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Julybuyer com Reviews {Dec} Check If This Site Is Legit?


Julybuyer com Reviews {Dec} Check If This Site Is Legit? >> Excited for your Christmas shopping and gifts buying have a quick look here on unbiased review!

Are you willing to do something incredible in the Christmas holidays? Well if you are searching for some of these ideas and you also belong to the happening crowd of United States, then this is the perfect space that you were looking for. 

Christmas is around the corner, and you must be searching about different ideas and things that could help you in creating a perfect holiday evening on the day of Christmas. While exploring the beautiful decorative items for this Christmas season, you must be searching several online shopping portals. So we thought of sharing some crucial information about such a brand new online portal through this Julybuyer com Reviews. 

Let’s see whether this online portal July Buyer is handy for your needs of Christmas or not? There are a lot of online portals which are fooling people with attractive products and misusing their credentials and hard-earned money, so we do not want our valuable readers to face any such problem in future. 

What is July Buyer? 

July Buyer is one of the most beautiful websites that is selling a massive variety of Christmas decorative items on its platform. There is a different variety of product which can help decorate the interiors and exteriors of your houses. Apart from Christmas decorative the site is also selling electronic items and winter wears for the general public of the United States

It is a full package of winter wears and accessories and several other Christmas related stuff. And it is also providing a lot of claims that will eventually smooth the perfect customer experience. Let’s see whether these claims are valid, or this is another scam site in this well researched Julybuyer com Reviews

Specifications of July Buyer- 

  • Website URL- 
  • Company Address-6-9 The square_stockley park_ Uxbridge, England.
  • Contact Number- Not mentioned
  • Email Address- 
  • Domain Age- 122 days (Date of creation- 09-07-20)
  • Shipping Period- 10- 28 business days
  • Shipping Charges- Applicable
  • Delivery Location- United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom.
  • Payment- PayPal
  • Order Tracking- Available 
  • Return and Exchange- 14 days
  • Refund- Available
  • Cancellation- within 24 hours.

Pros of purchasing from July Buyers

  • It will provide you with the best purchasing experience with a user-friendly interface. 
  • It has a beautiful collection of Christmas related stuff. 
  • It has a secure payment gateway. 

Cons of purchasing from July Buyers 

  • While searching for Julybuyer com Reviews, we find that it is not having any reviews or social site that could prove its authentication. 
  • It is taking a long time for delivering the products, and the site is very new. 
  • It is not secured by McAfee, which means your details can be misused in this portal. 

Is July Buyer Legit or Scam? 

We have scrolled the internet for finding valid reasons to define whether the site is a scam or a legit. But we failed in the process of proving it a hundred per cent safe for our readers. 

The site is very new to be trustworthy, and it is not taking any steps towards the promotion of its product. It is not even available on social media sites or protected by secure software which makes it unsafe for our readers. In this Julybuyer com Reviews, we can’t state that it is a scam or not, but it is dangerous for the general public. 

What are people saying about July Buyers?

We failed to find customer feedback or reviews on the products of July buyers, and this indicates that people are currently not aware of its existence. The site is providing server policies and free shipping over the order of $35, but still, there is some missing information regarding its authentication.

Final Verdict 

In this article, we have concluded that this site is not entirely safe for our users because of few drawbacks that are quite suspicious for its authentication. Thus it will be quite harmful to any random person who is the will to purchase anything from the online portal. As there are chances of fraud and the absence of customer feedback makes it even more challenging to trust the portal. 

In this Julybuyer com Reviews, we concluded that it is not safe for our readers to purchase something from this portal. But if you have any experience with purchasing or returned or refund process of July buyer, then please feel free to comment your experience below in our comments section and help our readers to make an informed decision. 

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    1. July Buyer is a complete scam. If you don’t want to be scammed out of your money, I suggest shopping elsewhere. I have filed a fraud claim with my credit card company and I am reporting this business to the legal authorities. I hope someone get prosecuted for stealing.

  1. Total rip off is right. Payment was easy, but they use false advertising on a product to get you to buy it. Then they correct your final invoice after the payment has been received. Bunch of scammers!!!

  2. Hello readers
    I believe is sight is a fraud too. I purchased a Christmas Door Wreath for $25 two weeks ago and never received it. I will report this site to the Better Business Bureau!

