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Myshoestyle com Reviews – Is it a Scam or Legit?

Myshoestyle com

Myshoestyle com Reviews – Is it a Scam or Legit? >> Here, you Read about all your FAQs answered.

Have you been waiting to buy a quirky pair of footwear? Check out Myshoestyle.

Like clothes and accessories, footwear and bags have also become online. You can now buy the shoe of your choice by just being at the comfort of your place.

There are so many online shopping stores that have started selling footwear for both man and women. Some sell footwear along with other items like clothes, while some sell only footwear. Myshoestyle falls in the second category.

Myshoestyle is currently trending at the United State, but they offer delivery around the globe.

There are only a few Myshoestyle Com Reviews over the net, and thus we decided to help out the online shoppers by giving clarity about this shoe site.

From sandals to wear on an everyday basis to men’s ancient style shoes, this website has it all.

What is Myshoestyle?

My Shoe Style is an online store where you can buy footwear for men and women.It has several options to buy from. They sell sandals, shoes, heels, flats, and men’s shoes as well.

If you are interested in knowing whether this website is a scam or it is legit, then please keep reading our review on shoestyle.

The prices mentioned on the website are very cheap, and hence it may imply that the quality can also be low, comparatively. If you are someone who does not like paying shipping charge and so end up buying additional items, then this website is perfect for you.

If your cart amount is above $69.99, then you get your delivery without paying for shipping.

This store is for those who like wearing shoes. This one has many shoe designs than any other style of footwear. Maybe this is why they have the word “shoe’ in the name of their company.

Why is Myshoestyle trending?

Although it is trending in the USA only, they claim to ship worldwide. Shopstyle Reviews suggest that it is the amount of footwear that is making the website go viral.

If you are into buying pocket-friendly items without worrying about the quality of the product, then this shoe shopping site may help you to get your hands on some of the fancy shoes.

Women appreciate this website as it has varieties of footwear, including flats and heels.

This online store is liked by people who love wearing shoes rather than sandals. Most of the designs are shoe-based.

In the category of men, this website has the shoes of ancient designs. The king-type shoes are available and here and any man who is either into selling or is in the theatre where such shoes are needed, this store can help you. It has some of the unique ancient footwear designs.

Specifications of Myshoestyle:

  • It offers footwear- shoes for men and heels, sandals, flats, shoes, etc. for women
  • Shipping time- 3 days to 2 weeks
  • Delivery time- 2-6 weeks
  • Refund- processed in 7-12 business days
  • You cannot cancel the item if it is already packed or shipped
  • No item from the clearance sale can be returned or cancelled

Pros of buying from Myshoestyle:

  • You get too many quirky footwear in an affordable amount
  • For women, a lot of options are available in shoes
  • Different sizes are available for women
  • Payment is available through PayPal, Maestro card, MasterCard, Visa card, etc.
  • It allows free shipping for orders above $69.99
  • The website claims that the payment checkout is safe and secure
  • They allow 30 days return

Cons of buying from Myshoestyle:

  • Delivery time is around 2-3 weeks
  • The only online payment option is available
  • The designs are very funky
  • The category of men’s shoes has lesser options
  • The delivery is available worldwide
  • No information about the owner is mentioned
  • The return and shipping policy seems weird
  • Minimal items are available

Should you invest in Myshoestyle?

Several online stores coming in the market day by day have made the customers question if they should buy from these websites or stick to the known, old, and traditional ones. We would suggest trying out these websites but also not to get fooled by spams.

Myshoestyle is one of the websites that is selling out the footwear at lower prices as compared to other online stores. If you want to try out funky footwear but don’t want to invest a lot of money, then this website is going to be the best for you.

If you can wait for 2-3 weeks awaiting your delivery after placing the order then only you will like this website.

If you are searching for pumps, high-heels, wedges, etc. then such kind of designs are not available on the website.

The heels mentioned in the category are boots and are very high in heels. They are the boots that one can find even in nearby local markets or stores.

Even of the sandals for everyday use are available, fancy designs are of boots, sneakers, and shoes only.

Final Verdict

With everything available online, people have also started buying footwear online. Several websites sell footwear only. People can quickly get their hands on all the trendy shoes just by buying online. One such site is Myshoestyle.

We have already shared the pros and cons of this website with you. If you are willing to buy from this website, then make sure you also check their social media pages to check for authenticity.

If they are selling the footwear for men as well, then they should have different varieties of them. But this site lacks in providing wearable footwear for men. It only has some old designs of shoes which one cannot or does not wear regularly. This website is not for men looking to purchase formal shoes, sports shoes, or sandals.

For women, pumps, heels, formal shoes, sports shoes, slippers, etc. are not available.The items are minimal even for the designs that are uploaded on the site.

Which is your go-to website when you buy shoes or footwear?


  1. is 100 percent a scam
    They have barely any likes or followers
    I ordered shoes and have been going back and forth for over two weeks about trying to get a refund for shoes that never shipped
    They also claim 24 hour support but is only hear from someone (the same person actually) every other day if that unless I threatened to call my bank they replied immediately
    They give you the run around and offer 7 US dollars back instead of your refund
    They even tried to say I didn’t order anything and needed to provide screen shots
    I had to go through my bank and file a dispute
    Also my bank did call my two times prior saying it was a scam.
    Don’t order! Scam from hongkong

  2. The company is a TOTAL AND COMPLETE SCAM!!! I continually get excuses on why my paid purchase has not been shipped, constantly begging me to not cancel or make complaint even offered me a lousy 7.00 gift card to their company for future purchase!! I have made a complaint thru PayPal to receive my full refund, yet to receive. I ordered two pair for gifts and now it’s to late! PLEASE BE AWARE THAT THIS IS A SCAM COMPANY AND I. DO NOT ADVISE YOU TO MAKE ANY PURCHASE FROM THIS ALLEGED COMPANY AND FALL VICTIM LIKE ME AND MANY OTHERS!!!

  3. Well fuck no wonder they haven’t been answering me since the 10th I ordered and nothing IV sent email and no answer. Didn’t wanna believe it was ascam. But j read some got there’s. Guess I’m gonna have to cancel my order

  4. Complete scam I ordered my gf a pair of sandals almost two months ago, still no shoes.. impossible to get ahold of anyone other than email, their email responses have terrible grammar and misspelling with never an actual answer for why I haven’t received my shoes.. DO NOT BUY FROM HERE

  5. Scam!!! They sent me a tracking number for my package about 2 weeks after ordering. Tracking number still shows up as not valid. The link to their store from my email confirmation is no longer valid either

  6. SCAM SCAM SCAM!!! So angry I fell for this ad! I ordered 8 pair, they shipped 4 and of course they were ALL THE WRONG COLOR! Can’t even go on their site now, links are gone and so are they.

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