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Nex Osrs Wiki {Jan} Find Its Characteristics, Drop Rate

This research on Nex Osrs Wiki will guide how to unlock and find this deadliest monster of Old School Runescape.

People from different parts of the world spend most of their time in games. They have made their careers in the gaming platform. A very familiar character Nex, famous in Venezuela, Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom, has now got updated.

This article on Nex Osrs Wiki will guide you more and where it is imprisoned. The gamers who are interested in knowing more about Nex must stay connected with us. You will find all the tricks to use the Nex.

Who is Nex?

People who are fond of games might have heard about Old School Runescape. This game has launched its general, which is the fifth in the series and named Nex. Nex is the female and fifth general whose release was hinted at last month. Now, various gamers have approved its update by January 5, 2022. This can be played in a team of 80 people in clans, and as per the announcements, this can be played solo.

Location of Nex Osrs Wiki

Nex is considered one of the most powerful followers of Zaros. She is incarcerated in an Ancient Prison and also sealed deep under a God Wars Dungeon. Her prison is locked behind a door that is a frozen door, which is located in the southern face of the Dungeon of the God Wars. It can only be released by gathering all the frozen keys. Each piece of the key is scattered in different parts, like in the boss room. You need to collect all these pieces, which require at least level 70 strength, range, agility.

Nex is ranked in number one position among all the monsters in the Runescape as per Nex Osrs Wiki. Some other pieces of advice need to be followed. The last room is the safest room before Nex. Here you won’t find any monsters. Ashuelot Reis is the only entity here that will give banking facilities to the players.

Personality of Nex

Nex is an aggressive monster, especially towards those who do not favor Zaros’ side. Moreover, it is malevolent and believes that nobody can’t win unless you make a strategy and have the enemies’ knowledge. Her language is also fascinating as she pronounces every word with a snake sound ending with the letter ‘s’. According to Nex Osrs Wiki, she is quite biased among all the Zarosians. Further, we will discuss Nex’s drop rate more, which will surprise you all.

The drop rate of Nex

The average rate of a single unit of Ancient Equipment is estimated at around 40,174,032.83 coins. This is not a drop rate. With a drop rate for the unit of 1/21, single kill is priced at around 1,886,104.83 coins. It also has the power to drag any player towards herself, stun them, also disable their safety prayers. This has been the most attractive drop rate than any other monster in old-school Runescape.


Based on Nex Osrs Wiki, Nex is one of the strongest monsters in Osrs. This article has shared all the possible ways to find this monster. You can use this character as it is updated now. This link will provide more information on Nex in Osrs  

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