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Ji Min Sha Purdue University-Who Is Jin? Know About The Student Killed In Dorm!

The article discusses information on suspect Ji Min Sha Purdue University and victim Manish Chheda. So stay tuned till the end to explore more.

Did you hear about the murder charge on Ji Min Sha? People from the United States and worldwide are in shock and extremely terrified after hearing about the incident that occurred at Purdue university. If you are not aware of the news and want to learn about it. Then you are at the right place. This article on Ji Min Sha Purdue University will inform about the incident and all the other important information about Ji Min Sha and Victim.

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What happened at Sha Purdue University?

A student named Varun Manish Chheda was killed in the residence hall of Sha Purdue University. The cause of his death was multiple sharp force injuries. The victim’s roommate, Ji Min Sha, is the prime suspect in the murder and was arrested on a murder charge.

Purdue University Student Killed In Dorm Room

The student who was killed in the Dorm room was Manish Chheda. On Wednesday, around 12:45 AM, JI Min Sha, Manish’s roommate, called the police and alerted them about the death of Manish. More details about the call haven’t been disclosed yet by the authorities. For now, police have arrested Ji Min Sha as he was the last person with Manish in their Dorm room.

Information about Jin Min Sha and Manish Chheda

Ji Min Sha, Jimmy, is an international, South Korean student. He is a student at Purdue University and pursuing a Junior Cybersecurity Major. Currently, he is in police custody for a murder charge.

Manish Chheda, 22, was the student who was murdered. He was a senior data science student at Purdue University from Indianapolis. Manish was killed in a Dorm Room on the Indiana Campus in the United States.

Ji Min Sha Purdue University comment

After Ji Min Sha got arrested by the police, his only sentence was he loved his parents. Apart from repeating it, he hasn’t spoken anything about the murder.


The write-up aims to discuss information about the murder of the Purdue University student and the suspect of the murder, Ji Min Sha. If you wish to learn more about Ji Min Sha Purdue University, read here.

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