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Nailboo Reviews (Oct 2020) Is It A Trustworthy Site?

Nailboo Reviews 2020

Nailboo Reviews (Oct 2020) Is It A Trustworthy Site? >> This article is related to the nail décor website that is an online store, and we are exploring here all details that the buyers should need to know.

Are you a nail lover? Want to décor your nail by you or don’t have time to fix an appointment at the nail salon? Then, no worries as you have landed at the right web page. Here, we are going to explore the website that is providing all the nail essentials at a reasonable price. 

All the details of the site are available here, and we will figure it out whether it is fraud or a legit one. This article includes all the necessary info that the buyer needs to know is available here.   

Let us have a look at Nailboo reviews

What is

As it is mentioned on under the head “About us”, it is an online store that is providing all essentials related with the nails and help you to get the salon-looking nail at home with their Nailboo Dip kit. All the products are of high quality and provided at a reasonable price. 

They can deliver all nail essentials and powder across the corners of the world, including the United State

This is a short intro of Nailboo reviews. Know more about the site below. 

Specifications of

  • URL of the website:
  • Operating hours: Monday to Thursday – 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. PST
  • Contact Number: 1 (800) 936-1810
  • Email address:
  • Address: 350 N. Glendale Ave, Suite B, #335, Glendale CA, 91206
  • Varieties of products: essential liquids, removal clips, build powder, Pro-touch nail tips, Grooming kit, Nailboo Dip Kit, and different colours of powder. 
  • Return address: Nailboo Returns, 16851 Knott Ave, La Mirada, CA 90638
  • Payment modes: Amex, Apply Pay, Discover, Diners Club, Google pay, JCB, Master Card, PayPal, Shop Pay, Venmo, and VISA.   
  • Return policy: accept return within ten days from the day of delivery.
  • Shipping time: two business days within the United State and rest depend on location
  • Worldwide shipping: Available
  • Currency Accepted: USD

Pros of purchasing products from

  • Time-saving as there is no need to commute to the local market and then, buy some nail décor products.
  • Money-saving as they are providing 10% off just by subscribing on the website.
  • Available at the doorstep and there is no pressure of any crowd.
  • Different online payment options are available, and it makes it easy to use the one that you have. Payment is entirely secure.
  • Refer a friend: Get $10 off on purchase if you prefer the site to your friend. 
  • Varieties of options are offered, and you can pick up the one as per your choice and requirement.
  • Tutorials are given on the site properly through videos, and it is easy to use the product by just watching those videos.
  • All the payment transactions and signup or logins or passwords are safe on this site due to its SSL integration. No security issues are there.  

Cons of buying products from

  • Price range is quite high.
  • Online payment methods are available, no option for COD.
  • Shipping timing is quite a mess.

What do people say about

People already did shopping from this website and shared some views on the products. We have explored the site deeply and know about dealing with customer reviews about nail décor products. 

Many customer reviews are available on the website, and it signifies that ladies and girls are pleased with the products and kits as showcased. Ladies say that it is speedy to use these essentials, and the tutorial is very sober to follow. 

Others reviewed that this is a perfect nail solution as it is quite inexpensive as compared to that of nail salons. It is simple to do at your desk at home or office during spare time. 

What do we find at the end of the review? 

After this Nailboo reviews, we got to know that all the products are of optimum quality and you will never find such beautiful colours at any other site. The prices are also easy on the pocketbook, and the best part is tutorial as displayed on the site. 

Still, if you have any sorts of dubious on the top of your head, then feel free to ask anything. However, if you have any experience with the site, then you’re always welcome to share your views.


  1. Nailboo sucks. They sent me deficient order. It came in May 2020 after I ordered in March from Facebook. Then it was missing one item to complete the whole process of using nails. Then they sent me an snail aug 7,2020 they were recharging me 83.00 from my first order. I complained and re explained I never got full order in May. They said sorry about email and offered 7.50 for refund of missing item. They said they were out of the product. So I refused. I lose 75.50 cuz they can’t send my full order. They are crooks.

  2. This company Nailboo is a scam. The have shipping and fulfillment issues. Bad customer service. Send a tracking number that has never moved for 12 days. The advertise continuously on Facebook with people commenting on it but they personally remove every not so good comment?i asked people how long their order takes and the remove it. I asked about fulfillment of order issues, they removed the post. Now they have blocked me from commenting completely. It appears they fold their co meant section of their Facebook ads with. Great comments and delete anything negative and block those that ask questions regarding issues they have experienced. Why would a company do that.?.

