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Justonlyone com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is the Website Legit?

Justonlyone com Reviews 2020

Justonlyone com Reviews (Nov 2020) Is the Website Legit? >> This article mentions a website that has products related to various things.

Haven’t scams become widespread in the current time? It may look that online shopping is a piece of cake, but the way it carries risks is unbearable for many people. Many websites worldwide have been doing their business by creating fake websites and alluring people to buy their fake products. 

This particular Justonlyone com Reviews will be an eye-opener about a website from the United State to give the readers the best possible description of how fake websites lure the customers. These days caution has become the most important thing for any guy because it is something that all the people need to carry with themselves wherever they go. 

Let us comprehend today’s topic with the best possible description and the information available about the site we’re going to discuss. 

What is Justonlyone com?

The website has several products to offer to customers around the world. It has filled its website with all the products related to so many departments. It has products related to Halloween. It also has a product related to Christmas. It has LED lights. It also has Gnome related to the tropical party, dog rider, Mood lab garden, Donald Trump garden, evil garden, etc. 

As far as the prices of all the products are concerned, the prices differ according to the products. Most of the products have got a good discount, but some products come without any discount. Justonlyone com Reviews found that products also related to women are available. Grooming products limited to men and women are also available. The website also has products related to jewelry. 

The site also gives the FAQ section that it has some processes to follow to place an order. It is asking the customers to add all the products in the cart and then proceed according to their steps. The website claims to give free shipping to all if the order exceeds 39.9 US dollars.

Specifications of Justonlyone com

  • Website products: Products related to jewelry, grooming products of men and women, lights, and various other products in addition to products related to festivals.
  • Email:
  • Contact number: 23456789
  • Return policy: The website has a 30-day return policy
  • Refund policy: After inspecting the returned item, the website will give a refund to the customers.
  • Payment method: Some methods are available such as visa card, MasterCard, PayPal, or American Express. 

Pros of Justonlyone com

  • The website has several products related to so many different departments.
  • The website has also given contact a number and email ID to the customers to ease their queries making.
  • The website ships order worldwide as well.

Cons of Justonlyone com 

  • We could not find any presence of the website on the Internet or any other website on the Internet apart from just one.
  •  The reviews of the website are missing. 
  • It has no presence on social media as well.

Is Justonlyone com Legit?

Through Justonlyone com Reviews, we have come to know that for a website to be true, so many things are important. Just giving a phone number or email ID is not something that will make a website legit. We did not find any reliable sources by which we can say that the website is true. There are so many points through which we can surely say that the website is just another scam.

Customers’ reviews on Justonlyone com

Justonlyone com Reviews did not find any reviews on the Internet, and it just found one or two reviews here and there on the website, but those seemed very fake. As far as the customers are concerned, they have nothing to say about this particular site because they have no prior experiences of shopping through this site. The absence of reviews by customers or by any expert about this site is not a good sign of positivity about this particular site.

Final verdict

People should understand today’s scenario in the best possible manner. There are many people there to lure customers with their different kinds of offers in the market. Still, the customers also need to be very careful about what they’re doing, especially online shopping. This Justonlyone com Reviews could find that the website is truly inauthentic, and nobody should give any orders to it. It is important to identify such sites so that we will also beware other people, which will be a kind of help for them.

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  1. What they do is send something to a address in your town. Like they got the wrong address but do on purpose. Now I have to try and get my money back. They did the exact same scam to a family member who also ordered

  2. my wife ordered a 2020 “Dia De Muertos” barbie doll from for an unbelievable price of just $39 plus shipping. We tracked the order all the way from China via the shipping “China Post” until it was turned over to the USPS.
    The USPS tracking followed it to the delivery “at the mailbox”, but it wasn’t “at the mailbox”. The Postal service said the package was delivered to the local address on the box, which was not the same as my address. Correct city, state, but not street and home.
    We contacted the support address, but so far have received no reply.

  3. Same situation as those above. I never received a product and their claim of shipped and delivered was a lie (we have cameras).

  4. I lost money over this as well. The first tracking number they sent claimed it was delivered to my mail box. So I opened a case with Paypal and USPS which showed it was delivered to some random place in my state. Then out of the blue Paypal closed my case because they uploaded a new tracking number which showed it was delivered to my homes front door. Somehow I never found this package and when I contacted USPS they told me it was delivered to my front door, however it was a small bag and not a large enough box that met my description what would be needed to ship the dia de los muertos doll. My only other approach is to file a goods not as described case through paypal. However, because I never got the bag they mailed and USPS shows that it was delivered, Paypal will not re-open the case. I went to their site today and its down, big surprise!!
    Too good to be true and F@%k that seller from China.
    Lesson learned.

  5. This justonlyone is a total scam , all you get is a nonsense reply followed by a total bulls*”t tracking order , avoid it at all costs SCAM SCAM

  6. Scam. Ordered a surveillance camera. They shipped me an envelope with an insert saying “thank you”. I would advise against ordering anything from anyone running those annoying video adds in Facebook. No matter how good it seems, you are likely going to get ripped off.

  7. This website is a scam, DO NOT BUY FROM THEM. Just like tbt reviewers above, I purchased the doll and never received. They provided a fake tracking address that matched my city but is not my address. Because of the tracking showing delivery, PayPal would not refund my money. Such a pain. Now I have to work with the bank to see if I get my money back. Total scam in China. The hey advertise on FB and other social media sites. Buyer beware.

  8. MAJOR SCAM! yes. ordered the Barbie, Dia de los Muertos! It was a pop up on Instagram. The did remove it but too late.

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