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Kiddie Pool Death {June} A Heartbreaking Tragedy! Read!

An eighteen months old dog lost his life because of water intoxication. Please go through the article on Kiddie Pool Death to know in detail.

Are you a pet owner? Does your dog love to play in the kiddie pool? If yes, we will request you to read the article carefully because today we will discuss a crucial topic for all the pet owners. Today’s article on Kiddie Pool Death will give you chills. 

Recently, a TikTok video went viral in the United States where a woman from Canada told her late dog’s story to the world. The video got 29,000 views from all over the world. Please continue to read the article as the topic is vital.

What happened to that dog?

Jessie from British Columbia, Canada, recently lost her dog Winter on 11th June. According to her TikTok video, Winter played in a kiddie pool for about an hour. The water level of the pool was only four inches. Jessie mentioned that Winter lost his life because of water intoxication. Soon the TikTok video about Dogs Death in Kiddie Pool went viral, forcing every pet owner to think twice before letting their pets use the kiddie pool.

More details  

According to Jessie, Winter was a very playful dog who loved to splash around. Winter played with Jessie’s friend and took a break from the kiddie pool. Then Jessie noticed that Winter got very tired, but it is normal for a dog on a sunny day. But suddenly, Winter started panting heavily, and Jessie noticed that his gums became pale. She had no idea what was going to happen. Jessie didn’t have any idea about Kiddie Pool Death at that time.

Then, Winter wanted to go back inside the house, and after entering the house, he vomited a lot of water. After that, he walked some more steps and started to shake, salivate and whine. 

Being a health worker, Jessie immediately called the nearby vet, and they started to give CPR to Winter. They soon took Winter to the vet hospital, and the vets tried their best to save Winter. But unfortunately, they couldn’t save his life. Winter was only eighteen months old. The sudden death of Winter was really pathetic.

Reasons behind the Kiddie Pool Death:

Water intoxication was the actual cause of the death. Water intoxication is also known as hyperhydration, water toxaemia or water poisoning. Water intoxication is when the body is overwhelmed with a massive amount of water. It drains the sodium of an animal’s body. Then the body tries to rebalance the sodium level, and the cells intake a lot of fluid which causes swelling. 


Vomiting, drooling, bloating, dilated pupils, lack of coordination and lethargy are the symptoms of water intoxication. You will get detailed information about water intoxication by clicking the link.

We hope that the article on Kiddie Pool Death will make you more alert and hope you will not repeat the same mistake.

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