Isolezwe 23 February 2021 (Feb) Know This In Detail

Isolezwe 23 February 2021 Dodbuzz

Isolezwe 23 February 2021 (Feb) Know This In Detail -> Have you heard about this urban style Zulu based newspaper? This article is a must-read to know more about this.

Several newspapers, both digital and analog, provide information about specific regions or their environmental status. One of them is Isolezwe 23 February 2021, and we shall learn about it in detail in this article.

Talking about this newspaper, it is printed in the Zulu language and was launched nineteen years ago. This newspaper is regularly in Durban, which is located in South Africa.

What is the format of this newspaper?

The Isolezwe newspaper, which is a South African based newspaper, was first launched in the year 2002. The content that goes inside this newspaper follows a specific standard format known as the tabloid format.

What is Isolezwe 23 February 2021?

The newspaper comes with a lot of information and is categorized into a home page, news section, recreation, sports, ideas, favourites and people’s health. It highlights a lot of information about social and other problems in India. 

Talking about the Isolezwe 23 February 2021 information, it shares information about the allegedly shot soldiers and who have stolen different variants of cattle. 

It also highlights issues of how the matric pass rates have been considerably dropped since the year 2020. It also speaks about a girl who passed her eighth class and fulfilled her dream, who has been the primary news banner for its digital platform.

What are the top breaking news of the day?

This Zulu based newspaper comes with news for stars who left as unfamiliar with the faith. It also speaks about the commission who wants to be served in the imprisonment. These are some of the big highlights for the day.

Who is the owner of this newspaper?

The newspaper is a daily newspaper type and is owned by the Independent News and Media of South Africa. The Editor of this newspaper – Thulani Mbathi, says that the newspaper targets the modernizing Zulu community for their content. It means that it targets the community that has both the traits of an urban and rural area.

Their online edition came into the market in the year 2004 during June. It was also recognized as the first news website which was ever launched in the Zulu language. These Isolezwe 23 February 2021 newspapers are considered to be well-performed just after five years and have become even more popular than the English newspapers.

Final Verdict

The newspaper has indeed been general and widespread. It has set some excellent standards for how a local language newspaper can be more popular and have strong opinions than an English based newspaper.

This newspaper talks about all the essential aspects of society and has set some milestones by being the most progressive newspapers in the locality. Do you have any such local newspapers like Isolezwe 23 February 2021 in your area? Let us know in the comment section what you think about this article.

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