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Is Shoppingwink Scam [June] Is it a Legit Site or Not?

Is Shoppingwink Scam
Is Shoppingwink Scam [June] Is it a Legit Site or Not? -> This article is about the authentication of a website that is dealing with fitness and wellness products.

Are you looking for the best deals on fitness and wellness products? Well, the digital platform is overwhelmed with these kinds of websites. However, you have to find the best of the bests to enjoy the ultimate health, don’t you? Shoppingwink is one of those ecommerce stores that are allowing equipment and products on fitness and its associates.

Before jumping into the site and start buying things abruptly, make sure Is Shoppingwink Scam or not. As per the reports, one-third of the ecommerce stores these days are either scam or the trap of the hackers. So, it is not a smart way to be the prey of the dodgy sellers or the scam sites.

Therefore, one must read out the Shoppingwink Reviews before buying. Both the United States and the United Kingdom is the marketplace of ecommerce these days. Therefore, most of the scams are found here.

Is Shoppingwink Scam?

It is a real fact that it is hard to believe any of the web sellers as the internet are not out of risk. A lot of scammers and hackers have spread their trap in disguise. Therefore, the buyers must be cautious, sometimes sceptic.

In this article, we are going to reveal some of the hidden facts about the website Shoppingwink. At the same time, you will come to know how to detect a scam site from a layman’s sight, although this site seems like a possible scam.

What is Shoppingwink?

Shoppingwink is a webstore that are dealing with fitness as well as wellness and beauty products and equipment. The website has no “About us” page. Therefore, we have gathered as many information on the website from the other sources and the website itself. It is assumed that the site is from the USA and has buyers from the UK also.

Specifications of Shoppingwink:

  • Product: Fitness and wellness products
  • Web address:
  • Office address: Not mentioned on the website
  • Email address: Not found
  • Contact No.: Not found. 
  • Shipping time: No valid information
  • Shipping charge: As per the distance over $75
  • Delivery: Not found
  • Return/ Refund: 30 days return policy
  • Payment options: Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Apple Pay.

What are the chief benefits of Shoppingwink?

  • This is a dedicated website for fitness and wellness products.
  • Some of the beauty products are available here.
  • A handful of plier’s ranges are available.
  • The price is lower than any other website.
  • The firm return policy is available.
  • Most of the online transactions are available here.

What are the disadvantages of Shoppingwink?

  • The website has no official information.
  • Contact number and email address is missing.
  • No customer review section is available.
  • The sellers are not engaged in any social sites.
  • Products are minimal. 
  • No information on shipping or delivery.
  • No tracking id is available for the buyers.
  • No cash on delivery is available.

Customer review of Shoppingwink:

First, you need to know what the website itself said to the customer. The site looks like an incomplete one. There are no “about us” page, no valid contact detail. At the same time, they do not clear out the delivery and shipping procedure. Well, all these are quite confusing for the buyers. Therefore, they are willing to read Shoppingwink Reviews

Unfortunately, the website has no review section. Also, they have zero engagement on social sites. Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter are the most happening social sites of these days, and surprisingly, the sellers are not there. It clearly states that the sellers do not want to have a direct connection with their customers.

Let’s come to the technical part. We have launched some SEO friendly tools and algorithms to detect the hidden facts of the website. Well, as per them, the site is merely six years old. Here, you have to know that a website that is younger than six months may be a scam. Also, there are no reviews on any open online forums or online review sites. All these indicate it to be a possible scam.

The final verdicts:

Looking at the mentioned detail and the price of the products, we can be sure about the authenticity of the website. The prices are lower than market price. According to the experts, most of the scam sites like to offer products at a little cost to attract buyer’s attention. Well, this is the biggest trap indeed. 

Here on this website, we have noticed this type of trap. Now, we are quite confident in saying that this website is a scam.

Therefore, we do not recommend our readers to buy any product from the website.

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  1. This site is exactly as “The Shopple” (, they are out now. I visited them on June-11th, about 2 weeks ago. I didn’t trust in that website and did not buy anything. I don’t think it’s a reliable site. I don’t recommend anyone buying in this site.

  2. I made a purchase on June 22 and was given a tracking number that says it’s being processed. The website https://shopping no longer works and is available for purchase as of June 27, 2020.

  3. This is a FAKE Site!!!!! I was scammed in June on the 23rd, 2020. Im currently working with my credit card company about this issue.

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