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Kings Park Car Accident {June} Explore Full Incident!

This article describes a heroic act by a teenager that saved his classmate from drowning following an accident. Read more about Kings Park Car Accident.

Are you interested to know about a teenager’s heroic rescue operation? Do you want to know more about the accident and the rescue operation? Read till the end to learn about the courageous act of a high school student who saved his classmate’s life.

People from the United States are delighted by the dramatic climax associated with the Kings Park Car Accident. The video of the life-threatening car accident and single-handed rescue operation went viral on major social media platforms.

About Patchogue Bay Car Accident and Rescue

Mia Samolinski, a student, accidentally stepped on the wrong pedal while parking her car, and the car went into the water. Mia’s classmate Anthony Zhongor confirmed the incident, jumped into the water, and rescued her. 

The whole incident involving the car accident and the rescue operation got recorded on the surveillance camera placed at King’s Park. The video went viral, and Anthony Zhongor received heroic reception. Learn more about Kings Park High School.

Who is Samolinski and Zhongor?

  • Mia Samolinski is an 18-year-old student of Patchogue Medford High School.
  • The unfortunate car accident occurred when Samolinski stepped on the gas pedal while parking her car at Patchogue Bay.
  • Samolinski, with her SUV, fell into the waters, and Zhongor rescued her.
  • Anthony Zhongor is a 17-year-old student from Patchogue Medford High School.
  • Samolinski and Zhongor attended the same school but didn’t know each other.
  • Zhongor, who graduates next week, will attend the Marines boot camp in September.
  • Both of them got back to the shore without any injuries.

Kings Park Accident Today

  • The SUV fell into deep waters after Samolinski applied an accelerator instead of a brake.
  • Zhongor jumped into the water, and when he reached the car, she banged the doors and windows to break them.
  • Then, both of them put tremendous effort into opening the door, which they failed to execute.
  • Finally, Zhongor took advantage of his body weight to move the car deeper to free the car’s back door.
  • He succeeded in opening the back the car and Samolinski escaped through the backside of the car.

What Happened After The Rescue?

  • Samolinski thanked Zhongor and kept crying, thinking about the dramatic escape. Read on the Kings Park Patch.
  • Zhongor told the media that he couldn’t watch someone suffering, so he jumped into the water to rescue her.
  • Charles, the father of Samolinski, mentioned the incident as a miracle.
  • Both teenagers are perfectly healthy after the incident.
  • The car finally got out of the water with a heavy-duty wrecker’s help.


Anthony Zhongor set a great example to others by making a timely decision to save a life while risking his own life. To know more details related to this topic, kindly visit here. 

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