  3. I agree with the first comment!!.. They’re services are FUCKED UP!!.. The website is only set up for orders only.. You can’t access any account to check on orders or items you purchased.. No transaction history except a payment sent to them on your end.. There’s no way to keep track with anything.. You have to email them, because they have no contact number. The one I found online is out of service.. I ordered August 26th.. Its September 8th and I still have not gotten my shit!!!.. Im beyond pissed.. I ordered the pro package and feel im not getting ANY fucking answers.. I was very hype about getting this. Now I’m not even all that thrilled… I spent damn near $140 on this shit.. Now I wish I would have ordered nail dip from Amazon.. At least I would be able to keep up with everything!! Im beyond pissed

  4. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only one. I came across their ad on Instagram and fell in love immediately, so placed my first order. I got an email from them few days later that there would be a shipping delay due to COVID-19. I saw another ad on my feed so decided to leave a comment like this: “Apparently there’s a shipping delay but I just can’t wait to receive it and try it on. This could be a lifesaver!!” I was expecting somebody to reply to my comment because it was a positive one. So I was looking for my comment few days later but it was gone. I thought there was a mistake or something so moved on. Another few days passed, I saw their post for one of their colors “Velvet Lust” but it looked so different (light pink) from the website (deep violet). So I left a comment saying, “Why are the photos looked different? If I knew this color is this cute I should have ordered this one! And I think it’d be so much better if you include actual colors on actual nails on your website because it was a little hard to make it out” – guess what? They deleted it immediately. (And there are at least 5 other people who asked the exact same question but some comments were deleted like mine and few others are still there but never get response) I was PISSED so I sent them a DM asking “Why are you deleting my comments? I was only asking simple questions.” And then I left another comment on different post, “I think Nailboo might have great products but I don’t know why they keep deleting my comments!” AND THEY DELETED IT WITHIN SECONDS. I sent them another DMs saying I feel extremely insulted by how you just delete customers’ comments without no reason, I can’t trust your company anymore and I want to cancel my order. Whoever that manages Instagram texted me back HOURS later (when they delete comments in SECONDS) – no apology, no explanation, just asked me “May I have your order number?” Ha! I wrote their customer service a lengthy email saying what they’re doing is comment rigging (SCAM) and there must be other people who notice that. And I asked them to cancel my order. It took DAYS for them to write me back, and no apology, explanation or whatsoever. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I HAVE EVER HAD. They just told me the warehouse sent out the item already and it took 16 DAYS for the package to get here, AND THE PACKAGE HAS GONE MISSING. I’m filing a claim on USPS. I AM GOING TO BE SOOOOO PISSED IF THEY DON’T GIVE ME MY EFFIN MONEY BACK. I WON’T LET THEM STEAL MY MONEY.
    Please people, read these reviews and don’t buy from them. They are other companies that sell exact same products. Just don’t go near Nailboo.

  5. I ordered this product and within 2 days it was shipped and moving to my house. If you had shopping issues that isn’t their fault. Take that up with USPS. I’m happy I ordered from here. My best friend also has it and she loves it also. Super easy and definitely works well if you follow the directions and Prep your nails first. If you just ask their customer service they are a great help and helped me tremendously!

  6. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT! They took my $56 and never sent the product. All my emails get sent back as mail failure. Don’t waste your money people.

  7. Not sure if the glitches were worked out but I received my complete order
    It was super easy to use. Way easier than all the YouTube videos I watched
    I only dipped one coat of color. Was really careful to not get on my skin. My nails look awesome. I’m super happy!! Price for the kit would have been for 2 nail dip visits so I’m super happy!!

  8. Hello!
    I had a little glitch with shipping because at the end of checkout, they offer extra colors at a discount and I added one to my cart, but in the end it didn’t end up in the cart. I contacted customer service and they were very responsive and helpful. We had dialogue back and forth and they always responded within a day. They sent me a discount code to order more.
    I did do the dips on my nails. Con: the pink color “feeling extra” is more like a clear coat, not very pink at all and I did two coats. Also, it began to chip after 6 days. This was only my first attempt, I’m hoping with more applications I’ll get better at it and it will last longer.
    They say don’t get near the cuticle and now I know why….as it grows out, there is a ridge and my hair gets caught under it when shampooing. If you apply it just above the cuticle, it the bottom will adhere just to the nail and have a nice slope. I haven’t given up on them yet, I’d give it 3.5 of 5 stars at this point. Worth it to me, still better than having to go to the salon.

  9. Tracking Number: 9405511108296492784504
    Your package is on its way to a USPS facility. Sign up to get updates, and we’ll send you a delivery date and time when available.

    Nailboo must be running some kind of scam with USPS. My order supposedly left the Nailboo warehouse (after being delayed there) on December 8th. It is now December 16th. Here is the status with a USPS tracking number below:

    December 8, 2020 at 1:51 pm

    Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item

    LOS ANGELES, CA 90015

  10. I literally experienced the same thing as everyone else. I placed the order on 1/28 I started getting discount codes right away and daily. But my shipping said awaiting label for 5 days. I reached via IG, and email and was filing a complaint with paypal. Something is off as hell. If I can get hair from luvme FROM CHINA in 7 days and get responses within a day what is the deal. I thought it was just me. They blamed it on USPS like sometimes they dont update their info when they get it im like that’s a lie I just ordered something else and see the whole process. But baby if my shit ain’t right I WILL DISPUTE WITH PAYPAL

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