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Minzy Store Masks Reviews [April] – Is It A Legit Product?

Minzy Store Masks Reviews 2020

Minzy Store Masks Reviews [April] – Is It A Legit Product? >> Read the post to know more about this product and website. Remember, one should be well informed about the product and selling web store, before making any order!

Today the world is facing pandemic, and this gave the fraudsters a golden opportunity to make and develop fake websites. These fake websites are taking advantage of the unaware online consumers because most of the countries are facing a lockdown situation. They are offering free doorstep service with discounts.

They create such a situation that a customer will buy a garbage product in a hurry and loss their hard-earned money. There are over billions of fake websites available over the internet who are misusing this incredible digital platform to earn money by illegal means. In this article, we would like to discuss Minzy and about the Minzy store masks reviews.

It is high time that the authorities should take intense legal action for website those who make fake websites. But it is not an easy thing; anyone can make a website with software and can counterfeit people very quickly. Public awareness is a must against these kinds of bogus websites.

A smart buyer must inspect all the primary points of the website before buying a product like the address, the email id. Customer reviews are a must. If not, then you must search them on social media if there is any risk is available or not?

What is Minzy store masks?

Minzy store masks is an anti-dust mask available over the website name The website sells different types of anti-dust cover; they have various designs, sizes, and colors. They also sell limited edition superhero lookalike mask. The email of the website is, and the address is from the United State.

The website is offering free shipping over $60, which means if you purchase more three minzy store masks, you will get a free shipping facility. Thousands of websites were selling mask and made the health issue as a business. These kinds of website’s primary purposes are to do real business; they will never show the certification of the product or any proof. The online market is now full of these kinds of filthy stores.

Customers are reported that they never receive their parcel when they try to contact the responsible person; they never replied. The address mentioned in this article is not verified, with no mention of streets, lane, and the exact location. Online buyers are advised to purchase the product only from verified websites, although there are many websites where you can check the URL of the website where you can verify whether the sites are suspicious or not.

The website also sells the bed, bed cover, cushion, and cushion cover. All the products are available at a reasonable price. The site is also giving 30 days of return time, where a customer can return the product if they don’t find it suitable. The company will refund the amount if you return the product within 10-15 days. But the parcel of the product must be in original condition; any tear or damaged merchandise will not be accepted.

Minzy store score low on trust index and one of the customers received the product, but the product was unclean and was the wrong product.

Features and Benefits (Pros and Cons of Minzy store mask)

Pros of Minzy store mask

  • You can get an option to select hundreds of designer mask which suits your attire
  • You can buy more than one mask to match according to the wear
  • You can return the damaged or wrong product within 30 days
  • If you want a refund, the company will credit it back to your account within 10-15 days
  • Minzy store has lots of other items like bedsheets, cushion covers and many more
  • You will get free shipping if you order the product over $60

Cons of Minzy store mask

  • Website is new and not have any enough customers or reviews to give any remarks
  • Few of the customers not received the product and reported negative comments
  • There is no verified address available of the website, the address available is not appropriate
  • There is no page available on social media in the name of Minzy store, which means they don’t have any social media account
  • The owner is hiding the details of the website and not mentioned any address.

Return and Exchange Policy

  • You can return the damaged or wrong product within 30 days
  • If you want a refund, the company will credit it back to your account within 10-15 days
  • Any product which is damaged because the customer will not be accepted


Our research says that due the website is new, it is a bit difficult to give a clear cut view, but few customers reported the contrary and commented on the site as a scam. But it is up to your decision.

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  1. I ordered 3 NY Giants face masks and received night light s instead. What the hell are you running ? The purchase was made on the 9th of April, at 21:31:50 PDT, transaction numbers, 7SR06101JW5481920, 94L8531043401743T, 96R897065K776933K, 21C69837MK487150P. If you can’t fulfill my order, please re3fund my money so that I can go to a legitimate site for my purchase. The total amount in question was for $ 143.66. I appreciate your cooperation .
    Thank You

      1. I ordered a mask also and st this moment I’m dealing with some BS. Hope they mother catches the virus and needs a mask

    1. I recently ordered a limited edition NFL protective mask. April 17th. No response from Minzystore or associate with this business. April 25th emailed and received a response from Yutani??? stating my order is being process and I will receive a tracking number when it is shipped. Now it is May 8th 2020. Nothing.
      Do not buy anything from this website. I repeat do not buy from Minzystore.
      Im currently in process of bring a legal suit for this company.

  2. How many how many cowboy master you have no Disney characters do you have a Kansas City mask I can personalize I want order 6

    1. I purchased a mask April 10th, They took the money out immediately & I emailed 3 times with no reply. May 17th & still no product!

  3. Ordered 2 masks over a week ago, plus I paid extra for quicker shipping, where are my masks? How do I get in touch with the makers.

