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Is Landswitches com Legit [Dec] Read Entire Review Now

Is Landswitches com Legit 2020

Is Landswitches com Legit [Dec] Read Entire Review Now -> This article is based on evidence and in-depth research about whether the site is legit or scam. Find out more.

Are you someone who is looking to buy Nintendo switches and related products? Then must read out this article before buying from All United States people who have seen this site on the web are excited to know is legit or a big scam? 

If this is your concern too, then I must say you have landed on the right page. We researched this website and come up here with honest reviews that will excite you after seeing the information available on this article. 

If you have reached this page that means you are a potential buyer and asking such question shows that you are serious about your buying decisions. So here, you will find about what this website is, it’s pros, cons, and the customer reviews so you could better know about it. 

But before letting you know about is legit or not. First, let us learn what this website is. 

What is is an eCommerce site that selling land switches, games, and other products of Sony and Xbox at very low prices. At First Look, the website finds a perfect eCommerce store that primary selling quality of electronic products for the customers. 

While moving on the contact page of the website, we found they have listed their contact details with contact number as well as an email address. And other pages like shipping policy, refund policy, and privacy policies are also working.  However, the content found a duplicate. Moreover, the site providing too much discount on all the products- which is showing “too good deals” strategy. 

In this post, we are sharing only The Red flags which we have found while checking reviews online. specifications: 

  • Website type- E-commerce site for Nintendo & related products.
  • Company email id-
  • Address Of Company: 8800. Nagle Ave. Arleta. California. 91331. US
  • Company contact number- 570-517-4896
  • Return/ exchange policy- provided ( 30 days money-back guarantee)
  • Mode of payment- PayPal, visa, master card, stripe, and cash on delivery.
  • Shipping info- provided. 

Pros of buying from 

  • The site includes various products like play station, Nintendo switches and Xbox. 
  • The site provides detailed info about the products. 
  • The site provides a big discount on each product.  
  • Found No transparency & no reviews on the web. 
  • The site provides 14 days trial and 30-days money guarantee. 
  • The site provides an easy return policy. 

Cons of buying from 

  • The site domain is 4 days old 
  • The site does not have social media existence. 
  • The site includes duplicate content.
  • The site includes copied images.
  • The site does not have shared about its owner. 

Is legit or not? 

There are many eCommerce scam sites are working. Well, scam sites mostly target the people emotions by giving them fantastic deals I.e. providing 50%-70% discounts. People mostly fall into this Trap. If you do not want to be part of this trap then beware of such scam and find out is 

In our findings, we concluded that the site domain is just four days old. The site does not have the social appearance and also the site providing too many good deals on every product- 70 to 80% discount. This e-store has shared physical address, contact number and email address for the customers to reach out. 

However, the product descriptions, site content, and images found copied. The other shocking facts about this website is it does not the owner information anywhere on the website.  This sounds a big alarm that you should avoid 

What are people saying about 

As we said, this site domain is just four days old. There is no Alexa ranking we have found. Similarly, there are no customer reviews that are present on the web. 

However, with our best efforts, we could not find any positive feedback for the site. Hence, the site looks completely a big scam. And the answer- is legit is No. 

Well, we are not saying you acknowledge us blindly. You should do your research. But the major reason we are not recommending this site is only it has no traffic, no trust score, and domain created 4days ago. 


While doing shopping online we all need the delivery of the product will be best and the same we have ordered. But if we are buying products from fake or scam site like land there is no warranty. 

It’s good the site shared contact info, but you do not how long they will respond you. This is all we have found in this review.

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  1. I just ordered a PS5 from this site yesterday, Dec. 2, 2020. After I made payment through PayPal, I became suspicious about the site. I tried calling the number given under customer service on the site but got a message (message 6 US01lv) that the call could not be completed. I tried emailing the address several times and the emails were all returned as undeliverable. I feel sure I have been scammed, and am just hoping I can get a resolution through PayPal.

  2. I ordered PS5 December 1st paid extra 15.00 for the 4day delivery and it’s been 16days now and I have not received the product yet. Yes; I believe I have been scammed 😔😥

  3. I am experiencing the SAME thing as Jean Riggs. I ordered the same day and tried doing all the things she has tried to cancel my order. All contact information about Land Switch does not work. Shipping is 8 to 12 business days…. Tuesday will be my 12th day and I have yet to receive a shipping email. I DO NOT RECOMMEND USING THIS SITE IF YOU WANT TO KEEP YOUR MONEY!

  4. I also ordered in begining of Dec and got taken for $640 ,im a single mom and now i have to explain to my kids how terrible some people are ,i also calked and got response from anyone .

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