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Kotshop Reviews [July] First Know its Legitimacy Here!

Kotshop Reviews 2020

Kotshop Reviews [July] First Know its Legitimacy Here! -> Here you get to know about the genuineness of a site selling fishing boats and equipment at cheap prices.

Are you searching for premium quality kayaks at reasonable prices? Adventures are an essential element in our lives, and it makes us feel alive and healthy. Fishing and boating is one of the adventures people always want to try out once in their lifetime. 

But finding the right quality types of equipment for these adventures is tough. Online stores have widened their reach, and now almost everyone can shop their desired items that too at cheap prices on these sites. 

But the increase in shopping sites has also increased the risk of scammers, who are always waiting to grab the opportunity to steal money from customers. Hence, it is essential to check all the credential of a site before any purchase. 

There is one website which is recently launched in the United States named Kotshop space. In this Kotshop Reviews, we will provide you with the credentials necessary for judging its legitimacy. 

What is Kotshop?

The website claims to sell different varieties of fishing boats and fishing types of equipment at reasonable prices. The site has a lot of options to choose from it. The site is having categories like Pelican, perception, old town, sun dolphin, wilderness systems, BKC, etc. 

They also sell skim style and surfboard. The site has social icons, and they have tried to provide all the necessary details about themself. They have products like mustang boat, trailblazer boat, hook angular boat, bandit & deluxe boat, topwater boat, etc. Now let’s look at the specification of this site.

Specifications of Kotshop:

  • Website: It sells premium quality boats and fishing equipment at reasonable prices. 
  • The customer service is available 24/7 at
  • The company’s address is 267 Batterson Dr New Britain CT 6053 US.
  • The delivery time of the order is 7-12 days.
  • The return policy of the orders is 30 days.
  • The processing time is 2-3 days.
  • The website link is
  • The modes of payments are Credit Cards (VISA & MasterCard)

Is Kotshop space Legit?

Kotshop Reviews say that the site is very young only 16 days old, and the customer and Google reviews are also very less. The extension of the website is space, which is quite suspicious. The website is having very low traffic on Alexa. 

The site itself does not showcase any customer reviews, which is a bad sign. The website claims to be different social media platforms, but these are false claims given by the company. 

The customer service of the site is not excellent, and the information provided by the site also does not seem to be true. Overall, the website is not looking good, and it can be a possible scam.

Positive remarks of Kotshop:

  • The site has varieties to choose from it.
  • The categories of the site are well explained.
  • The pricing of the products is very justifiable. 
  • The website has given all the necessary details about itself.
  • The website is well-maintained.

Negative remarks of Kotshop:

  • The site claims to be on social media platforms, but in reality, it is not present in any of those. 
  • The site is very new.
  • The site does not has much traffic on its page.
  • There are very fewer customer reviews. 
  • The uses space extension.
  • The customer service is bad.
  • The website has limited modes of payments.

What are people saying about the Kotshop?

There are not many customers and Google reviews of this site, which is the biggest drawback of this site. There were few reviews of this site, and they were not positive. 

According to one customer, the products seem like a good deal to have, but while purchasing her personal information was stolen, and she is still suffering from it.

One customer said that the site does look authentic to him as it seems to have copied images.

Final Notes on Kotshop:

The website has shown many scam signs like using an extension of space, lack of true information. The site has also given false social media presence, and it is not giving much better modes of payments.

Kotshop Reviews say the site is also very new and does not have much traffic. Also, it has negative reviews. So, in the end, this site does not look legit, and it is not recommended to anyone.

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