Is Omaze A Legit Site (Oct 2020) Reviews for Better View.

Is Omaze a Legit Site 2020

Is Omaze A Legit Site (Oct 2020) Reviews for Better View. >> In the above article, you read about a website that gives donations from people’s amounts to win experience or prizes.

Somethings are too good to be true. turns this phrase into reality. This website helps people donate for various causes and win great experiences such as meeting celebrities or winning exclusive prizes such as cars.

This opportunity has attracted many people in the United States, as it gives them a chance to donate for good causes and win some fantastic prizes. But this opportunity has raised a question in many people’s minds and question them Is Omaze a Legit Site?

Continue reading this article to know more about this website and Is Omaze a Legit Site.

What is is an online platform that allows people to donate for various charitable causes such as scholarships, nursing homes, forestation, etc.

People can also get exciting prizes or experiences such as a ticket to concerts, meeting celebrities, etc. while making donations to this organization.

How does Omaze work?

Omaze collects the funds and then donates to organizations or needy ones.  

When a person pays $10 to Omaze to win an experience such as meeting celebrities, tickets for exclusive shows, etc., $6 is directly paid towards charity. The rest amount, which is worth $4, is used for marketing expenses, and Omaze keeps the rest.

When a donation is made to win prizes, $1.5 goes for charity, and the rest is then used to procure and deliver the rewards to the customers.

Omaze ensures that the word reaches maximum people and makes significant investments in the marketing campaigns.  

What has Omaze done to date? 

Omaze has raised $130 million to date. These funds have been used for various donations. These include 240 scholarships for needed students, made empowerment club for girls and associated approximately 700 girls with it, 150,000 trees planted in the Amazon forest, set up two solar water farms, made community hub for homeless people in Los Angeles, etc.  

Is Omaze a Legit Site?

As per reviews and reports, Omaze has donated more than $ 100 million. The people who contributed to winning prizes or experiences have won them, as said by the website. Many stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Daniel Craig, etc. are also associated with this organization.

Thus, the answer to the question Is Omaze a Legit Site is undoubtedly a yes. People can donate to this platform without any tension and can also avail of the chances of winning experiences and prizes.


Omaze, with its unique offerings, has attracted many people in the United States. It has successfully been able to deploy these funds to needed people. It has also been able to associate itself with many stars, which has helped attract many people and increase donations.

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