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Are you looking to know the details of Jeffrey R Holland BYU Speech for free? Here is the chance to know the speech of the apostle of Latter-Day Saints.

Do you know what Mr. Holland has told in his speech? The speech was given recently by the apostle of Latter-Day Saints. This is the Church of Lord Jesus of Latter-day Saints, it has it’s headquartered in the United States.

Elder Jeffery has recently come up with a speech that is grabbing people’s attention. Suppose you don’t have any idea to it. Then, stay connected with the article to know Jeffrey R Holland BYU Speech in detail. The article has everything covered about him and his speech.

What is the Twelve Apostles from the Christ’s Quorum?

In the past, Jesus titled Apostle to those twelve followers and supporters closest to him for ordaining. They were chosen as the special witness for Jesus Christ. So in today’s time, after the presidency of the Church of Lord Jesus.

The second highest authoritative body is the Twelve Apostles from the Christ’s Quorum. The goal is to leave their regular life and give full-time services to the Church. Recently one of them is Jeffrey R Holland BYU Speech on the divisiveness of the culture. Moreover, the apostles dedicate their whole time to sharing God’s love along with seeing the growth of the Church. 

Jeffery R Holland Reasons For Joining Mission

From 23rd June 1994, Elder Jeffery was part of the ordained members as the Twelve Apostles from the Christ’s Quorum of the Church of Lord Jesus of Latter-day Saints. He is born on 2nd December 1940. Jeffery was encouraged by his spouse Patricia to serve the mission. 

It is a major spiritual turn, as claimed by him. Are you interested in knowing Jeffrey R Holland BYU Speech‘s reason for saying about the culture? Then, keep reading about the details. BYU has the full form as Brigham Young University. 

Education of Jeffery 

Jeffery completed his bachelor’s in English and his master’s degree in religious education from Brigham Young University. Furthermore, he got a degree of master’s and doctorate from Yale in American studies.

Jeffery also became the 9th president of the university and served till 1989 after serving as the dean in the college of religious education at BYU. His vision is not to lose the spiritual armor.

Jeffrey R Holland BYU Speech

Jeffery gave the Byu speech on the first day of the 2021 university conference. He appreciated the faculty and staff to continue the unique academic mission.

He addresses the LGBTQ issues considering it the more divisive to the culture than unifying; meanwhile, they are showing God’s love to all children. Jeffery says Jesus loves everyone, but that doesn’t allow them not to follow his commandments.


Before wrapping the article, you must know that Jeffery also clarified the statement that empathy shouldn’t be misinterpreted by advocating and condoning it. Instead, he said to keep the balance and proportion in the lives. 

He presented his stance on LGBTQ. Do you agree with Jeffrey R Holland BYU Speech? Share your views 

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