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This article offers a complete unbiased information of Manor Royal Industrial Estate FedEx in details.

Are you looking for a reliable way to courier something from Crawley to any other place in the world? Are you wondering what would be the right choice for you to get a safe and timely delivery in such times? If yes, you can go through our unbiased review about Manor Royal Industrial Estate FedEx to clarify all your doubts.

Although most people in the United States trust FedEx blindly with their belongings and rely on them for delivery needs, you must ensure their quality of operations in your area before going ahead with the delivery process.

What is FedEx?

Most people would already know this world-class shipping and delivery service and supply change management company from the United StatesIt is one of the supreme service providers in the logistics sector with timely, safe and reliable shipping and delivery. This firm is well reputed with common people as well as multinational corporations. Manor Royal Industrial Estate FedEx is one of its many stations, and we will talk all about its operations and services today.

Basic Details about the FedEx Station:

  • Address:

Industrial Estate, Unit 9 Newton Rd, Manor Royal, Crawley RH10 9TN, United Kingdom.

  • Opening hours:

In its official document, FedEx mentions that the office is open 24 hours on weekdays and from 12 am to 12 pm on Saturdays. But, the service operations, according to the Google directory, are open from 8 am to 8 pm from Monday to Friday. However, the office remains closed on both Saturday and Sunday. So it is better to contact the office before going there.

  • Contact number:

+44 800 100600

More about Manor Royal Industrial Estate FedEx:

  • Payment:

You can make the payment after your request has been approved by FedEx, with various online and offline payment modes.

  • Placing request:

You can place your delivery request within a few minutes through the website or physically.

  • Pricing:

According to the weight of your order, the distance and mode of shipping, etc., a price will be provided to you beforehand.

  • Air shipping:

You can avail the service of air shipping for quick delivery anywhere in the world.

  • Tracking:

After your parcel is given to the office, both the sender and receiver can track the location and status of the package online.

Customer Reviews:

There have been mixed reviews about Manor Royal Industrial Estate FedEx. The average rating is 2.7 stars which is quite bad considering the international level services of the company. Although the FedEx officers have replied to all the reviews to resolve them, it is still risky to send a parcel through a service that has faced so many issues in the past with its delivery, customer care and tracking. People have also posted many complaints about the delivery officials lying to them. There have also been issues with technical errors and the inaccessibility of the customer care executives.


We’d suggest you look for a better alternative to send your packages instead of Manor Royal Industrial Estate FedEx. Even though there are some good reviews, people have reported multiple adverse issues and difficult situations with the company. So, it’s better to stay on the safer side. 

You can find out all reviews about the FedEx Station here. 

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