Mishottown Com {July} Is The Website Legit Or A Scam!

Mishottown Online Website Reviews

Mishottown Com {July} Is The Website Legit Or A Scam! >> This post contains details about a gaming platform and its link, which appears to be suspicious and may be a scam.

The rise in the number of web portals catering to different needs of people in the United States has grown manifold in recent times. Though most of them are launched with good intentions, some scammers are also filling the space to cheat genuine internet users. Mishottown Com is a new webpage created only four days ago.

This article will try to find out facts and information related to this webpage, so that audience can make their own independent decision and take proper precautions while visiting this page.

About Mishottown:

According to Alexa ranking, this is a new web page created only four days ago and has almost zero traffic coming on to it. It is hosted on and has a link that carries the user to

There are hundreds of Mishottown Com-like pages hosted on, and most of these pages have no purpose other than working as a link to has given a trust rating of 33 percent to and has asked people to beware of this site.

So we can say that Mishottown is only working as a link and has no relevance of its own. itself was created recently and had a suspicious look to its web pages. If its purpose was to take people to the homepage, it could have done it directly instead of making so many links.

What is, a website for which Mishottown Com works as a link? appears to be an ill-designed gaming platform with a monster on the right side of the homepage, and one can hit with the cursor and gain points. There is also the option of winning gold and unlocking a new hero, but it is not clear how it works.

Damage per click and damage per second are shown in the right-hand side corner of the page. There is also a different level of the game as given on the site. By hitting the monster continuously, one can gain points and reach the next level of the game.

There are customer service options and also billing support for the customer who is interested in the game. 

Is Mishottown Com Legit or a scam?

The way has designed the whole setup looks suspicious, and it appears to be a scam. This website was also new, and nothing much is known about it in the digital space, so people should take proper caution while using this site.

The purpose of so many links may be to bring diverse traffic to as a billing option is available on it. The modus operandi of these scammers is to generate traffic to the site by various means, and they expect some to fall into the trap as practiced in the sales of many products.

Final verdict: is using the Mishottown Com webpage as a link to Similar kinds of other link pages are used to generate traffic for the ill-designed gaming platform, so gamers should take all the caution while visiting this page  and do their research before committing to the game.

If you have anything regarding these links, please share them in the comment section and give your opinion about the post below.

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