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Ninja Van and package delivery firms

Haven’t there been so many companies related to package delivery? Through this particular article on package delivery firm, we would like to tell about one particular company of ninja van about which people from Singapore are very much interested so that they can have the proper information. 

We need to understand that this particular company got founded in 2014, and there are some important founders in it. Through this particular article on Ninja Van Founder, we found that it also has its official website.

What is Ninja Van?

It is a logistics company which got founded in 2014.  Through this particular article on this particular logistics company, we found that it gets itself engaged in package delivery and logistics.  As far as its website related to logistics and package delivery is concerned, it mentions full information regarding its inception. 

It also works with other well-known E-commerce companies like Sea Ltd, Tokopedia, Alibaba, etc. We also got to know that it is very much able to use vehicle routing problems so that it may benefit its delivery routes.  Through this particular article on Ninja Van Founder,  we found that it has a proper system of delivery routes.

There was not just one founder of this particular company, but there were no less than three founders who founded it. There is a model of this company known as a hub-and-spoke model, which has the system of using a point-to-point model. 

As far as the year 2019 is concerned, it gives data that it delivered one million parcels per day in ASIAN regions. We also learned that ninja van gained a threefold increase as far as parcel volume is concerned.

Ninja Van Founder

When we talk about the founders of this particular company of Ninja Van, we have got to know that there were three founders of this company, and their names are Lai Chang Wen, Tan Boxian, and Shaun Chong. According to one report in 2021, there was also a consideration of an IPO in 2022, but whether this will happen or not is just a matter of time. 

As far as fund is concerned, ninja van raised it is $7 million funds, and there was also one parcel delivery firm by the name of DPDgroup which said that it acquired the stake in its funding by the name of series C.  

Through this particular article on Ninja Van Founder, we can say that the funding that ninja Van raised also benefited this firm directly or indirectly because it became more and more famous after it used its funds. All the funds that it raised were in the series form. The inception of this company was helpful, and tricks worked for it.


Through this particular article on ninja van, we came to know how Ninja Van actually raised its funds in a very good manner from different cities.  

Through this particular article on Ninja Van Founder,  we can say that package delivery firms succeed in this manner that Ninja Van has adopted.

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