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NFT More Than Gamers (Dec 2021) Find Out More Here!

Do you want to recognize additional facts on NFT More Than Gamers? Then, keep scrolling this write-up to notice more about it.

Have you determined the role of an NFT in a survival game? If not, let us make you acquainted with the NFT’s numerous capacities. 

The values and needs of NFTs are increasing rapidly, and mostly the people of Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States are starting to learn about the same. Moreover, some platforms provide the users with numerous prizes, events, etc. So, let us mention the usefulness and necessary details of NFT More Than Gamers in this article to help beginners. 

What is MTG? 

As per the sources, it is a group of 10000 3D characters that will fight to sustain endlessly in the Gamers Metaverse. In addition, to do so, they have to play the game very smartly with proper dedication. 

In this game, timing maintenance is also very important to stand first amongst the other characters. Therefore, let us move on to the next section to know who’s behind the creation of these NFTs in detail. 

Volunteers Of NFT More Than Gamers 

A couple of names are mentioned on its official website that has collaborated to manufacture and improve the NFT. So, let us cite them below:

Names  Designation 


INQUEST Tech Developer
TGF Owner/Marketer
3SEATER Designer
AALASADY Animator/Artist

Main Plot 

The gamers have to compete within the metaverse to gain $Arcada in this game. Furthermore, the more $Arcada a player will hold, the more benefit the gamer avail. Thus, $Arcada is the main item to buy necessary stuff.

How To Gain The NFT?

If you are interested in this NFT More Than Gamers, please check the below portion. 

In the Pre-sale, the 5000 wallets of the whitelist have minted it for 0.2 ETH on December 23, 2021 (1 pm Eastern Time). But, from 5 pm, they have purchased it for 1 MTG one wallet. After that, if NFT retains, then a single wallet may mint at an extra MTG. 

Besides, on the public sale, its price will be 0.2 ETH. Also, the NFT is available on OpenSea.  

Few Additional Clues 

  • Its public sale commenced on December 24, 2021.
  • 10 000 NFT More Than Gamers are accessible at 0.20 ETH.
  • Their 10% of secondary sales will be credited to charity.
  • On December 23, 2021, the presale event began. 
  • It provides complete ownership to the gamers. 

Public Reaction

Most people have found this NFT good and worthy, while some thought that this project would go very long. In contrast, a user on Instagram has commented that it is a scam project. 

The Bottom Line

In this write-up, we have elaborated an NFT that has several benefits and is created with a mission to provide huge benefits to the holders. Moreover, NFT More Than Gamers is also available on OpenSea, so if you found this helpful, you can consider/buy it. 

Also, we have quoted some clients’ reactions to this NFT, where it got mixed reviews. So, kindly research this NFT properly before buying it. 

Is this NFT worthy? Kindly express your opinion below. 

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