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National-Health-UK.Com Scam {July} Explore Full Facts!

Read exclusive reviews unavailable elsewhere about National-Health-UK.com Scam pursuing people to order Covid test kits. 

Did you receive a message to order a Covid test kit in the United Kingdom? Did you know that such a message is illegitimate and Scam? Did you know that you need to report such messages to NCSC? The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has received over 12 million reports about Scam messages. NCSC successfully removed more than 83K scams circulating via 153K URLs.

Let’s check below about National-Health-UK.com Scam.

About Phishing message:

NHS.uk is the official website of the National Health Service of the UK. However, since 20th June 2022, a message stating that – ‘NHS: You’ve been in close connection with a person who already has contracted the Omicron variant. Kindly order a test kit pack via: nhs.trace-testkit.com/nhs’ was circulated extensively. This link is not a genuine NHS website. But, includes words like NHS. Hence, the link is a phishing attempt and a Scam.

@NHSuk Twitter account also posted this information to alert people about the message and advised them to report such messages to NCSC. 

About National-Health-UK.com Scam:

Most people who had received such a message panicked and attempted to order test kits. Trace-testkit.com is a lookalike website of NHS. It informed that the test kits are free of charge, but a delivery charge of £0.99 needs to be paid.

Though the £0.99 is a low amount. But, the risk is related to phishing, where you provide access to your personal and payment details on the website. Scammers can use such data to put unauthorized charges on your payment method or even to sell your data on the internet.

Several users who received SMS, posted the screenshots on social media to make people aware about the fraud.

Avoiding National-Health-UK.com Scam:

If you receive such a message, it is important that you do not click on any links included in the message. If you have clicked and accessed the website, avoid entering personal and payment information. Still, if you were unaware and ordered the test kit, it is important that you report it to NCSC. It must be noted that NHS does not ask for any payment-related information on its platform. 

The trace-testkit.com has a terrible 1% trust index. It was registered in the UK on 20th June 2022 for one year. The fake website National-Health-UK.com Scam owner’s information and contact information are censored using the services of GDPR Masked. Currently, the URL nhs.trace-testkit.com/nhs is inaccessible. However, the scammers may use other URLs and links in the message, creating urgency and making the people panic and click on the link.


Many messages are circulated via SMS, Social media, and the internet. Most Phishing messages create an urgency to enter your personal and payment information by clicking on the links included in the messages. One way to recognize such messages is by checking the official sites of such organizations and contacting official customer service centers. 

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