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Lost Ark End Of Trials {March} New Exciting Quests Added

Gaming Tips Lost Ark End Of Trials

This article describes a recently released multiplayer game that became an instant hit after its release. Read more details about Lost Ark End of Trials.

Are you interested to understand the methods essential to unlock various quest modes of a multiplayer role-playing game? If yes, you are at the right article explaining all the major features of this topic.

Online gaming enthusiasts Worldwide are exploring various efficient methods to unlock the story quest of a popular game with exciting gaming missions and levels. So, keep reading till the end to learn more details about gaming level requirements associated with the Lost Ark End of Trials.

About Lost Ark

Lost Ark is an online multiplayer game based on the fantasy role-playing genre. The initial version of the game got released on 4th December 2019, and the recent release got released on 11th February 2022.

Smilegate RPG and Tripod Studio developed Lost Ark. The game got published by My Games, Amazon Games, and Smilegate. Keum Kang Sun is the director of the game.

Within a day of its release, Lost Arc became the Steam platform’s second most played game ever. The game was developed on a budget of 85.4 million USD. Let’s read about the End of the Trials Lost Ark.

Kadan Story of Lost Ark

  • The new questline available to the gamers provides them with a newly updated story on Kadan.
  • The story involves Arkesia’s history.
  • The story of Kadan is presented to the gamers on multiple occasions.
  • Kadan’s quest consists of four major prerequisites. The gamer must complete all four prerequisites to advance to the next level.
  • The prerequisites consist of Whispering Islet ,Completed Feiton, Yorn: Let there Be Light,: Start of our story, and Illusion Bamboo Island: End of the trials.
  • Kadan’s update is the most important update made by Smilegate RPG.

Lost Ark End of Trials

  • The end of the trials is present on the fourth Kadan’s quest.
  • Kadan’s fourth quest is found in the illusion bamboo.
  • To participate in the adventure quest present in the illusion bamboo, the player needs to finish the Way of Courage in Shandi’s Trial.
  • The latest gaming update made on 10th march 2022 introduced new exciting gaming quests for the gamers.
  • The developers recommend the players possess item levels above one thousand to be eligible.

Steps to Unlock Kadan

  • The gamer needs to complete “The Final Report” first. Learn more on Lost Ark End of Trials.
  • The next quest, “Great Castle,” begins after finishing “The Final Report.”
  • The next steps involve completing “To The Sound” and unlocking the door to “Start of Our Story,” played on Whispering Islet.
  • Finally, the player reaches Illusion Bamboo Island. All the game locations mentioned above need to be found using a gaming route map.


Lost Ark has gained massive popularity among gamers with its impressive and high-end gameplay and challenging missions. The story of the game also played a crucial role in its success. To know more about this topic, please check.

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