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Is Kotakco Legit (Feb) Read The Complete Review Here!

Is Kotakco Legit (Feb) Read The Complete Review Here! >> Please go through this article as it is about a scam website that deals with e-books for students at reasonable cost.

Is Kotakco legit: Are you interested in reading books? Are you a bookworm? Here is your new online bookstore Kotakco.com, Everyone wants their book collection, and this website seems like it is very much convenient for the students to buy books at a cheap rate, Read the Kotakco Reviews to have a better understanding of the website.

Kotakco is an e-book store where all the fictional, non-fictional & political geography books are available. This website book rate is very much low, so that anybody can purchase at a low rate. By looking at the website, it is much more attractive and convenient to buy it. 

The website’s home address is in the United States and domain date is 20 years back, in September 2009. Is Kotakco legit to the customers who buy their e-books? They have no privacy protection in It is more like a suspicious one even though the rates are too reduced for each book.

What is Kotakco.com?

It is an e-book store where you get any books, and it is mostly for the student who is pursuing the studies, all the books are of very much in low cost so any student will go for the buy.Uploaded pictures of books on the website the market price is too costly, so it makes this website suspicious as they have mentioned that they are from the United States, but there is no kind of certificate to confirm. 

The confusion is still on the peak that Is Kotakco legit or not scam because it directly asks for your personal information like email address, name, and location, even though your bank details. 

Please check the website properly, Even though they might disclose our confidential information to anybody else and cheat on this basis.


  • Website URL – https://kotakco.com
  • Email support – support@kotakco.com
  • Contact Address – 1045 S birch St apt, Glendale Colorado, 80246
  • Phone : + 17207753681
  • Payment mode – Visa card, Master Card, American Express, Discover, JCB.
  • Delivery – They make us wait for 1 or 2 days to receive the download link.  No later than 48 hours.
  • Refunds Policy – The refund will process within few business days.
  • Social links- No social media account link available.Check out pros and cons to get the answer for Is Kotakco legit.

Pros of the website

  • The website has attractive looks and reasonable price.
  • All the pictures on the website look trustworthy.
  • They offer low price and money-saving options.
  • The Website looks like a helping hand for students.

Cons of the website

  • No reviews found on the website
  • Too much-reduced cost feels like it is a suspicious website.
  • Ask our personal details.
  • Amount not refundable if we face any problem with the link.
  • They make us wait for 1 to 2 days to receive the download link.
  • The refund policy holds unreal terms and conditions for the customers to follow if they wish to return the product.

Is Kotakco Legit

As the website seems very much suspicious because there is no kind of privacy in the website, the website asks personal details after that they make us wait for 1 to 2 days for the downloading link. 

The website does not reply to the customers to help them for solving the queries so this is the primary reason what it makes it very much scam website. The website unreal prices and terms and conditions give us another reason for suspect.Therefore the site looks as a scam portal, be safe if you wish to use this platform.

Customer Reviews

Before you provide any personal detail, ask yourself, Is Kotakco legit or not. We didn’t found any reviews on this website, so it makes more scam websites. As they make us pay first, they give us a link after two days, and take us our personal details: email id and bank details may they fraud us. 

So before investing money to buy e-books from suspicious platform, check all the possible information regarding the legitimacy of the website.

Final Verdict

The answer to all the queries becomes clear while going through the online review. Here is the unbiased review showing the all sides of the website. Is Kotakco legit or not is still your decision. Make a wise choice is selecting the place to invest money and time both. If you have something to share with us regarding this website then please share through the comment section below. 

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