    1. I ordered a Cubs mask over a month ago and yet to receive them. Have sent them emails and I’m still waiting on a response.

  4. I ordered 2 Dallas cowboys masks 2 weeks ago and haven’t heard from this seller about shipping yet .. I’m gonna contact PayPal in a few days and see what’s really going on .

    1. Don’t purchase anything from this place. My husband purchased two masks on April 9th and after numerous emails. The only answer he ever got was they were checking on order. Finally got PayPal involved and all of a sudden items are being sent. Finally shipped on May17th…Worse ever!!!

    2. I received my 49ers mask today but it’s not straight. Like it was a rush stitch job. Looks nothing like the picture in their ad.

  5. I ordered a Dallas Cowboys mask on April 9th and paid extra for shipping and have yet to receive my mask amnd cannot get in contact with anyone for the website.

  6. I ordered three masks on April h and have emailed them and they haven’t responded or I haven’t received anything yet. I am about to contact the visa company and report them.

  7. I also placed an order on April 9th. Still no package. Contacted customer support. Got a no reply acknowledgment of my question. Did get a second email that essentially said when they ship, they’ll send me the tracking number. Not looking good for this place.

    1. I ordered 2 Baltimore Ravens masks the beginning of April with replacement filters and haven’t received yet! I want my money back!!

  8. What the hell is the contact #!? I ordered 3 mask 2 weeks ago and still nothing. Wtf is goin on

  9. I ordered a Bengal masked on 4/14/2020 and sent an email. No reply. That will be the last time I ordered something on line. Lesson learned.

  10. I placed an order April 7th. I didn’t receive my order yet! I tried sending emails to them. They were rejected. As of 4/26/2020 I did get a email stating my mask was shipped. It has a tracking number, but I’m unable to track it yet. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I’ll let y’all know what happens. 🤞🏽

  11. I ordered 2 masks on April 10, still haven’t been notified that they have shipped, wondering where my masks are at. Would love for someone to contact me

  12. I ORDER 3 Steeler Mask April 7 and never received a email or the mask
    How do we contact these people?
    My Att is waiting!

  13. I just got this reply From them..

    The effects of this crisis are being felt by the entire world. Companies, families, individuals are all having to make sacrifices in order to get through it. We have just received your request (65571) and it is being reviewed by our support staff. You can reply to this email to add additional comments.
    From our entire family to yours we would like to thank you for your business, and wish you and your family are healthy and safe.
    Warm Regards,
    Alex Shelby
    CEO of Shelby Brothers Inc,

    1. That is all i have been getting too. Plus a tracking number that no longer works. Said due to virus give them time but its been 2 months since i ordered on April 9th . Its frustrating to ask for a refund for items i never received. They keep emailing saying will provide you with an updated tracking number and still nothing.

  14. I ordered 3 mask and never received them…and that was the 13th of april… yall trippin

  15. I placed an order on April 9th and did not received any tracking number for about 10 days. I emailed their support email on April 19th and was told by Morgan (Shelby Brothers Inc.)” Your order is in processing, once it’s shipped out, I’ll send you a tracking link. Don’t worry 🙂 We need ~5 – 7 business days to finish your order and ship it out. After that it will take ~5 – 10 days to get delivered by DHL Shipping. So total will be ~ 2 – 3 weeks. On April 25th I received an email that my order shipped Via USPS and when try to track it… it shows as “Label created” with no movement. I have since been sending emails daily following up on my order and now I get no response. Starting to believe this is a scam.

    1. The exact same thing. Says mine hasn’t left Rosedale , NY. I contacted paypal their looking into it. You should do the same and get your money back

  16. I too ordered a Dallas Cowboys Mask in mid April and got this a week ago:

    Label Created, not yet in system
    A status update is not yet available on your package. It will be available when the shipper provides an update or the package is delivered to USPS. Check back soon.

    Sign up for Informed Delivery® to receive notifications for packages addressed to you.

    Label Created, not yet in system.

    Needless to say, that message still pops up when I try to track the package. I too believe this is a scam and plan to contact Local Authorities about this practice at this company. I hope it isn’t, I am very dissapointed with this Company

  17. I ordered three mask April 14th, haven’t received anything no confirmation of delivery. And every time I email support they’ll never email you back and when I was getting a response from support someone else telling me that I cannot get my refund. I’ve been emailing this company for the past week every day no response please do not order anything from these people it is a scam. All I want is my money back.

  18. I also ordered one green bay face mask in the beginning of April. They showed me my tracking number but now when I go on no tracking number.
    I’m so PISSED

  19. Same situation here. Ordered a Seahawks mask on April 9th. They sent tracking information a couple weeks later, but that tracking number is bogus. I’ve tried to contact them half a dozen times, but just keep getting the standard b.s. response. I’ve tried to open a case through Paypal, but the options are limited because they’re not a verified seller. What a scam! I hope these bastards catch COVID for this absolute con-job!

