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Kitchennes com Legit [Nov] |Read This Before You Buy

Kitchennes com Legit 2020

Kitchennes com Legit [Nov] |Read This Before You Buy -> In this article, the online customers get to know about the types of items available at this site.

Are you looking for your electronic kitchen buddy? Let’s find if Kitchennes com Legit or not. 

Kitchen appliances can improve your cooking efficiency and can be of great help. It is tough to find kitchen appliances as per your requirement at a reasonable price.

Cooking experts from The United State have been giving useful reviews about The reviews provided by them has helped us a lot to judge the legitimacy of 

The website has a significantly low price range for the product that is much pricier in the market. Therefore, it has created a lot of doubts in the buyer’s minds. 

Let’s dive into the significant specifications and quality of the products offered by the website. 

Is legit?

The website is very new in the market and therefore has no precise information online. 

Even though the website in new in the market, its content is understandable, the policies are clear and straightforward. 

The website has a clear motive for customer satisfaction, and the staff is always available to provide you satisfactory services.

They have simple shipping and return procedures explained in heir shipping and delivery section.

They have their copyrights reserved; therefore, you are not allowed to use their website content or any media shared on their website for your commercial use. 

What is is an online forum for kitchen appliances and tools. The website is launched two months ago and obtained its domain just 12 days ago. 

The website is just out and still is a work in process. The site has an initial offer of a 10% discount on your first order applied to all the products. 

Some of the products available on the site are Coffee Makers, Dish Washers, Food Processors, Microwaves, Mini Refrigerators, Microwaves, etc.

The website claims that their shipping is free, and their products have gone to a professional quality check. The site offers various warranty periods on different products. 

Why is unique?

The appliances offered by the website are quite helpful while working in the kitchen, and the cost of the product is very cheap. 

There is no return shipping charges, and they are committed to giving you a fantastic shopping experience. 

Specifications of

  • Product Type: Kitchen Appliances
  • Website Link: 
  • Email Address:
  • Address: Central North America. 
  • Contact Number: Not Mentioned. 
  • Delivery Time: 2 – 5 Business Days. 
  • Response Time: 24 Hours.
  • Shipping Fee: Free
  • Return / Exchange: Available
  • Refund: Available. 
  • Mode of Payment: Online Payments. 

Pros of

  • Amazing price range. 
  • Free return shipping 
  • Forty-five days return and exchange policy. 
  • 24 hours customer support. 
  • Warranty available. 
  • Professional Quality check. 
  • Fast response time.

Cons of

  • Very new site. 
  • Contact number not given
  • ‘About Us’ page not present 
  • Cash on delivery not available.
  • Lack of transparency
  • No social media involvement

What is customer feedback about is a very new website. Therefore, there are very few online reviews available. Some technical reports were available about the functioning and infrastructure of the website.  

Some customers complained about the exceptionally long shipping and delivery time. The website does not have a product tracking system; therefore, it becomes tough for customers to trust it. 

The website has an easy and free return option, which was appreciated by the customer. The staff of the site states that they are happy to help the customer to any extent.

The technical reviews that the website s safe to browse, but due to the recent launch of the site, it has a low trust index. 

The website’s low product price and exciting offers are the major attraction points of the site, in conclusion, the website reviews are neutral, and the website is potentially legit. 

Final Verdict:

The website has attracted a significant amount of buyers at such a small price. We want to applaud the efforts of the staff to provide maximum support to their users. 

The stock of the product is managed by a professional during delivery. Also, the prices are affordable by people of different financial classes. 

There is no social media involvement of the website, but we can justify it by its new coming. The site uses SSL Encrypted protocol and hence is safe to follow. 

The FAQ section of the website will answer all your questions. The payment gateways of the site very secure. 

We recommend that you let this website grow a little more. Overall, we can assure you that the site is not a scam. 

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  1. I have ordered from this company and now my order can nkt be found. I have an order numbet: 161350 but they use a third party tracking company and it only requires your email address. They are gettin off to a bad start. I am checking my credit card balance every day. I would not recommend. Yes. My card has been charged.
    Tampa, FL

  2. BEWARE…I ordered from this site this morning an by1030pm had 2 fraudulent charges out of China on my card. I would not trust this site. Like the old saying goes if it’s to good to be true it’s not true

  3. I recently purchased 3 mixers for $9.99 thank goodness I used my credit card instead of debit card. They tried to charge my credit card $97.57
    Not what I approved it for so I canceled my order.

  4. It’s really weird they only accept Mastercard! Then it says we will hold your information and process within a few days!

  5. I feel its fraud they advertise 9.99 but tried to charge my credit card for 90.00 thabk i have fraud protection on my card

  6. Don’t believe it. How can they have reviews from 2 months ago for a website that was only created 2 weeks ago? And same e act reviews are on for same products….

  7. Kitcheness is without a doubt a scam. I ordered something off the site and the next day had 2 charges from China (thats all the info my bank gave me about the person/company). One was for 94.17 and the other for 83.56, thankfully my bank never accepted the charges and immediately flagged them as fraud. Never did get charged for the amount I should have been charged and never received the item so I have to assume this “company” is the winner of who tried to steal my money.

  8. is a Scam! Check your card transactions! Scam Alert! Instead of $9.43 they charged $99.80 & $88.82 Bank caught the charges & canceled my card.

  9. I was buying a mixer and when I checked my credit Card it charged me 100.00 more than it was supposed to! 😡😡😡 What’s up with that?

  10. Definitely a scam! My total came to less than $18 and they tried to charge me 2 times for over $120! The vendor’s name is a bunch of random letters and from China! My credit card company declined those charges and had to send me a new card! Warn everyone you know that this is a total scam! Too good to be true!

  11. Be very careful. I ordered yesterday and got charged $89.13 and $94.13 instead of just $9.43 to a Mastercard that is all they accept which should have raised a red flag to me at that time. Fortunately my credit card company caught it and the transactions have been canceled.

  12. I assure you that I believe it is.

    Within 15 minutes of placing an order with my credit card, two additional charges ($80+ and $90+ ) were attempted on the same credit card. Coincidence? I don’t believe so. I had to cancel my credit card to ensure no additional activity.

    Beware….if the deal sounds too good to be true, chances are it is.

  13. I just ordered but after reading all of the reviews I am going to have my credit card cancel as they seem like a scam. Thank you everyone for your reviews

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