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Is Kuahl Scam (August) Read Detailed Reviews Here

Kuahl Online website Reviews
This post on Is Kuahl Scam will update you about kuahl’s legitimacy.

Are you a person who loves to decorate your home with some appliances? Kuahl is a website that offers some affordable home decor appliances. People in the United States recently got to know about this site. Before using this website, let us give you some key points of the question of Is Kuahl Scam?

Kindly read this write-up to know more about this site and guide yourself before get scammed by any fraudulent website.

Is this site legit?

Kuahl is a website that sells its products through online mode. As Kuahl has an online store, people of a new age are attracted to this site as it saves a lot of time by shopping online and placing orders by relaxing on the couch.

This site claims that it offers the best affordable products. Even middle-class men could do shopping on this site. They also promise to offer safe shopping.

Kuahl Reviews will help you judge whether you want to do shopping from this site or not. We have given the essential details below regarding this site. Please check it out.

  • Website Registration: September 17, 2020, is the date of kuahl’s registration. It has completed its two years.
  • Registrar: Kuahl shop is registered through NameCheap, Inc.
  • Trust Factor: One can think of ordering from this site as this site has an average trust factor of thirty percent. 
  • Customers Policies: This website has mentioned its customers’ policies in the relevant section.
  • Buyer’s Review: As per Is kuahl Scam, responses and reviews on their covering post are not shown, and the site’s comment section is disabled.
  • Social accounts: This site is not active on any social media. Though they have provided the icons for Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, the link of these icons isn’t functioning properly.
  • Misplaced Information: Address, email and location can be shown on a layout, but details of the website’s owner name are missing.
  • Data security: the site provides SSL and HTTPS links, but it does not give full security assurance of its users’ data privacy. 

Brief as per Is Kuahl Scam 

Kuahl is a shop on the online platform. On the official website of Kuahl, they claimed that they sell 999 items, but the feedback from this site users is missing, which makes it suspicious. New users cannot estimate whether this site is fake or genuine. It also provides a discount on some items. The Kuahl website exhibits the following items.

  • Cup storage 
  • Kitchen tools holder.
  • Decoration products

Features of kuahl Scam

Buy a Cup Storage 


  • Email Address:
  • Company’s Address: 4166 Buford Highway North Atlanta, GA 30345-1018.

As per Is kuahl Scam. This site has disabled the comment section, and no other company has shown an interest in giving feedback to this site.

  • Phone number: 470-207-2246 1 877-313-5090
  • Return Policy: This site offers a thirty days return policy. The product can be returned within one month.
  • Shipping Policy: The order delivery time is standard. It takes 3 to 5 days from pick-up. This site also provided free shipping for US residents people.
  • Payment mode: the mode of payment is a Debit card, Master Card, or Visa.

Positive Highlights

  • An email address and telephone number are mentioned on the website
  • You can track your order.
  • The items’ price range is affordable.

Negative Highlights

  • They do not provide any deals combo offers.
  • The trust index is the average of this site.
  • The review of the customers on the site is not mentioned.

Kuahl Reviews

This site seems suspicious and questions its legitimacy as the reviews on the official website are not mentioned. Kuahl does not allow its users to share their reviews on the products. In the era of social media, every other site is on social media, but this site has only shown social media icons. After clicking on the link, both the icons and the link are not functioning properly, which raised questions about the intensity of this site. 

The ranking of this website is very poor. Hence, we do not suggest anyone explore this site as it seems suspicious and also check here to know how to stay safe from credit card scam.

Final Verdict 

Wrapping up this write-up on Is Kuahl Scam, the trust index of this website average, the owner’s name is not found missing from all social media platforms. We suggest you do not use this site 

also check here to know how to stay safe from paypal scam.

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