  3. I placed my order on October 30th and still have not received a thing. I am very upset with this company. The emails that we have shared are a bunch of bull. My order sat in CA for a week and is supposed to be in NJ now but has not been turned over to USPS. The order originated in China! Cannot tell that by the advertisement. Now they claim customs is the hold up. I doubt I will ever see my order and definitely not buy Christmas.

    1. I also ordered one of the Thomas Kinkade desk size Christmas Tree, I thought $19.99 was a fair price for a small tree. I see now that the ad says “3D” painting, then at bottom, “ Christmas Tree”. It is neither 3D nor a Christmas Tree. It is a picture!!!
      BEWARE!!!! THIS IS A SCAM!!! Good that I have a lawyer in my family!!
      This will also be reported to my Credit Card Co. and the Postal Service.
      Patricia Greene

    2. I got the snowman wreath and its a picture, yes just a picture. Its a BS Scam and I am filing a complaint with PayPal.

  4. I bought a Christmas tree with lights and sound. It showed a ceremic colorful tree with a beautiful wood base and metal nameplate!. What I got was 2 8×12 pictures..Hey no lights or sound!!! DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!! I called my bank to have them reverse the charges and got my money back. Thank you US BANK.

  5. Total scam. I ordered a Thomas Kincaid Christmas tree and received two plastic-coated pictures of the thing I thought that I was ordering. Should have read reviews/lack of reviews first!

  6. July buyer is a total scam please do not get into it. I bought the Christmas tree that is supposed to have the train to go around it and plays Christmas music well I got it yesterday and it was a piece of paper with a picture of a Christmas tree talk about getting scammed please don’t get into it.have already talked to my bank and a better business bureau over this they need took down immediately.

  7. Bought what I thought was 3 table top animated Christmas trees with moving trains. What I received was 3 stickers with a picture of the item. Trying to resolve through PayPal. Ordered end of Oct. Received 12/02.

  8. I purchased 2 Christmas trees November 4th. I had a question regarding the order, and emailed the company. I did receive a response from a Tiffany Taylor (Chinese writing after her name) saying that she would look into it. A week ago, I received 2 laminated pictures of the trees – came from a company named Fast (or Past) Chain located in SO CAL. Very strange.
    I have emailed Tiffany 3 times since, and have not received a response. I will contact my credit card company today and file a dispute.
    I feel this is definitely a scam.

  9. I too ordered from these scammers. I have yet to hear from them. I ordered a Thomas Kincade Tree and they sent me about one month later a picture of the tree. I was livid. I filed a dispute with PayPal and this company has not responded at all! I am going to report them to the Better Business Bureau! Jerks!

  10. Total Scam! FALSE ADVERTISEMENTS. Nothing you read can be trusted. Ordered Thomas Kinkade Tabletop Train. Received a picture of the product. Returns are NOT EASY, REFUNDS ARE INSULTING unless you wish to receive pennies on your dollars. STAY CLEAR!!! FRAUD!!!


  12. Finally received my product. What was suppose to be 5 movable Christmas Tree Globes, was actually pictures of them. Yes, 5 pictures of the product I ordered. Total scam

  13. These folks are liars and frauds!! I also received pictures of the items I ordered. They offered refunds (and I can keep the items (HAHA!) of US $8, $10, $12, $15. They said if I wanted a full refund ($37.99), to ship the items back to them, which would cost more than the original purchase. Paypal has refunded my money. Do NOT buy from them!! They are total scammers and frauds!!

  14. I ordered a 2 tabletop Animated Christmas trees and a Snowman wreath. What I received was photos of the items. I have filed a claim with Paypal. The Julybuyer website has apparently been shut down by the scammers already. It is nowhere to be found!

  15. I got 4 pictures of the item I thought I was buying. The advertisement even showed the electric train moving on the Ceramic Christmas Tree.
    I received 4 photos of that tree,
    WHAT A RIP OFF, false representation.
    When I tried to contact the company it asked for my email but would not provide any of their contact information.

  16. site showed animated kincade christmas tree, but they sent a window decal with a picture on it. offered refund of $8.00, then $10.00, then $18.00 fora sale that was $39.99. product was sent from california but they wanted it returned to china. these people are scammers don’t waste your money.

  17. Total fraud. Ordered, paid for product that never arrived. Asked for refund and they keep saying it’s coming but hasn’t yet. Say away.

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