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Is Impenk Scam {June 2022} Read The Honest Reviews!

The above discussion gives you an intense idea about the website and also clarifies your idea Is Impenk Scam or not.

Hey buyers, do you want to buy some exciting and designable T-shirts? There is a fantastic online store from where you can buy the T-shirts for yourself. The name of the company is Impenk. In the United States, many buyers are searching the store. Of course, many also buy from the store. 

But the question arises when some people try to know the store’s legitimacy. The buyers get confused about finding out the actual facts of the virtual store. For this reason, we do the proper search and validate all the store data to determine: Is Impenk Scam or a legal store. 

Validate all the essential factors of the website.

  • Website Formation Date– The website was founded on 27 March 2022. The website is too young. 
  • Renewal Date of the Domain– The renewal date is 27 March 2023. 
  • Owner’s Data– The owner’s data is partially identified. 
  • Office Address– 150 W Roosevelt Rd, Chicago IL 60605, United States
  • Rate of Threat– It gains 43 per cent of threat matter. 
  • Rate of Phishing– The phishing rate is nearly 43 out of 100. 
  • Index Trust Rate– Just 42.6 out of 100. 
  • General Trust Rate– The website has a 2 per cent trust rate. 
  • Impenk Reviews– Customer feedback is unavailable on the online store. 
  • The popularity of the Website– The website got “0” popularity. The score is not beneficial for the website. 

In the starting discussion, we have checked all the valid points about the online store. The information gives us some basic ideas about the Impenk. But the debate is not enough to crack the honest answer from where we are starting. 

The above data can’t define the legitimacy of the online store on an immediate basis. For this reason, we want to search for more data about the virtual store and find out the real question Is Impenk Scam or not?

Check out the Store’s General Information

You can identify Impenk by its offering products. Yes, the online store provides the customers with many T-shirts of various materials and costs. We have checked the online store thoroughly. And we find the website is the sole enterprise unisex t-shirt. 

The customers can choose the t-shirts alphabetically or by the price. We see another exciting matter; the colour of the maximum t-shirt is black. Besides this, you can find some content on the t-shirt. 


  • Online Store’s Name- Impenk
  • Domain Link- https://www.impenk.com/
  • Return Process– Offer conditional policy. It concerns Is Impenk Scam or not? 
  • Email Id- support@impenk.com
  • Phone Number- +1 551-220-9033
  • Address Data- Mention on the website. 
  • Founder’s Details- Total information is not cleared in “Whois” optimization. 

After discussing all the facts, we can say that the website is given vital data. But also, the online store doesn’t disclose muchimportant and essential data about the website. Secondly, much data shows the website has some suspicious factors also. 

We are still in the confusing part about the website. We need to check to divide the information into positive and negative aspects and discuss the matter. 

Is Impenk Scam– The Positive Argument

  1. The HTTPS mechanism is cleared. 
  2. The online store has a various range of products with unique designs. 
  3. The payment method is also mentioned on the website. 
  4. The Contact information is removed on the site. 

Negative Argument

  1. The website is very new. 
  2. The website has a malware perspective of nearly 38 per cent. 
  3. The online store also gains spam reports up to 28 per cent. 
  4. The suspicious activity range is almost 25 out of 100 marks. 
  5. The website doesn’t offer proper returns of the products. 
  6. The website has a short-term domain expectancy. 

Impenk Reviews

We all know customer feedback is essential to the recent digital age. You can’t judge an online store’s reputation without a customer’s review. After checking Impenk’s website, we don’t find a single customer’s feedback. Even on the product description part, there is a customer’s review section. But strangely, no review is posted over there. 

We also try to find out some other internet sources. But unfortunately, we don’t find any feedback about the website. It raises the question. However, check the article –How Use Recovery Process of the Fraud Money from Paypal?


We have validated all the data and found the basic answer: Is Impenk Scam or not? After meeting all the essential aspects of the website, you can consider that the website misses many important parts and doesn’t offer accurate data on several occasions. 

Our observation presently is that the customers should do any business dealing with the legit website. Meanwhile, you can tell us the dealing experiences with the online store. You can also read- The Basic Measurement to Protect Your Credit Card from Fraud.  

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