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Is Muffer Legit [June] – Is Online Shopping a Scam?

Is Muffer Legit [June] – Is Online Shopping a Scam? -> In this article, you will get to know that the site is legit or not.

Do you want to create your home differently and to look attractive? Then Muffer.club will assist you out to find the best home gifts for your sweet home.

Nowadays, peoples are fond of doing shopping online, and because of this, many fake shopping websites are taking advantage of it. That is why we are here to tell you, Is Muffer Legit? So that you can know about the site well and think before buying a product from it.

Muffer club Reviews tells that the site is working under the United State and helping out the customers to buy attractive accessories for their home.

According to the arrangements, this online site introduces you with an adequate amount of varieties for home improvement merchandise with quick delivery.

You can easily purchase the products from this site to beautify your home and buy products for yourself, like hair accessories and clothes.

Before you think to order any product from this website, we might want you to read this whole blog, and discover that, Is Muffer Legit?

Is Muffer Legit?

The web has made the world littler as far as exchange and shopping; you can buy anything you want from anywhere. But, before providing your credit card data, you do need to know whether it’s sheltered to shop.

If we go through the website, we can see that it provides all the information like email id, address, and contact details.

So before making any decision regarding the legality of the site, let us find out more about the place and request our readers to read the entire article.

What is Muffer?

Muffer is an online shopping site that provides you with different range of products like furniture, home accessories, cleaning, hair products, and the sky is the limit from there. 

Furthermore, even though the blend of items is different, every single one is made in light of our customers.

That is the reason you can expect attempted and tried quality at extraordinary worth costs, as standard.

The site will provide you with abundant choices for your home and delivered the product safely to your home.

What is so unique about Muffer?

The uniqueness of this site is that they assist individuals with making homes they love and should be noticed by everyone. You may have seen items included in Real Homes, Grace at Home, and the Self-determining.

They are enthusiastic about items and accept that the most elegant homes are those that are adored. In this way, regardless of whether you need your space to look more pleasant, feel convenient, or work better, you are in the perfect spot to get it going.

Specifications of Muffer:

  • Product- Home and beauty accessories
  • Website– https://www.muffer.club/
  • Email id-  muffer.sale@outlook.com
  • Address- 67th Street, Suite 250, Omaha, Nebraska
  • Contact No- +12563695004
  • Shipping policy- Within 24 hours
  • Delivery time- Within 3-5 days and 7-10 days for heavy products
  • Exchange- Available
  • Return-  inside 30 days from purchase
  • Refund-  inside 30 days from receiving the returned item
  • Mode of payment- Credit card

Pros of Muffer:

  •  There is a fast and effective delivery of the product.
  • You will get so many options for home accessories in one place.
  • All the contact details are available.
  • There is the availability of secure exchange and return of the product.
  • Provide free delivery to the near locations.

Cons of Muffer:

  • The process of refunding money is too long.
  • Online reviews are not available.
  • The site lacks transparency.
  • Option of COD is not available.

Customer Reviews:

The site does not look like an official website and also lacks transparency. There is no availability of customer reviews.

Zero internet based life nearness further corrupts customer trust on this site.

Overall, we can see that only negative information seen for this site. Thereby the customers are making questions and having doubts about the website.

Final Verdict:

The non-appearance of authentic elements and incomplete data regarding the website does not come under the classification of the right site.

Nowadays, Dress and adornments, furniture and home stylistic layout, hardware, beautifying agents, and wellbeing are among the most widely recognized classifications of items in shopping tricks, as indicated by the BBB.

So after carefully examining this website and gathering all the data, we are not sure about the legality of the site.

So we suggest our readers not to place an order from this site, because it looks like a scam.

0 thoughts on “Is Muffer Legit [June] – Is Online Shopping a Scam?

    1. John
      I ordered a storage cabinet and when I log onto the Muffer web site it shows no history of a order for me. Also, my credit card shows a charge for the amount of the cabinet but it is a different company. Muffer has not returned any of my e mails and their sales department telephone number is not in service. I am going to contact my credit card company for assistance.

