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Is Inditrunk Scam or Legit {Nov 2022} Honest Reviews!

Read our article, and you will be able to witness all the details that will help you to guide in knowing Is Inditrunk Scam or Legit.

Do you love to purchase Indian products to have a quality lifestyle? Is it true that you are searching portals that provide maximum discounts on their product? While you have been searching for a website, you find Inditrunk. 

Inditrunk is active in the United States, and this website offers various items to its customers. Recently people are raising lots of doubts about Inditrunk. Some of the common questions regarding this portal: Is Inditrunk Scam or Legit? To get authentic information, follow us till our write-up ends.

Authenticity factors of Inditrunk:

  • The domain creation date of Inditrunk is 14th April 2022, and they have gained an experience of 7 months.
  • The expiry date for Inditrunk will be on 14th April 2023. It still has five months left.
  • We find Inditrunk has only gained an 8% trust score. Hence it is not at all a good thing.
  • Yes, we see social media Icons that are all active properly.
  • The team of developers has properly installed HTTPS certification.
  • Unfortunately, owners only upload a single piece of data about them on the Inditrunk website.
  • Unfortunately, we do not get a single Inditrunk ReviewsIt also raises a question of doubt among viewers.

What is Inditrunk?

Inditrunk is an online portal that is only active in America, and they mainly swell varieties of Indian Products. Right now, they are offering discounts to attract traffic to their website. 

  • Indian Snacks.
  • Home Decoration Items:
  • Indian Soap.
  • Kurtas.
  • Chicken Masala.
  • Ready to cook Food items
  • Pooja Items

These are the products that Inditrunk mainly offer to their customers, but still, many customers are searching for more information to answer: Is Inditrunk Scam or Legit?

Specification of Inditrunk:

  • The URL Link of Inditrunk is, and any viewers can visit it.

+1 (315) 918-7865 It is the phone number, and customers can easily connect with the officials.

  • Customers can take help from support by sending mail to support@inditrunk.com.
  • Inditrunk has set up their office at 651 N Broad St, Suite 201, Middletown, Delaware 19709, United States.
  • Customers will receive their product delivery within 5 to 7 days.
  • Customers also get a decent return period of 7 days.
  • Many payment applications have been implemented by Inditrunk, like PayPal, AMEX, etc.

Is Inditrunk Scam or Legit can be understood by PROS and CONS:


  • Customers will get a guide range of products under the same roof as Inditrunk.
  • The products they are selling are reputed, and no harmful chemicals are not present.


  • The owner has yet to give a single piece of data about themselves. It is a poor thing for a website.
  • Web pages need to be appropriately optimized. Developers need to focus on this issue.
  • After giving discounts, the price of their product is still excessive.

Inditrunk Reviews:

As Inditrunk has been active for seven months, and no customer has given a single review about their products, we have found few customers have shared their thoughts on social media platforms. 

Unfortunately, we have not received positive feedback from the Popular preview portal about Inditrunk. We suggest you click here to learn the tips to get a refund from PayPal Scam.


Inditrunk still needs to update varieties of information after having seven months of experience. Trust score and other points are below average. That is the reason we suggest viewers purchase from legitimate websites.  

Do you ever purchase products from a scam website? Please comment. Also, click here and grab the idea of getting a refund from a Credit Card Scam. 

Is Inditrunk Scam or Legit: FAQs

Q1. Is it better to purchase products from Inditrunk?

There are better websites to purchase online.

Q2. Does Inditrunk have any social media accounts to display its product?

Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn to display their product.

Q3. What are the primary products of Inditrunk?

Indian Snacks, Home Decoration Items, Indian Soap, Kurtas, Chicken Masala, Ready to cook Food items, Pooja Items

Q4. How many days will it take to deliver a custom product?

It will barely take around a week to deliver customer products.

Q5. What is the Refund and exchange policy of Inditrunk?

Customers must return or apply for an exchange within 5 to 7 days of purchasing.

Q6. What are the essential strategies delivered by Inditrunk?

All the strategies are given on the website.

Q7. Is the price of the product reasonable?

Yes, but some products look more expensive than expected.

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