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Motaquin Face Mask Reviews [April] Is This Site Genuine?

Motaquin Face Mask Reviews [April] Is This Site Genuine? >> This article is about one of the popular online stores for medical-grade face masks.

World’s pollution is developing day by day, and it becomes one of the burning problems indeed. In this situation, using face masks is one of the personal level solutions that we can do for us, isn’t it? So, Motaquin Face Mask could be an easy solution.

It has been stated that most of the diseases, nowadays are airborne and they attack our respiratory system first. Therefore, using a medical face mask saves us initially from any epidemic.

According to the Motaquin Face Mask Reviews people are very much serious about the using of face mask. Most people in this Nation are looking for the best face mask here in this online store.

People who wish to have the most excellent product in the United States to fight against pollution and other diseases go for the Face Mask Motaquin.com. The face masks from this website are the most well-through-of-brand of the Nation. 

What is Motaquin Face Mask?

Motaquin som Face Mask is one of the reputed companies that sell medical face masks online. The masks are made of high-quality multi-layered fabric to protect the users from any disease or airborne epidemic or pandemic. Also, the masks resist the spreading the virus-based diseases.  

The masks come in different patterns and trends. In Motaquin.com they sell various types of masks that are absent in the market and other offline stores. According to the seller, the masks are washable in warm water and reusable.

Features of the masks:

  • They are multi-layered masks.
  • You can order the most contamination of breathing masks on bulk.
  • The masks can sieve the microparticles from the air and make your comfortable while applying on face.
  • Three layers of filtration make the item breathable for all.
  • The materials- polyester, cotton and spandex make the masks comfortable. 
  • These masks can be used in any of the medical or surgical settings.
  • It fits any size and age because of the adjustable nosepiece
  • Masks are washable and reusable.

Specification of Motaquin Face Mask

  • Product: medical face masks
  • Email id: support@motaquin.comOfficial website: https://www.motaquin.com/
  • Office address: 975 Sonia Hill Apt. 424 Zulauffurt, New York
  • Shipping/ processing timing: Orders are shipped within 5 to 10 business days. For international order, the transaction takes place within 1 to 2 weeks.
  • Delivery time: It takes a maximum of 10 days (domestic) and 20 days (international) to deliver the order. 
  • Return/exchange: Not applicable
  • Mode of payment: Visa, Master Card, and PayPal

Why choose Motaquin Face Mask:

  • The masks are 100% effective to get rid of the contamination particles
  • The spandex, cotton and polyester make the product breathable for all
  • It stops you from inhaling contamination particles, harmful gases, or any harmful microorganisms.
  • Adjustable nosepiece helps you to fix it in any size or age.
  • Prices are reasonable
  • You can use the masks again and again by washing them in warm water.

Some disadvantages of Motaquin Face Mask

  • You cannot return or exchange the product
  • All products are non-refundable
  • Payment modes are limited- PayPal, and credit/debit cards
  • No Cash on Delivery available
  • It takes a longer time to deliver

Customer review of Motaquin Face Mask

You probably will not find any customer review on the face masks of Motaquin. We collect some of the valuable buyer’s reviews from social networking sites and our referrals. The company has achieved some satisfied buyers.

Most of the customers are very happy to purchase the face masks from the website. They have zero complaints about the product and its usage. On the other hand, they start feeling safe by using masks. Some of the buyers are from the medical profession. Therefore, they informed that these masks are no less than any medical or surgical masks.

Among a lot of happy customers, some are not satisfied with the shipping and delivery process of the website. Some are offended because there are no return, exchange or refund process in buying the products. Some hesitate in buying masks as the website does not offer COD.

Final Verdict

From a thorough assessment of the product, site, and the buyer’s review, we come to this overall decision that purchasing masks from the site is a happy experience. We recommend Motaquin Face Mask for having the most effective masks to fight against pollution and diseases. This is one of the best online stores for three-layered medical face masks of the Nation.

Apart from some of the difficulties in the delivery process or payment mode, this website is a reliable place for purchasing face masks.

0 thoughts on “Motaquin Face Mask Reviews [April] Is This Site Genuine?

  1. Why haven’t they shipped my face mask? Express shipping and still no delivery. I will call my credit card company and let them know you are fraudulent. Reply within 10 minutes or else.

    1. Exactly why have you not ship my face mask its been over a month I did pay for express shipping why the hell has it not shipped yet I’ve e-maild multiple times and get the same old bullshit blanket e-mail back I will contact my credit card company and tell that you are fradulant

    2. Did you ever get. Response . I told them the same thing and all they do is respond with the same message. No contact number no

    1. I ordered from here on April 15th and nothing yet. No response to my emails. I u understand there are shipping delays, but I ordered a mask because I needed a mask then. I work every day.

