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Is Multivoltz A Scam (April 2021) Read The Reviews!

Is Multivoltz A Scam

Is Multivoltz A Scam (April 2021) Read The Reviews! >> It is challenging to decide yourself alone if a particular site is safe or not. So, let us know the answer to this question together.

You probably came across this fantastic website, and now you want to buy its attractive products shipped to the United StatesCanada and other worldwide countries. And however, you are not clear about this website in your mind. Right?

It often happens with people and is a normal situation. The best part- you do not have to worry because after reading this descriptive article, you will have a clear picture of this website in your mind. 

Is Multivoltz a Scam?

We will mention the various facts related to Multivoltz, all gathered and referred from trustable resources. The most important part of answering this question is that you read these facts and decide for yourself if Multivoltz is worth your trust.

  • Short Domain Age- as per the data, the website’s URL: has a young domain age of 23 days.
  • Popularity- this website has received #2,246,633 Alexa site rank based on global internet traffic and engagement over the past 90 days.
  • Address of the company- we would like to mention this in Is Multivoltz a Scam section that American Cargo Express shares the same physical address.
  • Domain Registration Name- the owner of this domain name is hidden.
  • Trust Index- this website has an awful trust score of 1%, as given by
  • About Us- there is no about us section on the website.
  • No Customer Reviews- as you will see further in this article, no external customer reviews are available.
  • Copied content- the picture of the product is similar to many other websites.
  • Social Media Appearance- the company has no profile on any social media platforms.

The information provided is entirely reliable. So, continue reading Multivoltz Reviews. 

What is Multivoltz company? is an online website selling a fantastic useful product with various unique features. They deal in a supercharging battery that can supercharge any USB device on the spot, along with taking great care of the device’s battery. The product is compatible with all Android and Apple devices.

The device comes with a full spectrum surge protection, an intelligent multicurrent system and reverse battery ageing and damage. The latest technology used in it allows it to supercharge any device within 15 to 35 minutes.

It requires no setup process and is noise-free.

Specifications of Multivoltz:

As a part of Is Multivoltz a Scam, we mention most of the essential features of this website-

  • Email address-
  • Contact Number- +1 (844) 995-1505
  • Domain age- 23 days
  • Physical Address- 2345 Vauxhall Road, Union, NJ 07083, USA
  • Shipping policy- order is shipped within 24 hours of placing the order; 5-7 business days are taken to deliver the order through standard shipping
  • Return Policy- the company gives you 30-90 days to return the product
  • Payment methods- not mentioned

Pros of Multivoltz:

The following are some benefits of using this website to purchase the product-

  • Offers 2-3 years warranty 
  • The product is 100% safeguarded with surge protection.
  • Fast shipping methods
  • The product is compatible with all devices.
  • Multivoltz Reviews mentions here that they provide 50% off to the first 5,000 customers.

Cons of Multivoltz:

  • The website is not trustable.
  • No customer reviews are available.
  • It has a lousy trust score.
  • Not much information is provided about the company.

Customer Reviews:

As mentioned earlier, there are no external customer reviews available for this website or its product. However, there are three five-star ratings by customers as displayed on the website. But we know that these can be manipulated and, thus, not trustable.

The company currently only deals in one product- and electronic device supercharger with various unique features. There are many benefits of buying this website, but you must look at its cons too. 

Final Verdict:

Is Multivoltz a scam? Now you must know the answer yourself. We provided every detail of this website to help you decide if you can trust this website or not. However, we do not recommend this website because it is very suspicious due to many reasons already mentioned above.

Why don’t you let us know your views about this website in the comment section below? We would be happy to read them and we hope that our article was helpful to you in some sort.

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  1. My strategy on the adoption of “amazing electronic inventions” is: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is – especially if it sounds like it defies the laws of science. A basic principle for all rechargeable battery technologies is that rapid charging accelerates battery wearout.

    I am a practicing electronics engineer. I figure that if a product is so fantastic, it will eventually become a BIG seller. Meanwhile, I will let the naive people field test it.

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