Msy Airport Status {Sep 2021} Why Flights Were Abandon?

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Are you looking for the latest Msy Airport Status? Check this post and know the current update announced by the Mayor of the city.

The news is coming from the United States that hundreds of flights are cancelled at Louis Armstrong New Orleans international airport due to damage from Hurricane Ida. The officials continue to analyse the whole damage occur after it. This is why flights will be cancelled till Wednesday. 

As per the sources, 197 flights are cancelled until the situation gets normal. Also, the city is under curfew. So, what’s the Msy Airport Status? How will people rescue? Read on to know. 

About Hurricane Ida

During tropical or subtropical waters, a hurricane develops into a tropical cyclone. An organised thunderstorm system with no fronts is called a tropical cyclone. Tropical depressions are like tropical cyclones with extreme persistent surface winds of less than 39 mph. They are classified as tropical storms if they have sustained winds of at least 39 mph.

While 74 mph winds are considered a hurricane. Depend on a  maximum sustained winds, the Saffir-Simpson  Wind Scale assigns each storm a number from 1 to 5. A hurricane’s potential to cause property damage increases as its category increases; resultant Msy Airport Status is zero. 

As of June 1, the “hurricane season” begins and ends on November 30. However, hurricanes can and have occurred outside of this time period. This massive storm system occurs, on average, 12 times a year in the Atlantic basin, United States

Issues and initial assessment of damages after Hurricane

MSY has identified the serious damages as follows:

  • Air conditioning, communication systems, and restrooms are all affected by the lack of water pressure from the Jefferson Parish Water Department. When the water pressure is restored, MSY is working with Jefferson Parish to determine a timeline.
  • Further on Msy Airport Status, Energy cut off commercial power to MSY on Sunday evening, and the school is now operating on generator power.
  • As a result, all landline telephones are out of the range and service.
  • The terminal facility did not sustain any significant damage, but damage assessments are still being carried out. 
  • The crews found a variety of debris on the airport’s roadways.

No noticeable damage to the runways and taxiways was seen at this time, according to MSY. However, the staff is continuing its inspections to identify the damages properly. Also, they are in touch with FAA for improving their functionality. 

Msy Airport Status Update

An all-out curfew was imposed on the city of New Orleans following Hurricane Ida, which has left large parts of Louisiana and Mississippi.

Looting has been reported in the city, according to the Mayor, LaToya Cantrell. The curfew will be in effect from 20:00 to 06:00. Populaces have been cautioned that it could yield weeks for some areas to regain power. Other areas affected include utilities and infrastructure.

To know the curfew details check this post

Final Words

Due to hurricanes, people are facing a lot of trouble in their personal lives. Some have lost their houses while some have their loved ones. As per the Msy Airport Status, the flights will remain shut down till Wednesday; the rest of the updates will come soon. 

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