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Izana Revengers Tokyo (Aug) Appearance & Personality!

 This article will tell you all the relevant facts about the most powerful, and determined character Izana Revengers Tokyo.

Do you find immense difficulty in passing your leisure time? Are you searching for the best pass time on your weekends? No need to worry. 

We have brought you an amazing Japanese anime series Tokyo Revengers, that will surely make your day. People Worldwide are getting Gaga over this series due to its amazing plot and characters.

Let us get into a deep discussion about Tokyo revengers and especially about Izana Revengers Tokyo.

What is Tokyo Revengers all about?

It’s an amazing piece of art of Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ken Wakui.  Its anime television series was first time aired by Liden films on April 11, 2021. It covers many great interesting genres like school, drama, action, thriller, science fiction.

It is currently airing officially and has 20 episodes with a time duration of 23 minutes for each episode. It has various characters, but Izana is one of the strongest and exceptional antagonists that fight against Mikey. Let us read more about its popular character.

Who is Izana Revengers Tokyo?

He was the male antagonist of the Tokyo Revengers series and one of Tokyo Revengers’ main and strongest characters. 

He was the former president of the place Tenjiku and also the eighth leader of the black dragon. 

He had an average height and pan complexion because of being half Filipino and possess purple-colored vacant and large eyes. It seems he had divided here due to his Bleach blonde hair color with center partition undercut. 

Bing, the leader of Tenjiku, Izana Revengers Tokyo appearance consist of hanafuda derived earrings and a red coat that was supposed to be the Tenjiku uniform. 

What was Izana’s Personality?

He had been of Ruthless personality in the series. However, he had the potential of becoming the kindest elder brother when he had left his younger sister Emma, but now he hates his siblings.

He is shown as a mentally unstable character and always striving to get more powers due to being helpless as a child. 

He suppressed his subordinates with his power and treated them as disposable tools. Izana Revengers Tokyo was disparaging of others regardless of being friend or foe. 

What are the Skills of Izana?

Being the strongest member of the Tenjiku group, he was the leader of Tenjiku and held commands of the whole group.

He was a capable fighter who was supposed to fight with Manjiro Sano due to his undefeatable senses. The best skill he possesses was his ability to understand the competitors move with great ease that helps him encounter them.

The Final Verdict

Every character in the series has an impact and is important to their capabilities. So as the Izana Revengers Tokyo has. Being one of the strongest and capable characters, he is ruling the hearts of the viewers.

At last, we would say that you should try and watch the series once. Visit here to know more.  

Have you watched the series yet? If yes, then please share your experience with us in the comments section below.

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