  20. My husband and I got our masks from the minzy store today. So no this place is real it’s not a scam. Remember we are in a covid-19 crises right now. It takes awhile for the stuff to arrive. So please have some patience.

  21. Hello . I ordered 2 mask and one is giant and 1 is snoopy with name .. been pass 3 week never get it by mail or wrong tracking .. what is going on .. i have order number is. #min5778 snoopy .. another one i s #min1486. Giant .. masks .. please quickly answer or i need phone number to talk to u about it .. my name is Maria and Debby who ordered it .. it lot of $ .. if not get refund thank. .something going on scam or send wrong tracking ..

  22. Almost 2 months later still trying to get my order, paid for expedited shipping and it stayed in Chino, CA since April 25th until they took access to the tracking number away from me and won’t respond to my email. SCAMMERS! Use caution.

  23. I ordered on April 15th from the Minzy Store. The order #MIN15095 and left a message on April 30th with no reply. I was just wanting to know when I could expect my purchase. Thank you for your time.

    1. It is now June 14th and I still haven’t received anything. You took my money right away. I want a refund or my Pooh mask and carbon refills. I think 2 months is long enough. I will be getting a hold of the Better Business Bureau if I don’t hear anything soon. Thank you for your time. My order #MIN15095.

  24. I ordered a Dallas Cowboys mask bundle on April 8th and as of today, May 19th, I have yet to receive my product. I attempted to contact Minzy store for customer assistance and sent 2 emails, neither of which have yielded a response. The last update I had was on April 21st which said that it had arrived at a departure station in Chino, California. If Minzy store can’t send me the product that I pay for, then I’m never ordering from them again, and until I do, I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone else

  25. I ordered two mask in March and still have not received them. I did get an email from them after I emailed them first. I also received an email that they were shipped but no tracking number. That email was sent over two weeks ago. I’m ready to report them to my credit card company.

  26. I ordered Baltimore Ravens masks-2 of them and replacement filters and have not received them. I ordered the beginning of April. I want my money back!! They didn’t hesitate to take my money!!!

  27. I ordered 3 masks beginning of March and had an email that my order was processing. At the beginning of May I emailed to ask the status and was told my order was being processed and that I would get an email when shipped. Still waiting. I’m calling the credit card company to dispute the charges and reporting them to the BBB. Don’t buy from these people.

  28. Ordered mask on April 8th, got tracking number at the end of May
    Checked USPS, all it says that a label was created. Seems like a true SCAM

  29. I ordered a Dallas Cowboys mask for my husband with name engraving in April 8th. I just received the mask on May 28th. I contacted seller several times with the same response about how long it takes and it would be arriving soon. Glad it finally did. But won’t order anything else that’s for sure!!!

  30. I ordered my Dallas cowboys facemask almost a month and a half ago. Finally just received it. The quality of the mask is great and comfortable, but instead of Dallas cowboys ,they sent me Philadelphia eagles and they put the wrong name on it.

  31. I ordered 3 mask April 5, 2020 and still have not received anything. Got an email regarding tracking on May 8, 2020 telling me it was at a Rosedale station. Called UPS and was told the package never came to them. Today is June 7, 2020 and still no package. Paid $71.00 and received confirmation email but nothing. Nobody response to email regarding orders. I have come to terms with I have been scammed.

  32. I ordered 2 bobs burgers masks on april 20th and neverrecieved they keep forwarding me the same message its bs!!!!!! Dont even know where to contact them for my money back

  33. I ordered 6 Dallas Cowboys masks on April 8, 2020. I requested personalization on 5 of the 6 masks. I finally received them this past Friday, June 19, 2020. This is after several failed attempts of contacting them, and finally having to file a claim w/PayPal. The masks were fine, but only 3 of the 5 were personalized. The entire purchase process took too long and it wasn’t correct. I will not order from them again; although I’ve gotten several compliments on the mask that I did wear.

  34. RECEIVED MY MASKS TODAY!!!!!!! order placed 4/16– the tracking started to work when it hit the states using YANWEN as a carrier using Aftership and carrier. Masks fit just fine for me and I was a size Large at universal– the shape take a little getting used to but i think its to avoid the mask from being on ur face and wetting the carbon filter. I LOVE THE FACT THAT THEY MATCHED THE DESIGN to line up– like the stitching is done to make the LION the Green Bay Symbol and the Hogwarts was a bust but im not mad about it im just glad I got it. I will say it entered the states 5/28 so 12 days to get to me once it is in the states . Ill take the plunge and probably buy more but from paypal so im protected!

  35. I ordered two Dallas Cowboys masks back in April and I still have not received them or anything at all.

  36. Received my my mask I ordered a Pittsburgh Steelers mask got totally the wrong masks both of them were were way wrong these ones had crown designs on both of them and my name wasn’t on them and it took over 3 weeks wow very disappointed

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