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Modernarthome com Review (July 2020) Is This A Legitimate Website?

Modernarthome com Review (July 2020) Is This A Legitimate Website? >> In this article, you will learn about bean bags which are very comfortable and ergonomically designed.

Do you also live in one of those compact houses and face problems when your guests come? In the United States, most people have tiny houses and have a sitting problem when their guests come in.

There can be many other problems like when you travel you might need a comfy sitting to get rid of tiredness. Don’t you think you need something you can carry everywhere you go and enjoy sitting on it? Also, when you want to spend some cuddling time with your partner, the bed might be too large for you. So, for those cuddling dates, you might need something snug and comfortable.

Don’t worry about all these problems. There exists one single solution that Modernarthome com Reviews will tell you in this article. 

Along with the solution, some questions need an answer like Is Modernarthome com Legit? So keep reading this article to get all these answers. 

What is Modernarthome com?

Modernarthome is an online store that sells bean bags of all kinds. The website has a bean bag for all the occasions and every room.

There is a different style bean bag available for all the various locations in the home. If you need a bean bag for your bedroom, the color combination and design will be different, and if you need it for a hall or your balcony or travel purpose, the design and colors will be different. 

Features of Bean bag:-

  • They are very comfortable.
  • The bean bags are available in all colors and designs.
  • The design of the bean bag is ergonomic, keeping in mind the body posture.
  • They are easily foldable.
  • The bean bags are extra soft and cuddly.
  • It makes you feel safe and calm.

Specifications of the bean bags

  • Product type:- Home décor
  • Product link:- https://modernarthome.com/
  • Shipping of the product:- Within 5- 30 business days based on the location.
  • Product Returns:-  Within 30 days of receiving the product
  • Cancellations:- Within 12 hours of ordering
  • Customer care service of product:- info@modernarthome.com
  • Mode of payment for buying a product:- Payment options are via Apple Pay, Visa cards, and other cards. 

Positives of the bean bags

  • The beanbags is of premium quality material.
  • They are very soft and comfortable.
  • The ergonomic design is an addition to the fantastic home decor.
  • You can sit on bean bags for long hours without suffering any pain.
  • You can return the product if you are not satisfied.

Negatives of the bean bags

  • The cancellation fee on the product is 15% if you cancel after 12 hours.
  • These bean bags might tear if they come in contact with sharp objects when you carry them while travelling.

Is Modernarthome com Legit?

Before starting the article, there were many questions in our mind, and the biggest one was Is Modernarthome com Legit? So, let’s look at the facts and figures. The website has an https protocol that means our data is safe and secure.

The domain is 2.5 months old, which is not a good sign as this may be a fraud or scam done to steal the customer’s information. Many fake sites are running in the United States, and there are many more websites found on the internet by the same name that sells bean bags.

Modernarthome com Reviews researched this website and got to know that the site doesn’t have its mail server, and there is no social media page found by this name.

What do customers feel about bean bags?

There are many reviews available on the internet on bean bags, but they are of various names like some are in the name of modern art bean bags, and some are modernhome bean bags.

But, Modernarthome com Reviews did not find any reviews in the name of modern art home bean bags. Also, we did not find any reviews on any of the platforms. There are no customer reviews on the website too.

Thus, we can say there is less traffic on the website to buy bean bags, which doesn’t seem legit.

Final Verdict:- 

If we take a look at the article from starting, there are many points which we need to consider before giving a conclusion. We noticed that the product is fantastic. The bean bags are of very soft and premium quality material. Their design is ergonomic and thus won’t cause any pain in the body while sitting on them. There are no customer reviews on the bean bags, and there is no social media presence. The product is a perfect piece for all the occasions and needs to be handle with care.

It is tough to conclude Is Modernarthome com Legit or not as some points are in favor, and some are against it. So we recommend our readers stay away from this site as prevention is always better than cure.

0 thoughts on “Modernarthome com Review (July 2020) Is This A Legitimate Website?

  1. It’s a total scam. The beanbag came without filler and barely big enough for a teddy bear. I have pictures on my FB to prove it.

  2. Definitely a scam. Just received their product after more than a month wait and it is tiny. Not big enough for a child over 5. And it come with no filling. Return policy is

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