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Jacobesk Reviews [April 2020] – Should You Use It?

Jacobesk Review

Jacobesk Reviews [April 2020] – Should You Use It? >> This post will give you a quality description of an online retailer that sells a variety of high-end products.

A new online site that has been making some headlines is Jacobesk. If you are on this page, then you are wondering if the website is worth purchasing from it.

This Jacobesk Reviews shall put your woes to rest! The site has been gaining popularity amongst the natives of the United States.

We will talk in detail about the pros and cons of the website, what kind of products they are selling, and if it is worth purchasing from it.

What is Jacobesk? 

Jacobesk is an online store that sells men’s, women’s wear as well as luggage, sports, and glasses! The products available are from brands that have been producing the right quality products over the years.

You can purchase an orange G-Shock from the series GAS100BR-A1 watch from the website for $109. The original price of that watch is $150.

WOW! A 50-dollar difference. It may make you question is “Jacobesk Scam?” the low traffic on the website could make you assume so. But you could blame that on the site being set up just a month ago. Let’s find out!

What kind of products are they selling? 

This Jacobesk Reviews will give you clarity on all that is available on the website. The prices range from $4.50 and can go up to $100 and more.

  • The selection is a mix of Bath towels which not gender-specific!
  • Shoes for men and women. Here you will see a mix of sports, every day and some occasion wear shoes.
  • Clothing for both men and women is available. They are offering brands such as Lacoste at Gap at throwaway prices.
  • Sunglasses and watches. The watches fall in the sports section. The prices are competitive and something that would catch your eye.

What are the benefits of purchasing from Jacobesk

  • If you love having your wardrobe filled with designer wear, then Jacobesk maybe it for you. Although there are no discounts mentioned on the site, the products are up for grabs at much lower prices.
  • A red Samsonite Winfield luggage carrier is available for $89. The original price of this product is about $229. Scrolling around the website a little more will tell you that Jacobesk Store brings you products that fit right in your budget.
  • A lot of websites miss out on precise detailing of products offered. They mention what a product is made up of along with necessary detailing, such as an interior zip that separates the two halves of the Samsonite suitcase.
  • Jacobesk lets you add products to a wish list. It will help you stay updated if there is a price drop on the product you like. This could also serve as a reminder as it allows the product to be saved.
  • Clarity regarding their privacy policy, as well as shipping policy, can be attained by the information provided on its page.

Cons on purchasing products from Jacobesk

  1. Jacobesk Store is confusing to figure out as first of all; it misses an “About” section. This section tells you about the brand as well as the person/people who created it and what they wish to offer.
  2. Second, the products are not separated according to the men’s and women’s wear categories. When you click on “Clothing,” you are only shown women’s clothing! Whereas if you go back to the home page, you will see some pieces meant for men.
  3. When you click on the ‘Brands” section of the Jacobesk Store, move on to click on any one of the brands mentioned. You get redirected to the Home page!
  4. You will only find out what they offer entirely by clicking on “Site Map.” It is only then you will understand how to search for products on the site.
  5. On opening the contact, our section shows no contact details! Instead, you are asked to fill in your name, email address as well as what you wish to enquire.
  6. Lastly, they only accept payment through PayPal or Strip!
  7. There are no reviews available of Jacobesk Store on trust pilot. There is no way of knowing if they are selling legit products or not. There are also negative reviews of the website floating around online.

Final Verdict- 

Since the brand was recently set up, its website is in disarray and very confusing. However, the products and their details provided may help you if you wish to purchase from them. It also lacks any reviews, so if you have purchased from Jacobesk Store, then do write down your feedback in the comments below!

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  1. I ordered sometime on the site. Paid for it. Then the site tells me they don’t have it and I will have to wait 15 to 30 days for a refund. I will never use this again.

    1. Same as commentwr above. Thus feels like a svam when they say will pay back later but nothing about being out of stock

    2. The same thing happened to me. I’ve been waiting 10 days for my refund and still nothing. I email them daily with no response. I will never use them again!!!

      1. I bought an item which did the same said out of stock and 15-30 says I’d get my refund into been 31 and nothing cant even get a hold of anyone either… RIP offs

  2. had the same experience. supper low price on an item i was looking for, site looked legit, so I order. Go all the way through the process and pay (with a credit card) to then be told the item is out-of-stock and refund would take 15-30 days! No freakin way it will! Also look at the information on payments at the bottom of the page and it says they only accept payment through paypal and buyers would never be asked for cc information. This is looking more and more like a scam and I will be contacting my bank, and seeing how to report the site for fraud. BUYER BEWARE

  3. Same thing just happened to me…after checkout and payment, I was immediately told item was unavailable and my account would be refunded in 15 to 30 days…
    Ripoff alert!!!!

  4. Like Paula, the exact same thing like happened to me Will report the site to the Massachusetts AG’s office.

  5. FRAUD! SCAM! Product has not been delivered. Credit card purchase shows payment to Jacobesk went to JENNIFER GAWENUS. Beware!

  6. I paid for air purifiers… After they took my money I got a message saying the products were sold ojt or not available. Yet the money still came ojt of my bank account… How can theu do that? And how can I get my money back?? I’ve tried contacting them amd haven’t heard anything back…

  7. Looks like this type of. Business needs to be reported to the authorities…So many complaints on the same subject…If they are not responding then it is very suspicious….There has to be a unified effort and some way of reporting this to an online commerse….the name that came up on the person who took the money out of my account is Joey Clarke…

  8. Hello Britnee…
    My name is Pat and I was affected by the same type of transaction…I will do some research on who will be able to help us…
    Feel free to contact me if you wish..Maybe a unified effort will help us or stop this from happening to others..

  9. I bought two things from this site only to get at check out and told it was out of stock. I assume they didn’t take my money out of my account but they did. I messaged about my refund still haven’t heard back from them. I’m not sure what I can do to get my $50 back.

    1. I placed an order , it was listed as in stock. Paid for it and immediately they voided the sale and said item wasn’t in stock and would get refunded in 15-30 days. It has been over 30 days, no refund.

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