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Net Worth Clinton Portis (Jan 2022) Find Some Facts Here

The post talks about Net Worth Clinton Portis and elaborates why is he in the news recently?

Who is unaware of Clinton Portis, well known for his sports career? As per sources, the footballer is in the news for being imprisoned for six months. Furthermore, as the news was out, fans and the public across the United States and Canada started to search on the internet to gain information about the former footballer.

This article brings Net Worth Clinton Portis to our readers and why he is in the news recently. So, stay tuned to know more.

Who is Clinton Portis?

Clinton Portis, born Clinton Earl Portis, is a popular American Football player who played for the NFL for nine continuous seasons. He was born on 01 September 1981 in Laurel, Mississippi.

He has a history of playing football in college at the University of Miami. Herein, the Denver Broncos drafted for the second round of the NFL Draft in 2002. Besides, he rose to fame as running back for the team Washington Redskins for over seven seasons and gained 81.2 yards average per game.

We will look the Net Worth Clinton Portis. First, however, let’s sneak peek into why he is in the news before proceeding further.

Why is Clinton Portis in The News?

The former football player is back in the news for being sentenced to six months federal imprisonment and confinement at home for six months. The reason stated is his part in defrauding the health care benefit program meant for the retired veterans of the NFL.

He was proven guilty in the chargers as he obtained approximately $100,000 on filing false claims for medical equipment that was not provided.

What is Net Worth Clinton Portis?

On checking different sources, we found that as of 2021, Clinton Portis was in a huge debt of $5 million, which made his net worth amount negative $5 million. He had also filed for bankruptcy during December 2015 and had listed $5 million as his debts. Besides, he also lost most of his fortune considering the legal and financial issues even though his salary was $43.1 million.

Coming back to 2022, as per sources, his present net worth has jumped back to positive. We found through the online sources that the Net Worth Clinton Portis is $6 Million as of January 2022. Additionally, he was charged for defrauding the health care program by filing $3.9 million as false claims. However, he pleaded not guilty to the charges.

Final Conclusion

The former football player announced his retirement in Aug 2021. He won many laurels in awards for his immaculate talent throughout his career. These include the NFL Honors, 80 greatest readskins, NCCA National Championship, First team all-big east, and a few.

As of January 2022, the Net Worth Clinton Portis amounts to $6 Million. Want to know more about why he is in the news? Read here. 

What is your take on Clinton Portis’s Net Worth? Do share your feedback in the comments section.

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