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Is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam {Sept 2020} Read To Find!

Is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam

Is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam {Sept 2020} Read To Find! -> This news review gives a detailed report on a scheme that makes people gift their money in cash.

Have you heard of any gifting scheme that tells you to gift cash? One that is doing the rounds is the Kindred Hearts Gifting Scheme that we will discuss in this review. The program is in the news due to a large number of people talking about it. We have analyzed the news story to know Is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam, and will give a detailed report on this, for you to judge.

Several such schemes are running on the internet world today, that are usually a scam and so, before spending your money and falling prey to such scams, you should know the reality behind. We suggest you read this article on a scam that is prevalent in the United States for many years.

What is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam?

The scam that is known by the name of the Kindred hearts gifting scheme is similar to many other schemes, such as Circle of friends and Heart to Heart. The people are asked to join and pay the cash to the member higher in the team and are promised that they will get their money back with profits when other members join the group.

They claim that the United States body IRS has approved them, and the money is used for donating or for charity. They also claim that a lot of wealth can be created through this scheme, and famous personalities are part of the group.

Reality Behind the Gifting Scheme

  • Their claim of approval by the IRS is, in fact, a false claim.
  • Their claim of creating wealth by this scheme is nowhere in touch with reality, and the people lose their hard-earned money.
  • They claim themselves to be legal as they donate the money to charity, but donating does not make them legit.
  • People are asking, Is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam, and it is possibly a scam.
  • They also claim the scheme to be endorsed by the Attorney General, but in reality, it is not the case. Attorney Generals do not approve such programs.
  • They ask for money to be given in cash to hide their traceability.

What People talk about Kindred Hearts Scam?

Internet users are the best source of feedback on a newly launched program or one that is prevailing around from years. They give the right information, so we checked Is Kindred Hearts Gifting Scam on the web, and found some reviews. Some people spoke in favor of it, but some reports were negative only.

The customers who have joined the scheme are positive about it. But knowing the reality behind such programs, some ask others to be careful and avoid entering such plans.

The Conclusion

After careful analysis and study, we can conclude that such schemes prevail only to attract money from people who are unaware of the facts. Many programs are prevalent today that have scammed people and landed them in deep trouble after laundering their money.

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    1. Hi Barbara. I ran across this review today and your plea to help you. Truly, the best help I can give you is this: Listen to a presentation, preferably Ms Phyllis’ Monday night call, which is live at 8:00pm, and compare what these “Review”s claim, to what is Actually said. Kindred Hearts Team is not a scam. If it were, the Attorneys General would have sought to shut it down by now. After all, it has been online for 12 years, as of next month. This is plenty of time to gather the information needed to do so, if, indeed, it were illegal. In reading the reviews today, I noted blatant lies about this activity. I cannot put stock in what is written by anonymous people who cannot do basic fact checking. Please do your own due diligence and make an informed decision based on true facts.

  1. Is it really a scam? You can receive 15,000 dollars a year tax free from as many individuals that want to give to you. Just look up the gift tax. They never receive that much from anyone one person. People give gifts all the time and expect nothing in return.

    1. EXACTLY Annie! How many people frequent casino’s, Thursday night poker games, bet on sports etc., etc., etc.!!!?
      With Kindred Hearts, one doesn’t HAVE to “recruit” anyone and can still end up with an 800% return although it helps to “share” the program with those you know need some extra help.

    2. Annie,

      Gift tax has nothing to do with illegal blessing loom cash gifting pyramid ponzi schemes. You cannot use one on the other. You should contact your state Attorney General to discuss the gift tax as it relates to involvement in activity that is illegal in the entire United States.

  2. A close friend of mine joined 2 and a 1/2 weeks ago and the original amount one gifts is the only money you are out. She has made $3.800, The rest of the re-gifting or moving up to next level comes from people who have gifted to her. The same amount for everyone to join is $100, in fact this is all you can join with. This, in my opinion, is nominal when I reflect back on a multi level marketing company I did called NuSkin/Pharmanex which had good products but your initial investment was $1,200 for a little inventory. I spent way more than I ever made.

    Right now with many out of work, there are people helping other out whether it is through Kindred Heart or not

  3. I’m not sure where this reviewer get’s their information from, but I have been in Kindred Hearts Team for almost 1 year and NONE of the information here is true!! We give and receive gifts. Kindred Hearts Team is amazing! The people who may be negative, didn’t follow the guidelines. You have to be an active part of your team and that is clear from the first call you hear and very clear in every call!! This is a caring group of individuals who founded it and have complied with IRS laws. The only ones complaining are those who join and think that’s all it takes, when in fact we have to work as a team to help each other. It saddens me that some are making up things that simply are NOT true! My hope is that you will hear a presentation and hear the joy we share in helping each other. We truly love and appreciate Kindred Hearts Team!

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