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Is Zynn Legit [June] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit?

Is Zynn Legit 2020

Is Zynn Legit [June] – Is It a Fake Scam or Legit? -> In this article, we learned about a video App with a cash reward. 

Are you looking to earn money while having some entertainment? Let’s answer your question Is Zynn Legit?

Most of the time, when we are free, we stream videos or show online to keep us busy. What if we tell you that you can get paid for streaming the same exciting videos? Sounds interesting, right? 

Let’s analyze and answer your doubt is zyn safe?

Streamers from the United State have been talking about the Zynn apps and how it has helped them to earn some extra money by streaming some enjoyable, informative, and funny videos.

It certainly sounds dicey that you can earn money by enjoying the media. This fact has created a lot of doubt in people’s minds about the genuineness of the Zynn App. 

Is the Zynn App legit?

The App has offered people something that is quite dreamy and fun at the same time. The App’s idea has proven effective. 

The App collaborated with PayPal, which is itself very secure. It helps you watch new content and inspires you to make unique content too. 

The App also has an age limit factor as it does not allow users below 12 years of age. 

What is the Zynn App?

Zynn is a mobile app that allows you to showcase your talent and ideologies through video. It offers you proper editing and music options. 

In this App, you can share your videos with others and learn new editing concepts from other videos. 

The App also offers you the option of earning money by watching and sharing other videos as well.

 Initially, you earn points on the App, and then when you have a significant amount of points, you can cash out your points in your PayPal account. 

Why is Zynn App unique?

The Zynn App helps you earn money while enjoying it. You watch videos anyways, this App offering you cash for enjoying. 

There are a majority of people using this App and giving their overwhelming reviews about this App. 

They also have an excellent rating on Apple Store and Play Store.

Specifications of the Zynn App:

  • App Type: Promotional and Entertainment
  • Website link: 
  • Available: Ios and Google Play Store. 
  • App Size: 14M
  • Retailer: Qianyun Zhao
  • Email Address:
  • Language Available: English. 
  • Price: Free.
  • Rewards: PayPal Cash.

Pros of Zynn App:

  • Amazing cash reward. 
  • Video editing and music extensions
  • Explore unique content.
  • No Registration Fee. 
  • Excellent platform to share your ideas. 

Cons of Zynn App:

  • Not available for all Android Version. 
  • Reward cash out only through PayPal. 
  • Language-specific App
  • It can consume a lot of your time. 

What is the customer feedback for the Zynn App?

There are a lot of YouTube videos giving reviews about this App. The majority of studies are positive, and they state that the App is straightforward in a functional aspect. 

Customers have also stated that they have earned a significant amount from this App. Some of the customers have also shared the screenshots of the payment received from the Zynn App. 

Some customer says that the price point is not enough as per their efforts and also consumed their time unnecessarily. 

There were some complaints on the reviewing site that the App keeps crashing while playing some specific videos.

Impressing factor for the app users was the app user interface even with little knowledge of English; you can use this App very nicely. 

On the other hand, people who are not familiar with the English language found the App challenging to use.

The customers have given proof of receiving the cash reward from the App. The efforts taken to earn the cash were quite long.

Final Verdict:

After looking into the reviews, we can assure you that you will receive a cash reward. But the efforts were required too. 

You can not withdraw the PayPal cash amount until it has reached its significant limits. 

The App seemed genuine and straightforward to us. We have gone through lots of transaction confirmation photos, and we can say that the App is legit.  

The only flaw we found in the Zynn App was its minimum age limit, i.e., 13.

We believe that 13 is still a young age for children to indulge a lot of their time watching videos and earning PayPal cash.

The users are advised not to overuse this App and only use it in your leisure time as it would affect your usual chores in daily life. Hence, we would recommend you to manage your time wisely.

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