  2. Just got told “I need to calm down” because I emailed asking when our mask will be shipped it’s over a month. plus no tracking number or anything and that was advertised as 7-10 business days after payment you will receive it. This company is full of lies or lazy individuals. If you didn’t want business or a bad review then don’t advertise mask in this current pandemic the world is in and know the world will shop around for such items as mask being a priority.

  3. I want my money back!!! Its been a while and I have written 2 emails and NO response!! Lies all lies, and crooks!!!

    1. It’s been 3 months and it does not let me track my order no response from the email I paid $24 Each but 2 of them no response I’m I have to go to the bank and report this as a fraud!!

  4. Wow I am not alone. So I read this article about how happy we are with our motaquin mask….. you can’t be happy if you never receive the product. Then so what they have a support that never answers the emails. They have till 4 May 2020 0900 central standard time to reply. I have four emails where I asked for a status to show my credit card company that they are not replying

    1. Worst company I’ve ever dealt with. Placed order over 8 weeks agI and paid for expedited shipping. Thanks for charging me extra money for services that don’t exist

  5. I ordered 3 weeks ago. I sent an email asking about the status of my order and they told me, “We need 5-10 more business days to complete the order and then another 5-10 business days for shipping. It may be another 3-4 weeks before you get it. Don’t worry.” That would mean it takes 7 weeks for a guaranteed 10 day order. Should I call my credit card company?

  6. Same here is been 17 days and still no mask saids it’s still in process they said it takes 5-7 days for process then 7-10 to be delivered and also emailed them a few times and no response

  7. I ordered mine April 16 and still nothing. I have emailed them twice, once to check on status and second to cancel my order. They told me that they are unable to cancel my order and unable to refund, to just be patient.

  8. So far this company is full of shit and now im about to get the better business bureau involved and report you assholes this is a scam

  9. Is there a phone number for this company 10 emails no answers except auto replies from the CEO which is a joke ! Have a tracking number still showing at a chino facility since 4/24 ordered on 4/10 and now 5/7 this company is a joke and got $95 from me will be disputing this with my bank and PayPal!!

  10. Buyers beware! These Motaquin face masks are being offered by at least 3, probably more, different company names. It is a scam! They are preying on unsuspecting buyers who are in need of life saving devices with absolutely no intention of fulfilling any orders. I only hope there is a way these scam artists can be caught and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. But that’ll probably not happen since it’s sounds like a foreign entity based on their usage of the English language throughout their websites. It’s a sad state of affairs when people are facing a difficult time and then become victims of scams. This website too, DODBuzz should step up as well and stop promoting products that clearly has not received any positive feedback anywhere on the internet.

    1. Update: It is now June 15th, over two months have passed since ordering 2 masks that has never arrived. Total rip off. Received email with bogus tracking numbers that even included one for the USPS. The USPS did acknowledge that a package was sent from China and that a mailing label with tracking was created in Jamaica New York at the end of May but they never received the package, That tracking number apparently expired now since it’s no longer in their system. Just totally frustrating.

  11. I wish I would have read the reviews before purchasing the mask…I think this is a scam.
    I ordered my mask the end of March and I paid for express shipping, and I still haven’t received it.
    I have emailed them and same response it’s still being processed, and I need to calm down, and not to worry about it… seriously??? With covid-19 and having to go back to work they tell me not to worry??? I’m sure if it was their money they would worry….they are very unprofessional….they need to refund me my express shipping fees.

    1. I ordered April 10 as well and same thing they finally gave me a bogus tracking number that does not appear with USPS or UPS than they blocked my email because I inquired too many times I have started a claim with my credit card to see if they are able to get any results

  12. It has been a month since I ordered two mask and have not received anything. I see by the comments that I am not alone. Just because Trump and Pence feel that they don’t have to wear one does not mean that we feel the same. We paid for ours.
    Send mask or credit card order will be cancelled.

  13. Where are my mask???
    Is this another Republican HOAX
    I guess it’s time to cancel credit card order

  14. I’ve order my mask on April 16, 2020. I spent over 100 dollars with these people. I’m calling my credit card company and gets refund. This is ridiculous. And to read that none has gotten they order, make me believe that this was a scam

  15. its been a month and all I’ve gotten is a confirmation of payment and that it has been shipped .. tracking number is not registering with USPS or any other parcel service. every time I want to Chat with them online … no one is available to chat ?

  16. I ordered on April 11th….. here it is May 11th and still no masks!!! I’ve emailed them and they replied Production is 7-10 days, Processing is 1-2 days and another 7-10 days for shipping! After she sent that message, I replied back, it’s been a month since I placed my order. They then had someone else named Kathryn to reply to another messages Thereafter.

