Shopping.
  • Email: service@erkanaydin.com
  • Address: Not Mentioned
  • Payment Options: Visa, MasterCard, AmEx, DHL, and others. 
  • Return Policy: The customer can return the product within 30 from the date the product is received.
  • Refund Policy: Full payment refund is available after due inspection of the product.
  • Total Delivery time: Standard delivery time is ten business days (in the US) and 2-4 weeks (for non-US countries like the United Kingdom).
  • Shipping Policy: Shipping is free for customers with a subscription; otherwise, $9.0 shipping charge for all kinds of products.

Pros to Check Is Erkanaydin Legit?

  • R3 SSL site protection is available.
  • Products are well-categorized.


  • Very poor Alexa ranking.
  • The trust score of the site is low.
  • No social media presence.
  • No contact address is given.
  • The site has not qualified public domain.

Customer Reviews:

After doing research over the internet about the site, we have not found any customers’ reviews for the site and its products. Which shows it has no customer base and is not legit. 

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To sum up the above search for Is Erkanaydin Legit or not, we have very few points in favor of the site, and those are also very dicey, and it has strong negative points which say that it is not a legit site. So customers are advised to be cautious.  

Please comment and share viewpoints if you find the above site review any meaning-making.

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