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Is Plouting com Scam [Sep ] How Is It Legit Or Scam?

Is Plouting com Scam

Is Plouting com Scam [Sep ] How Is It Legit Or Scam? -> The article intends to make customers aware and keep away from any suspicious websites like this one mentioned above.

Sometimes it happens that while browsing for some product which you need, there is this unrelated product that pops up. You find it interesting, and when you click on the product to know more about it, which lands you up on a new website that is not safe to surf. Are you someone who can relate to this and want to know what to do next? Well, then do ensure you continue reading.

So Is Plouting com Scam?. There are no reviews found anywhere on the webpage for The website does have a secured link, but the structure of the website is improbable. There is no definite target audience for this website. The brand has no presence on any social media. Generally, a legit brand has its presence on social media platforms to promote its brand and connect with the customers. The website content is partially copied and pasted and partly unique. The brand has not disclosed the mailing address and the contact number. As a brand, there is no justifiable ground for the authenticity of the website.

The return and refund policies are quite stringent. It is the United State based Company that delivers products across.

Is Plouting com a scam website?

Further analyzing the website, the website’s trust score is nil, which means there is a high risk of being on this website. There is a huge possibility of this website to be a scam and the question Is Plouting com Scam. The website was two months back and comes with a secured connection and is SSL protected. The website structure is improbable, as there are no tabs, no defined target audience, very few products listed. There is no proper disclosure of contact information. Hence the website is quite suspicious. 

What is Plout?

So there is no definite line of products listed on this website and the question still remains Is Plouting com Scam. The website claims to provide custom made products. It have a trimmer, push up support board, multimeter, and few other products. The website has no definite category of products or tabs mentioned. They claim to be a trusted website and ship products within 24 hours, and it has worldwide express shipping. On the product tab, they note that they offer customers with 30 days money-back guarantee and on the other hand, on the return policy section, they have said that the refund is on approval. It is something that a legit brand would not do. Hence there is no transparency maintained.

The Specification of the website:

  • Product Type: Customize product
  • The URL of this website:
  • Email id:
  • Phone Number: Not mentioned
  • Shipping cost: Not mentioned
  • Payment mode: Paypal, Visa, Mastercard
  • Return policy: Option is Available 
  • Refund policy: Option is Available

The pros of buying from Plout Website:

  • The secured link of this website ensures safe surfing.
  • The website claims to deliver within 24 hours.

The cons of buying from Plout Website:

  • They have no presence on any of the social media platforms.
  • The claims of money back are different on the product page and are different on the policy page.
  • No definite target audience.
  • There is no proper structure for the website.
  • The website content is partially plagiarized, and the rest of the content is repetitive.
  • The trust score of the website is nil.
  • No customer reviews are mentioned anywhere on the internet.
  • There is no proper disclosure of contact details.

What are people’s view about this website?

You cannot find any reviews mentioned all over the internet, as this website was just two months back. It makes the customer a little skeptical about the brand and are confused whether Is Plouting com Scam.

Final Verdict:

It is highly suggested not to get engaged with this brand. There is no full disclosure of information. The other important details like the money-back guarantee vary totally with what is on their return policy tab. On the product page, they claim that they provide a 100% money-back guarantee. On the other hand, they have mentioned that the money-back is on approval if the customer claims a refund. It is not a good sign, and one should never engage with such a brand that defies their claims.

The social media links mentioned on their website are of no use as the links take to you to the social media platform’s home and not their brand page.

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  1. I placed an order evening of the 14th August, but decided I didn’t want to get the items after all, tried to cancel order and wasn’t able to find a way to cancel the order, very hard to get info on cancelling order, will call credit card company asap
    And try to reverse, after further research found www. probably fraudulent web site.

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