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Moussyy com Reviews (May) Another Scam Site or Legit?


Moussyy com Reviews (May) Another Scam Site or Legit? >> In this article, we are exploring an online shopping platform for women pet and home decor that is providing at a reasonable price.

Are you looking for some necessary items for the home, pet, and other loved ones? Are you looking for a fantastic website? Then, you are in the right place as we are going to share a website providing all types of products you are looking for.

The site is providing a wide range of products that fulfills all the requirement of a family, including their pet—it as a new addition to the world of e-commerce shopping platforms. Here we are going to explore the site and get to know whether the site is genuine for the online buyers.

Have a look at the Moussyy com reviews.

What is

As it has mentioned on the website under the head “About us,” the site aims at providing a broad range of the duct that made all the requirements the online Shoppers are seeking for. All the products are available at a very e pocket-friendly price, and the quality of the products is top-notch.

This Global store is famous for women’s fashion, appliances, toys, pets, men’s clothing and fashion, and home decor. At, their only motto is to empower people across the world, including the United State in buying and selling option over the web. No matter where you are and whoever you are, the site offers all its products at the same price.

What are the specifications As given on the site?

  • The URL of the site is
  • Varieties of product are available on the site such as men, women, baby clothing, pets, and home.
  • The site has all social pages on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter Pinterest, and Instagram.
  • It has an email address to get in touch with customer care at
  • The site is accepting various modes of payment, such as visa, Master Card, Western Union, and Bank transfers.
  • It is easy to use this site on any web browser to your devices such as Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, and so on.
  • All online payments on this site are secure and protected through SSL integration that provides safety to all transactions.
  • The site’s return and refund policies state that it can be easy to get a refund of the received products within the 14 days after it is received.

Positive aspects of buying products from

  • There is no sign of fraud and any danger on this site.
  • The website is entirely new, but the user interface is appealing.
  • The varieties of the product have provided, and it is offering different categories from which you can choose the product that matches your requirement and taste.
  • It is providing brilliant customer service to assist its online shoppers.
  • All the products have provided at a reasonable price, which is accessible in the pocket.
  • There is no need to commute to the local market and grab the product that is required. It is easy to access the website through any device.
  • It is availing various currency options that make it easy to order a product.
  • Various modes of online payment are available, and it makes Shoppers easy to place an order quickly.
  • Excellent refund and return policies are available as it promises by the website.
  • It acts as a money saver for online buyers because the site is providing the product at a reasonable price.

Negative aspects of buying products from

  • No information about the site’s owner is available.
  • The prices of the product are quite high.

What are the customer reviews about

Different types of products are available, and the customers are continuously buying products from this site. We got to know that the customers are delighted with the quality of products and the prices provided by the website.

Some of the customers are quite unhappy about the timing of delivery as it is too long. The site has provided all the details and descriptions about the items as available to make sure that the customer is buying the same product as required.

Final thought

After the Moussyy com Reviews, we got to know that the site is running very smoothly and it is providing a wide range of products that fulfill all the requirements of the potential customers. The buyers are also happy with the services and the product. Moreover, the site protects all the details as well. It has recommended visiting the website and grabs the budget-friendly products.

If you have any doubts related to, and then feel free to get in touch with us in the comment section.


  1. Moussyy sold my credit card info and I had 5 transactions within an hour for purchases all over $150. All transactions were from random letters such as xyyyzhast and ooootrxz. The only purchase I made on that credit card was from moussyy.

  2. Hello! I am trying to figure out if my order went thru. I didn’t not receive a confirmation number. I do have my order content://media/external/file/204591 but don’t know where to check to see whats going on.

  3. I have 2 separate orders around may 16th,i have not got any confirmation or anything in my gmail,i have a transaction on my bank account,dont know if it is you please give me imfo on my orders and what my total is

  4. i have tried to place an order 2 days in a row. when i go to check it shows as methods of payment as visa, mastercard and others. when i go to pay the only acceptable payment offered is mastercard, i do not have a mastercard. how do i pay with visa? this is very frustrating. please help. i wish there was a phone number for customer service. i have emaied them twice with no answer, please help or refer me to someone who can. thank you.

  5. Why are some of these prices so cheap? Because of corvid 19? I’ve spent a lot of money because my daughter is a dog lover and your taking a dramatic loss?

  6. I’m very concerned about my order. I have no update, with the multiple items purchased from this website. My payment was from my government issued Social Security fixed income. I’m worried that you may attempt to fraudulently take this money and attempt to cause me further harm. Tell me that is not correct as I have read after the fact that others have been scammed. My heart breaks as I am disabled and unable to leave home. Never purchase anything for myself because of my size ( smaller), my physical scars from chemotherapy etc… I have my animals to care for, my income is limited and I will be completely devastated if somehow there’s nothing to show for my debit, and any further efforts to harm me monetarily. Please, don’t do this to someone who truly needs faith in humanity?

  7. Do not put your Credit Card info in this site- thought I was buying some clothes yesterday only to get a Fraud Alert from my bank this morning that they took $88.72 & $91.71 from my card- and I only ordered $11.89 in merchandise!!!!!!!! Beware!!!!! I will be speaking to my bank and taking action!!!

  8. This is a scam site. Took 123.13 out of my acct. Buyer beware. Has not given status on my three orders.

    Buyer Beware!!!

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