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Is Neemo Mart Scam or Legit {July} Find Genuine Review!

To make any investment decision within a web portal, consider a study on Is Neemo Mart Scam or Legit; it will help you know the portal’s actual value.

Do you want to purchase men’s clothes from an online shopping portal? Are you looking for products at a reasonable price? Put your worries on trash, here we are discussing a web portal that sells a variety of men’s clothes at one portal. The web portal has recently launched in the United States.

American people like it but still want to scrutinize Is Neemo Mart Scam or LegitSo, to get all the details of the web portal, we will research its all-essential points.

Is Neemo Mart Scam or an authentic portal?

  • The web portal launched on an e-commerce shopping place on 16/05/2022, and it is 2-moths, 3-day-old domain.
  • If we analyze its trust count, it downs our expectation because the trust score is only 1 %.
  • A valid contact number is mentioned on the portal.
  • The portal store offers a valid physical address to get the physical attraction.
  • The web portal has framed its content from another similar site, so we found 75% duplicate content.
  • Neemomart Reviews indicates that the portal does not contain a social media site’s logo on its login page.
  • We did not find any irrelevant price bids on its selling items.
  • The developer of the portal has hidden the name of the portal owner
  • The web portal got # 3653238 rank on the Alexa global ranking site.
  • Different sheets explain every policy.

What is Neemo Mart.com?

It is a leading online shopping destination for men’s style that deals a variety of branded menswear like lightweight pants, hoodies, sweatshirts etc. But visitors of the portal are eager to identify Is Neemo Mart Scam or Legit.

Neemo Mart has an extraordinary team of experts available 24/7 to solve buyers’ queries. The portal offers luxurious brand products and its label products—the portal are particular about the trend and designs of men’s wear.

Specification of Neemo Mart.com-

  • URL of web portal- https://neemomart.com
  • The web portal has launched on- 16th May 2022 
  • The web portal life span is- 16th May 2023
  • Email communication address– support@neemomart.com
  • Price for shipping- $9.95 is the cost order below $9.95.
  • Social presence- It does not comprise its social media advertising page that questions Is Neemo Mart Scam or Legit.
  • Shipping time- It takes 3 to 7 days to deliver your product.
  • Free Shipping- across the USA, free shipping is available.
  • Existing address- 1509 Cummings Dr, Richmond, VA 23220, USA
  • Call-in number- +1 (757) 294-8650 is the customer care executive to chat.
  • Return Policy- 30-day return policy in case of product is not up to mark.
  • Refund information policy: Later the return process refund is deposited through your mode of payment.
  • Cancellation Policy-Not found.
  • Exchange policy-Applicable in case of damaged product.
  • Restocking fee—No need to pay it to its shoppers.
  • Payment means– PayPal, Visa, Master Card, Amex, Stripe, Cash on Delivery etc.

Go with its paybacks –Is Neemo Mart Scam or Legit

  • The portal offers a variety of trendy men’s wear with unique designs.
  • The web portal offers all the needed policies.
  • We found all the essential strategies that will be followed by the portal, like return, shipping, refund, etc., for buyers’ convenience.
  • The web portal is SSL secured.
  • The modes of payments offered by the portal are trustworthy and secured by highly secured encryptions.

Drawbacks of Neemo Mart-

  • This website scored less in the investigation of trust capabilit.
  • The name of its owner is mislaid, usually done to a fake shopping site.

Neemomart Reviews-

The web portal is a busy shopping niche known for its e-commerce presence on the online shopping portal. If we talk about its authenticity, then due to the absence of its publicity page on social media handlers, we did not get any reviews from its customers.

Although on other selling sites, we did not get any feedback on its product, so it’s tough to believe it. Besides it, on the commercial chart, it reached 47.6/100, which is below average, so we are not sure about its legitimacy. We advise you to deliver Everything you know about PayPal scams and be conscious of scammers.

The Final Statement-

In the report, we study Is Neemo Mart Scam or Legit and found its trust count is typical and has a short life span that creates trust issues. So, buyers need to know that — If Credit Card Scammed, Take Action and avoid online shopping fraud. Visit here-Hoodies and sweatshirts   and explore other products by visiting the website.

Have you faced a Credit Card Scam? Let’s share your knowledge with us.

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