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No Straight Roads Review [August] Is This Legit Website

No Straight Roads Review [August] Is This Legit Website -> Enjoy an action loaded adventurous game of 2020 at home and before the release date.

Are you excited to play city games at home in this lockdown phase? Many games are reoccurring in the market for us to enjoy like old times. Our No Straight Roads Review will help you explore one such computer game. Many users have already played this game, and the company is providing the Pre-Order feature to you.

The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, and Malaysia are some countries where the game is highly popular. Let’s check out the below details about it.

What is No Straight Roads Game?

“No Straight Roads” is a game that is a musical revolution. You can enjoy the action-adventure as Daim Dziauddin and Wan Hazmer. Besides, you get musical megastars and vinyl cities to fight against the oppressive empire of EDM. The game is a full-fledge action-packed adventure that comes with third-person and rhythm-infused combat. 

Specifications of No Straight Roads:

  • Platform: Xbox One, PC (EGS), Switch, and PS4
  • Genre: Action-Adventure
  • Release date: August 25th, 2020

What are the features of the game?

No game is complete without its features. You must be wondering what else can you get while playing the game. Therefore, we have enlisted some features under our No Straight Roads Review Article: 

  • Explore the vinyl city
  • Enjoy a musical revolution to fight against the EDM empire.
  • Meet superstar characters
  • Can play as a single-player or with a friend
  • You fight as third-person as Zuke and Mayday.
  • Your characters will have musical weapons and attacks.
  • Upgrade the abilities, learn new moves, and use music to change props into weapons
  • Dynamic soundtrack from musical talents, such as Andy Tunstall, Falk Au Yeong, Funk Fiction, Clyde Rabatel, James Landino, Az Samad, and Godspeed Aoki. 

How to become an NSR star?

  • Download the music track
  • Come up with an original rap
  • Record and sing the rap
  • Upload the video on social platforms
  • Fill up the form

Customer Feedback:

“No Straight Roads” game is popular since 2019. It is enlisted under “Best of E3” by Techraptor, Worth Playing, and Gaming Trend. Most gamers are rating it with five stars. It has positive comments that state it is worth playing at home. Some say it is stylish, funky, and the best game with original audio and psychonauts. 

As per No Straight Roads Review, we find that a maximum number of users are satisfied with the game, experience, and graphics.

Final Words:

Since the game of No Straight Roads is doing round in different countries, it is worth playing. No Straight Roads Review states that you can pre-order the original CDs at your location without additional charges. Besides, the website has trailers, music, features, and screenshots of the game to explore it before buying. 

You should buy the game and enjoy it with your pals at home. Many countries are covered under the shipping range. Besides, you only pay for what you pre-order. 

Please leave your experience or comments down below. It will encourage us to write more of these review articles.

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