    Kathryn Graham (Shelby Brothers Inc.)
    May 11, 2020, 5:05:20 AM EDT

    Hi Bridget,

    So sorry for this delay. I know it is very inconvenient. We’re a little bit overloaded these days so the processing time is longer than usual. We’ll try to make it done ASAP. I’ll send you a shipping confirmation email with the tracking number soon.

    I told them no thank you, I just wanted a refund to my account and they told me it’s too late to get a refund because the order was already processing! This company is a JOKE!!! I will be disputing this payment with my credit card company! I work too hard for my money to just give it away!!

  17. Total Scam. Capitalizing on our personal needs during the pandemic. No phone number to call and does not answer e-mails. I live in New York and with all my free time I just may pay them a visit. No mask and lots of coughing. Hell awaits.

  18. I would like someone to send me my money back thanks I never got my mask I pay for so whoever read this please send my $60 back thanks I never got my package in is may 13 in I order on April 10 so again I pay with a card a chrime card so please send my money back on there

  19. This is crazy how nobody got there mask not even me wow in I order on April 10 2020 smh is sad they better give me my money back matter fact I will call my card in tell them so they can find out because this is crazy in this is a scam forreal 🤬🤬 give us our money back ….

    1. I will be reporting this company to the BBB. They are take money from people and delivering nothing.I placed an order three months ago paid up front and 14.95 for express shipping received nothing. I ask for a refund of my money twice

  20. In I just screen shot y’all address in website I will be giving it to the police in my lawyer too because this have to stop

  21. Don’t understand how this article says people are happy with their mask when i feel as though this was a scam. I ordered my mask April 15th 2020 and i still do not have a tracking number. I sent emails and all i get is , your order is in processing and as soon as it ships you will get a email with the Tracking #. Total time from processing to receive is like 3 weeks, it has been a month. Sent another email today cant wait to see the answer i get. If i do not get it soon i will definitely contacting my bank.

  22. Do not order from this company they are a scam take your money and not ship you anything…once you tell them where my mask they become rude and lie to you in telling you it’s being made

  23. Been a month now still hasn’t even shipped ..I just noticed on the address is an apartment never again scammed me out of my money

    1. Same here they said they couldn’t even refund me my money and they haven’t even shipped it out yet

  24. Worst company! They are fraudulent! I order in April 12, 2020 and still no mask! I’ve emailed them several times and they have been giving me the run around. I asked for a refund and they said it’s not possible because it’s over the 30days. I complained and asked for my money before 30days, but they were giving me the run around. MAY 18 and still no mask! I WILL MAKE A FACEBOOK COMPLAINT AND BBB!

  25. Mine is also sitting in Chino, CA since 4/27/20. I would not waste your time trying to call them or email them. Everyone is receiving the same type of response. I would start with your bank or credit card company to start a fraud claim. I wonder if others have the same Tracking number as well or perhaps a small group of similar ones out there. It’s such a tragedy that companies such as this one (and its other a.k.a.’s) feel the need to scam people in this manner and during this time of crisis.

  26. I ordered from this company on April 19, 2020 and I haven’t received my mask I ordered 5 masks totaling $104.89 and still nothing they have emailed me back the same thing when I emailed them on may 19, 2020 and said they would ship out in 5-6 days I emailed them again last night and got the same answer as before it’s still processing I will be calling my bank to dispute this order because I don’t have time for them to rip me off
    ORDER #MOTA18084 smh

  27. They are full of shit, bring these scammers to justice for taking our hard earned money though this crisis!!! Shame on you!!! God is watching !!! F R A U D!!

  28. I Lao ordered a mask back April 10 and still have not received it they keep blaming the slow delivery to the coronavirus but it has been almost two months I keep emailing them and they gave me a bogus tracking number that does not appear on USPS or UPS eventually they block me because they said I wrote too many emails they are a con do not order from them I finally started a claim with my credit card coming hopefully I can get some results

  29. I would like to know where my fucking order is ?
    From 4/25/20. I was sent a usps tracking number which doesnt even register on the shipping site. My order # is HMOTA2811. The email also states that parts of my older are shipped ! WTF is it coming in pieces ?? And dont Blame it on COVID-19. Your company’s reviews suck from orders way before COVID. Either ship my purchase or REFUND MY FUCKING MONEY ! CEO ALEX

  30. I ordered a mask on April 18,2020 and I have yet have had my mask delivered and the tracking number does not work and here it is 45 days later and still no mask I would not recommend this site piss poor email responses

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