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The whole community is mourning the untimely death of Jack Lyons North Bay. Read to know more details.

Have you heard the latest news on the internet where the death of the boy is talked about? The death has been mourned around Canada and in there are consolations going on. Though not much information on the incident is available, we endeavor in this article to make you understand the basic fabric of this unfortunate news which has taken the world by storm. 

Only some amount of information is filling for Jack Lyons North Bay and the article would be based on that reliable information only. 

Who was Jack Lyons?

Jack used to live with his family in North Bay in Canada. Jack and his father Mark have been known by many and were among the stars of North Bay. Their family is, sort of, a community figure and Jack used to play hockey in the vicinity. There is a perception that Jack participated eagerly and won enormously through hockey matches. 

There is a facebook post on the internet that has mourned the death of Jack Lyons. The facebook post writes that the entire community’s “hearts are broken” as they have wrote in Jack Lyons Obituary Jack as “hero in our autism community”. Jack passed away on April 24th, 2022. The cause of Jack’s death has not been specified and the obituary does not mention about it either. 

The Community Reaction to the Death of Jack Lyons

The whole community is mourning the death as they have written and said on multiple occasions that Jack was kind, smart, sweet and was a community man. The people of community fell short of words and difficult to be consoled while they were expressing their feelings at the untimely death of Jack Lyons North Bay yesterday. Everyone around the community is also coming to Mark’s oplace and paying tribute to the dead.

On social media as well, there are multitude of posts mourning the death of Jack Lyons. For instance, in a post on Facebook, it was written that “Battalion Family mourns the death Jack Lyons
“. The post also mentioned that Jack was a very special man who lit up every room.  The unexpected death has taken everyone by grief and there are people taking to social media to mourn the death.

The Untimely death of Jack Lyons North Bay

The cause of the death is not disclosed. No perception or speculation can be made at this point of time. The involvement of police is also not mentioned anywhere. There is a feeling of grief as the community by various methods lamenting the death of Jack Lyons while consoling the family in tough times. To know more, see North Bay Battalion stalwart, Lyons dies unexpectedly.  


The death of Jack Lyons, a young man who used to play hockey and was a community person, has saddened the community at large. The people of North Bay are paying their heartfelt tributes to Jack Lyons North Bay. The community people are also resorting to the social media platforms to commemorate the death. There are various posts, as discussed above, available for that matter on social media. 

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