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Likegx Reviews 2020 – Get The Best Quality & 50% off too

Likegx Reviews 2020

Likegx Reviews 2020 – Get The Best Quality & 50% off too >> Read the review of this website and know more about the available products and way to grab products in Exclusive Offer 50% DISCOUNT

Several online stores are available over the internet providing goods and accessories, but what if you want any personalize pendant, ring or watch for someone special? There are millions of website provide products, but all of them not ideally offer a quality product. In this article, we would like to introduce to you one of the best and most recommended by the customers and will cover likegx reviews

Many websites provide customization and allow the customer to print their photo on t-shirts, on a mug, on pendants, etc. But they are not, so experience to carve the picture entirely. Many customers are not satisfied with their work, especially the printing part. But assures o provide quality products; you can get all of them at a low price.

Many people also complained about the product quality like the photo they are displaying on the website is entirely different from the product they receive. To avoid that buyers should always check the public opinions about the website and then place their order. 

There are lots of fraud website that put fake reviews and scam people. A smart and aware customer should always read reviews and check the legitimacy of the website. You can know about the legitimacy of the website by monitoring its address, email id, or checking its report over the site. Social media is one of the best to verify it if the website is legit, they will put it on social media, and they will have enough reviews to judge the site legitimacy.

What is is an online e-commerce store from the United States, it has varieties of products available which you can customize according to your requirements like likegx mask or likegx face mask. There are lots of merchandise available on the website where you can customize the product like:

In Bracelet section they have

  • Photo bracelets
  • Infinity bracelets
  • Bar bracelets
  • Birthstones bracelets
  • Monogram bracelets
  • Leather bracelets

In the rings section, they have

  • Wedding Rings
  • Mother’s Rings
  • Photo Rings
  • Couples Rings
  • Engraved Rings
  • Name Rings

In the necklace section, they have

  • Name Necklaces
  • Engraved Necklaces
  • Family Tree Necklaces
  • Photo Necklaces
  • Initial Necklaces
  • Zodiac Necklaces
  • Tree of Life Necklaces

Other than these items they also have wristwatches, wallets and the most fantastic thing they have is bobblehead where you can customize the head with your face. You can also keep these bobble face at the house for decor or in the dashboard of a car. You can also customize a t-shirt, mug, wristwatches and jewellery products.

The best part is the 60 days return time; the customers can return the product within 60 days. The return is also on betylily or betylily mask; the company will refund the amount, you can also get an exchange if you want. You have to inform about the mismatch or damaged product you have received. You can also contact customer care executive for any queries. 

The company is giving Exclusive Offer 50% DISCOUNTwith 100% Satisfaction Guaranteeif you order now. The company is also giving 30-day Money Back Guarantee, so you can also place your order now and choose the product you want. The customization and modification of the product will take at least three to four days. If you return the betylily face mask, then the product should remain in its original condition because of hygienic purposes.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of

Pros of

  • You can able to customize your products.
  • Modification on a product is available over pendants, rings, photo frame, bobblehead, bracelets and necklace.
  • have wide varieties of jewellery products at a low price
  • is giving 100% Satisfaction Guarantee on products
  • If you order now, you will get Get up to 50% OFF
  • Worldwide delivery is acceptable; you will receive the item within 10 to 15 days
  • You can also take gift cards which you can gift it to your someone specials

Cons of

  • Only limited stocks are available
  • Because of the busy line, customer care number might get engage
  • Delivery time of the product may vary because of the holidays, or due to weather

Exchange and Return Policy

  • The product will only be considered as a returned product after the company’s quality check department clear it
  • No stain, damage on handling, or odour products will be accepted in that case no refund will be executed
  • You can return the product within 60 days but not beyond that
  • You can transfer the gift to you near and dear one only one time
  • Any loss of the product will not be the responsibility of the company 

Customer’s reviews

As many happy customers gave positive reviews which are:

34-years-old Drew McIntyre says

I order one wristwatch, two bobblehead and five jewellery sets. All of them are customized according to me; the photos are correctly printed and carved. I am pleased with the product quality of the product and the quality work. I gifted the wristwatch to my wife; she loved it. Thanks to the Likegx team

22-years-old Eddie Guererro says

I ordered one pendant for my girlfriend, I asked them to carve our photo in that, and I am amazed that within a week the product is in my hand. Thumbs up for fast delivery and quality of work. My girlfriend wore it, and it is looking super fine. The quality of the pendant is also charming, the packaging they did is appreciated

51-years-old Eric Rowan says

I am a writer, and I always wanted to keep all customized product over my table and shelves. I tried to change my whole room with customizing products; I was searching for a website who can I trust. During my search over the internet, I found read all the positive comments which build my confidence. And now I ordered more than fifty customize products including wristwatches, bracelets, wallets, bobbleheads and chain.


The information about the is researched over the internet, and there are many positive likegx reviews. You can also order any product and customize as per your needs.

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  1. I paid for 2 masks April 6th and tried to track my order and it will not allow me. I need answers about this situation before I report it

    1. I ordered at the same time April 6 and can’t track them. They sure took their payment though. I emailed several times and no response

  2. I also ordered 2 masks on April 6. No reply to emails. If I dont have contact or product in hand in a few days, I will report to Paypal.

    1. I’ve been trying to get Paypal to give my purchase some attention. Sadly Paypal did not send a email receipt or transaction ID. Have you had any luck?

    1. I had same problem I had 2 people using the same name . calling me saying they work for PayPal an said I was being Hack for all my information. It’s horrible

  3. likegx is a fraudulent company, you will not receive the item you ordered, but your credit card will get charged. Beware..

  4. I ordered 4 mask on April 6. Now the link doesn’t exist and I can’t track or even get in contact with likegx. I will be reporting this .

  5. I’m waiting for mine as well, I ordered 4 masks. I screenshot my receipt with order number on it. Who do I report this to?

    1. Same here, I ordered the 4-Mask in red. I have the order number. Have not received the mask or heard from them.

  6. I ordered a black mask. It’s been almost two weeks now and I still haven’t received mines either. I think this was a scam. How do I track my order or report these people?

  7. I’m in the same boat as well. I ordered 2 on April 9 and 2 more on April 11 and I have no way to track my order. It looks like we have been scammed.

  8. I ordered masks on April 6 and have not received them as of April 30. I emailed the company last week to ask where my order was. I got a reply saying the order was “on the way to the USPS” facility. When I try to track the order it says it is at the facility in Flushing, NY. Tracking says it arrived at this location on April 24 and I should receive the order “in 3-5 days.” Still waiting. I think this is a scam.

  9. I ordered 4 on April 6th and have yet to receive them. I did escalate to PayPal and 2 weeks later received the tracking ID information just today after PayPal reaches out to them. When I try to track it, there are what appear to be bogus tracking dates of arrivals AND departures at a facility in Industry, CA. PayPal is still reviewing it but I would suggest anyone that ordered start a claim to get money back or just be prepared to be out your money

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