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Major Causes of SD Card Failure and Data Loss

Major Causes of SD Card Failure and Data Loss {July 2021} >> Don’t you love clicking pictures? From selfies to capturing the beauty of nature, everyone enjoys clicking and sharing pictures.

Whether you click photos from your smartphone or digital camera, most probably you have some type of memory card to store those memories. SD cards and MicroSD cards are most widely used for storing photographs. These compact and spacious memory cards can safely hold hundreds of pictures but often they get damaged and corrupted which results in losing your precious images.  

SD card corruption is a heartbreaking situation, especially if you don’t have a data backup. All types of memory cards, including SD cards, can get corrupted or unreadable due to several reasons. And when that happens, you fail to access your stored photos and other files. A Secure Digital card (SD card) is a removable storage device developed by the SD Card Association (SDA). It is a flash memory device, smaller than the size of a postage stamp. This non-volatile memory card comes in various capacities to hold tremendous amounts of data. It is due to the small size, sufficient storage capacity, and affordable prices that SD cards are used in several electronic devices.

Causes of SD Card Failure:

The latest formats of SD card, known as SDHC and SDXC ensures even better performance with higher storage capacity. However, even these improved versions are not fail-safe. No matter how expensive or advanced memory card you are using, there’s always a risk of failure and data loss. Even if all data storage media are subject to eventual failure, it is possible to prolong their life. By identifying the common causes of SD card damage, you can take steps to avoid those issues and prevent unexpected data loss. Read further to know what causes SD card corruption and failure. 

Physical Damages

Improper handling of the memory card is the leading cause of physical damages. All memory cards are small in size which makes them vulnerable to physical damages. This type of damage usually occurs when the card is inserted or removed from the camera or phone. You may bend the card or drop it in the water. Even if your memory card is water-proof, it may get damaged if left submerged in water for a long time. 

Formatting Error

Users often need to format their card and if any interruption occurs during this process, your memory card may get corrupted. Unless you’re an expert at performing error-free formatting, don’t take a risk. If the process is done incorrectly, the card may get damaged and can’t be re-formatted. In this case, you will need an SD card data recovery service. 

Bad Sectors

It is normal for SD cards to accumulate bad sectors with age. With continuous use, the bad sectors keep increasing and eventually, the entire card will break down. This problem usually occurs when the card is not safely removed. 

File System Corruption

External factors like excessive heat or moisture are not always the cause of SD card damage. If there is an issue with the file system of the SD card or the operating system of your smartphone or camera is malfunctioning, it will eventually impact your data. To fix this problem, you can use the file system repair utilities. Besides these issues, other causes of SD card failure can be manufacturing defects, card slot damage, and more.

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