    2. I have and it’s a total scam. I ordered 2 office desks and 2 chairs. I received 6 cheap face masks.

  1. I placed an order today before finding this article. I’ll be back with some
    Feedback. Let’s see if it’s legit

  2. I did and
    call and no customer service and it afflicted with comiclake I am trying to cancel guess I be talking to my banking and making copy of receipt and tell bank to notify scam

  3. I have. I am currently waiting for order to arrive. I have a tracking number that seems to be from China. I thought it was US based, but I guess not. But I will see how long it takes, right now I’m at a week.

  4. I have been dealing with them all week. They misrepresent item location. They ship from China. They changed their website data to state they only ship in UK when before it showed US and international. I asked them to refund due to the paypal address turned out to be a personal address. All the emails associated with their website do not use the website’s domain. And they are all different domains (i.e. @outlook.com, @yahoo.com). I asked the company to refund before they shipped. They ignored me until I threatened to contact Paypal. Then they asked me to reconsider, I said no. Please refund. Then they hurried up and got a tracking number….a China Post tracking number…and said they can’t refund because they already shipped. The carrier hasn’t even received the package. I am pretty ticked at these sleezy business practices, and I’m not really expecting that I’m going to wind up getting what I ordered. How can a company send an 80+ lb package overseas with free shipping and only charge $50 for an item?

    1. Definitely a scam. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM. I ordered a dresser for $59.99 on May 28th (I know, way too good to be true) and I instantly read this page and asked them to cancel. They have literally been yanking my chain for a month saying that my refund will be hit my bank in 10-15 days and it’s already been a month. And everytime I email them, they say to be patient and wait. I am beyond annoyed. I am going to my bank Monday to see what they can do. DO NOT ORDER FROM THEM!!!

      1. i ordered a cabinet on may 27th 2020. what I got weeks later was 5 white masks for the cost of 63.79. I have sent them messages twice thru there web site with no reply. How are any of you contacting them? I tried the 256-369-5004 phone number that does not work. I tried the muffer.sales@outlook.com, nothing came up. If anyone can help please reply., thanks

  5. I’ve ordered a desk from there and so far muffer sent an email saying my order was confirmed and nothing else it’s been 3 days since I’ve ordered it.

    Muffer is the same as Portbat & both are scams. They have the same email address & ship thru bogus 17Track & use the same shipping # multiple times. They claim my furniture was delivered to my mailbox. My mailbox is too small, duh. Instead I’ve been receiving small packages of face masks from China that I did not order. They provide BS shipping logs when you inquire but it’s all in a foreign language from made up ports. GEEZ – when you think prices are too good to be true, they are with these fake companies 🙁 Submit a dispute claim with credit card company immediately !!!

  7. I have…. I think I got scammed. I order metal cabinets.. they took my money immediately send me a shipping number that originated in china. finally the order came and it wasn’t the metal cabinets but white masks.. the number on the sight doesn’t work and when you try to sign back onto their sight.. it says your password is incorrect (eventhough it isn’t) allows you to reset it.. but when you try to get on again is says you exceeded the tries so try back in an hour. They provide you with email addresses for complaints and order status.. but no one responds. seems like a huge scam to me.. hope these fuckers rot in hell.

    1. I ordered 2 cabinets $127 on Mar 25 from Muffer.club the next day I had a paypal debit from Yang Wan Pin and never received any confirmation of order or ETA. so emailed them for a refund. They emailed back from China. (Which was odd since the website address is in the US. )THE EMAIL Contained a tracking app..which never showed movement..I reported it to PayPal for a refund within a month. No action as of yet. Then today (Aug 1) I received a little grey package from the company I ordered the Cabinets from…it contained 5 paper face masks. I’m guessing this chinese company thot it would be funny to STEAL money from the USA. and put a stick on it by sending protection from COVID19 (MASKS). which I will never use..they are probably laced with something

  8. I ordered a chair on their website. I actually googled a specific product, and Muffer was recommended.

    I ordered it May 26. Today, June 16, I received a 6 pack of white face masks. Customer service number is a busy tone. No ring, no automated message. Just a busy tone. Fuck these people.

  9. My girlfriend tried ordering me a desk for my birthday, and of course we got some cheap face masks. Don’t bother asking them for a refund. Just go to your bank.

  10. I ordered a desk and received white masks as well… I emailed them and they emailed me back saying they sent the wrong item so they sent another package with another tracking number from china… we’ll have to see what they sent this time

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