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Mango Lift Bra Review [Dec 2020] Another Scam or Legit site?

Mango Lift Bra 2020..

Mango Lift Bra Review [Dec 2020] Another Scam or Legit site? -> Take a look at this review of a women’s lingerie item that is garnering a lot of attention from women all over the world.

Are you looking for a bra that offers support and can be worn with low-cut attires? If yes, then let us take a look at the Mango Lift Bra. 

Today we’re sharing the Mango Lift Bra review with our readers who are interested in adding functional and stylish lingerie to their wardrobe. 

Women’s bras have evolved over the years. Nowadays, a majority of the bras promote functionality and give full support to breasts. Many brands are making stylish bras, and women are always on a lookout for such products. 

Several women in the United States and other countries are curious to know about a bra that lifts breasts and can be worn with sexy dresses. Continue reading to find out everything you need to know about the product. 

What is Mango Lift Bra?

The Mango Bra Lift Bra is from the brand WILLTOO. It is a strapless bra made with polyester material. The product is a push-up bra that boasts the invisible silicone fabric. The product is currently sold on various popular ecommerce stores. 

Interested customers can either buy a black bra or a colorless one. The brand shares that the bra is perfect for women who want lingerie for outfits that feature deep-neck design. 

The reasonably-priced bra is getting a lot of attention. Read on this Mango Lift Bra review to find out if the product is worth the price. 

Specifications of Mango Lift Bra:

  • The product’s fabric is polyester/nylon. 
  • It is a strapless bra.
  • The bra comes with padding. 
  • The product features an Ergonomic design
  • The product is either black color or colorless. 
  • It is a wire-free bra. 
  • The bra is suitable for all skin colors. 

Pros of buying the Mango Lift Bra:

  • The bra goes well with low-cut dresses. 
  • The bra provides support and ensures comfort. 
  • It is a padded bra that perfectly blends in the outfit. 
  • The bra is made of good-quality fabric. 

Cons of buying the Mango Lift Bra:

  • There are mixed reviews for the product. 
  • The product does not have a page on Facebook. 

Is the Mango Lift Bra legit or not?

We take certain steps to find out if a product is legit. From checking the reviews online to going through its social media pages, there are plenty of methods to determine its legitimacy. We conducted the search and found a few reviews of the product. 

The bra is listed on multiple trusted and reliable ecommerce portals. On all the sites, the bra is listed for a reasonable price. The bra’s brand, WILLTOO, is quite famous. 

The reviews of the product are both positive and negative. These signs make the product appear legit. However, the site does not appear to have a social media presence. We think the product is legit. However, we cannot comment if the product delivers on its promises. 

What are people saying about the Mango Lift Bra?

In today’s Mango Lift Bra Review, we let you know what kind of attention is the product receiving. This will help you make an informed decision. 

The product has garnered a host of negative and positive reviews. Customers share reviews on various ecommerce stores and other portals. In the positive reviews, buyers share that they’re pleased with the product. They share that the fabric and design of the bra is good. 

However, the bra has also received negative reviews. In some of the reviews we came across, customers share that the bra is not supportive enough. Receiving mixed reviews is quite normal for products like bras. 


This Mango Lift Bra Review should help you make up your mind. The Mango Lift bra is a strapless, push-bra that can be worn with any outfit. The bra is from a fashion brand, WILLTOO. The bra is reasonably rated. The padded bra claims to offer ultimate support to breasts and lift them up. 

The product claims to be a perfect addition to any woman’s wardrobe who likes to wear dresses. At this point, the bra is sold on many ecommerce sites. We found many buyer reviews available on e-stores and other websites. 

At this moment, we couldn’t find any mentioning of the product on a social media portal like Facebook. Despite that, the product appears to be legit, and we think our readers looking for such products may like it. 

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  1. Buyer beware !!! Order the bra , took forever as I assume came from China !!! States on their site that it is 30 day Hassle free return. Bra is not as described in photo at ALL. Cheaply made. Sizing is completely off. Asked for return same day as I received it. They offered me 20% of what I paid a a new bra , than 30% of what a paid and bra and if I wanted to return I had to return it myself haha to China. Scam.

  2. It’s a scam from China. It took forever to be delivered and it was half the size I ordered but there is no size listed on the item. They offered to send a replacement with and refund for a fraction of what I paid. I said I just wanted a refund. They said I would have to return to China at my own cost to get a refund even though it was their error. No answer after repeated emails. BEWARE.

  3. I ordered the bra over three weeks ago. I also received the tracking information via text but when I clicked on the link, I received an error. Still have not received the bra. Scam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I’ve now waited 2 months without even a delivery, no one an answers you back via customer service. I hate Instagram ad scams, they should research before they just take their money which then let’s these con artist take thousands from us!

    1. I’m going through the same thing too! Ordered on 23 Oct. Still have not received item. And they did not respond to my queries either.

  5. DO NOT BUY FROM MANGOLIFT!!!! Not only did it take a very long time to get the order but it is not even close to the right size. The website states that you can return the item, but they have completely ghosted me. Also, they state they are a US company but my shipment confirmation stated it came out of China as well as the website says New York but the shipping label said California (which where I live so why would it take so long to arrive). You will also notice on their website they do not have anywhere to post comments or reviews…

  6. I ordered mine over a month and a half ago and have received no tracking number. I reached out to their customer service, and they gave me a bullsh*t answer about shipping times.

    I have reached out to them again and demanded a full refund.


  7. Scam company.

    My story is similar to other people– I paid, I got a “shipping confirmation” that didn’t work, escalated it to PayPal and then got a second “shipping number” that also didn’t work.

    I don’t even want the dumb thing anymore. It’s been six weeks and they have stopped responding to me. Here’s hoping PayPal gives me a refund.

  8. Absolute and utter scam! It took over a month to get this crappie bra. It finally came and I was so excited! Just to open it and see a product that is first of all at least 2 sizes too small and second made so cheap i would never put it on my body.

    Customer service is pretty much non existent and it took them over 10 days to provide me with return shipping instructions and I have to pay shipping charge.. I have filed a dispute with my credit card company and ready to throw this POS item in the garbage. DO NOT BUY!!!


  10. Don’t buy!!! It took 6 weeks to get here from China and it looks 10 years old. Wrinkled, shapeless, and useless! Like others stated, it’s half the size I ordered. I requested a return and of course no reply. UGH!!!

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