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Lydsto r1 Self-Empty Robot Vacuum Get It at the Biggest Price Cut so Far

Lydsto r1 Self-Empty Robot Vacuum Get It at the Biggest Price Cut so Far >> If you had a robot vacuum that’s doing most of the floor cleaning in your home, you might have noticed that it gets floppy at times and leaves dust uncleaned behind. That’s suction loss at work, which happens to all vacuum cleaners except for self-emptying ones.

Our recommendation of self-emptying robovac is Lydsto R1. Lesser known as iRobot Roomba, it’s actually a quality choice at likely the lowest price in the market. The originally $399.00 robot is offering a 10% discount and $40 coupon on top. Check the link and code at the end.

For inquisitive readers, here’s why your robot vacuum loses suction.

Suction Loss of Traditional Robot Vacuum

Traditional robovac models require manual emptying and cleaning often, otherwise the dust and debris stacking up in the bin either clogs the outlet or drops back into the air duct, blocking air flow, reducing suction power and eventually impairing vacuum performance.

To better understand this, let’s take simple look into the vacuuming process. Inside the robot vacuum is a motor rotating at a high speed to produce air flow that sucks the dust into the air duct once the rolling brush and side brush sweep it to the inlet at the bottom. The dust ends up in the dust bin while the fresh air circulates back into the room.

As the only way through, the filling up dust bin, growingly resistant to the air flow, naturally decreases the suction power. To maintain the standard suction power, the dust bin must be frequently cleaned by hand, which causes not only a lot of trouble, but also damages to the robot including loosening parts, dust leakage, and decreased filtration efficiency, sealing performance and suction power.

Consistent Surging Suction with Lydsto R1 Self-empty Robot Vacuum

To tackle this problem, Lydsto R1 introduces a dust collection home base that cleans the robot after each run. Clear of air flow blockage, it start each run fresh and powerful.

With a suction power 5 times of a regular stick vacuum’s, the dust collection base of Lydsto R1 can effectively restore the 2,700pa suction of the robot. And the dust from the robot will be collected into a large enclosed monthly-disposal bag so you no longer have to be tortured by cleaning the dust bin.

For a regular robot vacuum, scheduled cleaning and APP remote control, designed to free your attention from the robot, are rendered meaningless by the ‘empty the dust bin or lose suction’ dilemma. Whereas the self-empty base of Lydsto R1 empowers scheduled cleaning and APP remote control to better serve the robot’s ‘hassle free’ mission. Buy Lydsto R1 on Amazon with $40.00 OFF coupon: 10% OFF Code: LYDSTOMC1

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