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Name and Shame Discord {July} What Is This Server? Read!

This write-up on Name and Shame Discord will tell you about Discord, why it is trending, and why users are confused around the world. 

Do you know what Discord is? If not, then you are at the very right place. 

Discord is a group chat app that is very popular among teens in the United States and globally. Unlike other apps, which mostly focus on only giving one service at a time, Discord allows its users to video and voice chat. It gives a live streaming platform with users connecting their Spotify to their discord account. 

To know more about the Discord, be with us on Name and Shame Discord.

Discord popular group chat – explained.

Users make different communities/servers in Discord. People can join the servers according to their preferences, and members can chat through voice, video, and live streaming. Afterward, Discord is divided into servers with their own rules and members. It includes communities like k-pop fans, artists, gaming, etc. Discord boomed during a pandemic when most children got locked inside their homes as they couldn’t go and meet their friends physically. Discord came as a blessing. Children were able to connect with their friends and able to play together. According to Name and Shame Discord Server, Discord emerged as a virtual playground for teens during the pandemic.

What is the Name and Shame server in Discord? 

Initially built by the gamers community to ease connect with their friends while playing, non-gamer users are equal to gamer users in numbers. Discord is growing fast, so thousands of different servers have 100 million active users. One of such servers in Discord is Name and Shame, whose sole purpose is publicly stating a person for his wrongdoings.

Did Discord invent the internet’s future? 

Discord tells us that video games and the internet can go hand in hand. According to Name and Shame Discord, before 2015, gamers used team speak or skype to talk to their friend while playing video games as they had no other options back then. But with the arrival of Discord, things took a turn for the gamer community. Currently, it is the most popular group chat-text and voice app among teens.

More about Discord- age restrictions, parental control, and more 

Discord mentions in their terms and conditions that children above 13 can only make their accounts; however, there is no strict verification method for the age of users. Apart from that, Discord’s terms and conditions also don’t allow servers, who publicly shame users for their acts. 

Name and Shame Discord: Is it a scam?

Per Reddit comments, people are getting a link to join the server with the title. What are Discord and the name and shame? Is it a scam? After clicking on that link, users’ accounts are getting banned.

One user wrote on Reddit, ‘I got  the same message from one of my discord friends, and I had been blocked.’ 


In this post, we told our readers about Discord and why people are talking about it. We hope that this post has helped you.

What are your opinions on Name and Shame Discord? Please share with us.

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